Find out how this entrepreneur turned her passion into a multi six-figure business - and she can help you too!

Want to learn how to grow a successful handmade shop online?
Good, that's exactly what I do....

The Handmade Mastermind launched in November 2014 when I had the urge to want to mentor a handmade seller. I grew the community to over 5,000 members and would never look back. I have helped people:

  • Quit their day jobs to pursue a passion that they love.
  • Make additional income to help pay off their mortgage, their kids private school fees, and more.
  • Hire employees for their business to help with production so they can focus on the growth of their business.
  • Sign wholesale opportunities with retailers around the world.
  • Stay home with their kids and spend more time with their family while building their online empire.
  • Create a profitable business that pays them a salary and leaves money left to reinvest in the business.

What is your WHY behind creating your dream business?

Now, a little more about me....

It's about to get personal here :)


My name is Dalia, and I am a Etsy & Amazon business owner, and your handmade business coach.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY with 5 siblings in a small apartment - can you imagine??

 I went to college and studied business marketing, but I had a crafty side. So I got involved with a number of different things; I was an artist (pencil still life drawings), I sewed makeup bags and doll clothing, I crocheted blankets and scarfs and I probably did a few more things I can't even remember. As the computer became more popular, I started creating designs on the computer with no purpose except creating beautiful things - fonts were a obssession of mine. 

When I met the man of my dreams, we got married and moved to Houston.

One day I was surfing the internet and I came across Etsy.com and was intrigued that people were able to sell their art online and actually make money. I remember the day I wanted to tell my husband about it and to see if he supported the idea of me selling art online.

His response?....

"Sure, go for it!"

So over the course of a couple of months I creating 10 designs and put them up in my shop. I had no expectations, I just wanted to do it for fun. In about a month, I sold 1 art print to someone in Australia, and the rest is history......

By end of 2014 I became a 6 figure seller & continuing to grow my shop even more. 

But I was yearning for something more.....
I knew I had a passion to teach and help people and I reached a point in my Etsy life (haha) that I knew I can help people become successful. Whether that means you want to make some extra income on the side or if they wanted to quit their full time job and work on their Etsy shop full time.

So I reached out to sellers to see if they wanted me to mentor them and I received an overwhelming response. My heart was unable to only choose one person so I decided to create a free training and a Facebook group to help others. 

Fast forward to 2016, I run a Facebook group with over 5,000 members, have four successful webinars that help Etsy sellers and have helped hundreds of online business owners create extra income and experience significant growth and have grown my business to a multiple six-figure company - whoop whoop!!.

I want to help you too! If you are new around here or don't know where to start, start with these popular blog posts: