If you’re looking for help with growing your online shop, you’ve stumbled across the right page!

The Handmade Mastermind launched in November 2014 when I had the passion to mentor another handmade seller. I have since grown The Handmade Mastermind community to over 5,000 members!

I have helped people:

  • Quit their day jobs to pursue a passion that they love.

  • Make additional income to help pay off their mortgage, their kids private school fees, + more.

  • Hire employees for their businesses to help with production. Giving sellers more time to focus on the growth of their business.

  • Sign wholesale opportunities with retailers around the world.

  • Stay home with their kids and spend more time with their family while building their online empire.

  • Create a profitable business that pays them a salary and leaves money left to reinvest in the business.

What is your WHY behind creating your dream business?

A little more about me….

My name is Dalia, and I am an Etsy & Amazon business owner, and a handmade business coach.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY with 5 siblings in a 2 bedroom apartment – can you imagine?!

In college I studied business marketing, but I could never shake off my crafty side. So, I got involved with a number of different things; I was an artist (mostly still-life drawings), I sewed makeup bags and doll clothing, I crocheted blankets and scarves, and a few more small projects here and there.

As technology grew in popularity, it pushed me to start creating more designs on the computer with no other purpose than to itch my creative brain every once in a while. (Fonts were my true obsession!)

Eventually, I found love with the man of my dreams, and we got married and ran off to Houston.

While surfing the internet one day, I came across Etsy. Boy was I intrigued that people were able to sell their art online, and ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY! I immediately expressed my excitement to my husband to see if he supported the idea of me selling art online.

His response?….

“Sure,¬†go for it!”

Over the course of a few months I was creating and putting out around 10 designs at a time on my Etsy shop. I had pretty low expectations starting out, I’ll admit, but I just wanted to do it for fun. In only 1 month, I sold 1 art print to the kindest person in Australia, and the rest is history!

By the end of 2014 I became a 6-Figure seller & still haven’t stopped growing since!

With my business in a great spot, I decided to tap back into my other passion, teaching! So, here I am to help you with your side hustle, or quit your full time job to work on your Etsy shop.

With so many requests for help, I found creating a space on Facebook for everyone to be the best option. This blog is also a space where you can explore, learn, and get free resources!

Currently in 2022, I am running a Facebook group with over 8,000 members, have six successful courses that help Etsy & Amazon sellers, and have helped hundreds of online business owners create extra income.