2022 TOP RATED Best Plants for Office [NO WINDOWS + LOW MAINTENANCE]

best plants for office with no windows

No windows? No problem. There are plenty of low to no natural light plants waiting to be housed by you. Bring your office space to life with these best plants for office with no windows.

best plants for office

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Having done some time in a cubicle myself, I understand how important it is to liven up the space with a happy green friend. I’ve done some research on the best plants for office, and these 9 are the best of the best. In no particular order, they range from low/no light and little/some care.

Don’t forget to do more in depth research on the plant you are considering for the best growth outcome!

Your Top 9 Best Plants for Office with No Windows

1. Lucky Bamboo

plants for rooms with no windows
best small plants for office desk

Growth Rate: 6-12 in/yr

These happy green stalks are known for being positive energy magnets. Perfect for curing a case of the Mondays.

Their care level is low, needing slight clean up every now and then. Keep them in low light areas, or whatever sad spot in your office is in need of a positivity check.

2. Ficus Plant Family

tall office plants
tiny office plants
no light plants

Growth Rate: Slow

WARNING: Do not move your Ficus Plant.

No seriously, once you find a home for your Ficus plant, leave it there and never touch it again. How about that for a low maintenance plant! Most ficus plants are creatures of habit, and really do not enjoy change or too much care. Lucky you.

3. Snake Plant

low maintenance plants
tiny office plants
best plants for office desk

Growth Rate: 4-12 in/yr

The Snake Plant gets it’s name from…you guessed it, it’s shape.

However, these guys have more to offer than just a cool name. The Snake plant is a natural air purifier! Great for a stuffy old office building.

TIP: Keep your Snake Plant on an elevated surface for best growing outcomes.

how to bookkeep for small business
how to bookkeep for small business
how to bookkeep for small business

4. Chinese Evergreen

large office plants low light
tiny office plants
low light plants

Growth Rate: Slow, max. 3ft

Add a pop of color to your office with the Chinese Evergreen. These lush desk buddies are also known for their air purification of toxins.

As mentioned they grow outward making them quite lush, but nothing a little pruning couldn’t handle.

Creepy Fun Fact: You can find these in large quantities in funeral homes a lot as they are the best at purifying air of formaldehyde.

cute office desk plants

5. Money Tree

cute office plants
tiny office plants
office floor plants

Growth Rate: approx. 20in/yr

The money tree plant is said to bring good fortune where it grows. What better place than your office?

These guys love being on the ground, preferably in a dimly lit corner.

TIP: This plant will grow according to the amount of care you decide to give it.

6. Philodendron

large office plants
Image Source: @thespruce
tiny office plants
low light water plants

Growth Rate: 4in/wk

If you’re looking for a larger, faster growing floor plant, the Philodendron is perfect. Its big waxy leaves take you straight to the beach with their tropical look. Not a bad vibe while at work.

There is a wide variety of plants within the Philodendron family, with some favorites being:

  • Philodendron Pastazanum (Pictured above)
  • ‘Pink Princess’ Philodendron (Actually pink!)
  • ‘Red Emerald’ Philodendron
  • ‘Birkin’ Philodendron (Cool Design)

These plants are very fast growers requiring regular care such as:

  • Prune regularly
  • Keep out pests
  • Monthly fertilization
  • Repotting needed

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how to bookkeep for small business

7. ZZ Plant

tiny office plants
best indoor plants

Growth Rate:

ZZ Plants, or Zanzibar Gems, prefer very little sunlight as it can scorch its leaves. Making it perfect for an office with no windows. These plants require very little to no care. They thrive when neglected, therefore making it a great plant for beginners or the forgetful minds.

TIP: The ZZ plant does best when kept on the ground. They have a fear of heights.

8. Peacock Plant

minimum care plants
office plants
tiny office plants
office with no windows ideas

Growth Rate: Slow, max. 2ft

I purchased one of these myself recently, and I have to say being as busy and neglectful as I’ve been to it, it is thriving. Ultimately, making it a fairly easy plant for any beginner!

The Peacock Plant is evidently known for its intriguing, intricate design. They stay pretty small, so they’re perfect for your desk-top.

TIP: The Peacock Plant appreciates a humid environment, so I suggest investing a couple of bucks on a plant spritzer/humidifier.

how to bookkeep for small business
how to bookkeep for small business
how to bookkeep for small business

9. Aloe Vera

small office plants no light
tiny office plants
small office plants

Growth Rate: 3-4 yrs to full maturity

As you may be familiar with the Aloe Vera plant, did you know that they actually hate being outside?

Aloe Vera plants prefer the comfort of a table top inside with low natural light exposure. Plus, they’re harvestable!

Once they reach a good size, you can cut off and cut open a leaf to reveal Aloe Vera gel inside.

Here’s what you might see:

I hope this list helps you further narrow your search for your new office plant. Whichever once you decide, be sure to do further research on it’s specific care needs for the best growing outcomes.

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