Need To Change Etsy Shop Name? Do This First….

change etsy shop name

Don’t worry you can most certainly change your shop name on Etsy, and it’s easy too! All the knowledge you need lies below…

As you know the Etsy shop name you choose will help customers understand what exactly you’re selling on Etsy. If you’re like I was when I first started you may even change the name multiple times untill you find what fits you best.

So, if it’s time for a change read more below on getting started!

Change Etsy Shop Name 2022

Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?


Etsy allows it’s sellers to change their shop names as many 5 times once live and endless times if NOT live. There are also a few requirements when changing your Etsy shop name.

You can read about these requirements in more detail below.

How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name

Follow these steps to change your shop name:

  1. Go to ‘Shop Manager’
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. Click ‘Info & Appearance’
  4. Next to ‘Shop Name’ click ‘Change’

Etsy Requirements For Name Change

As fore-mentioned, there are a few requirements Etsy has in place when changing your shop name.

  1. Shop name must NOT exceed 20 characters.
  2. NO punctuation or spacing
  3. NO inappropriate words
  4. NO reusing old shop names

That’s right, no going back to an old shop name, so it’s important to be absolutely confident in your new shop name!

Tips For Choosing A NEW Shop Name

If you are struggling to come up with a new shop name, read through some of these tips to get your brain pumping.

1. Allow yourself to brainstorm all the words that relate to what you’re selling

Think about using words that describe what you sell now, and what you may be selling in the future. It’s good to think about what your plans are with your shop to help determine your end goal.

2. Gather ideas from similar shops

Take a look at shops that sell similar items to yours and see what their names are. Of course, don’t copy anyone, but this can help spark some ideas for your shop name.

3. Try a name generator

Google has so many name generators that you can use! Just plug in a few keywords and you may find out your new shop name. I actually got my blog name from a google generator a few years ago.

etsy shop name change


You can most certainly change your shop name, and if it wasn’t already easy before, it should be now.

Just make sure you are 100% onboard with the new name before committing. Especially if your shop is already live. You only get 5 chances.

Let us know what unique shop name you came up with in the comments below!

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