How To Create an Etsy Best Seller in 2022 [9 STEPS]

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An in depth look at How to Create an Etsy Best Seller in 2022. With so many sellers hopping on Etsy to try their luck, how can you create something that will stand out amongst the crowd? Read below!

Creating a best seller on Etsy requires more work than crafting something cute and plopping it on Etsy for sale. There are multiple steps that go into the process, before, during, and after.

With 10+ years of experience on Etsy, I consider myself a master at listing and creating best selling products. Below is the formula I use and recommend to help you create your next best seller on Etsy!

    1. Best Sellers on Etsy Right Now

    Here is a look at Etsy’s Top 10 Best Sellers as of October 2022.

    1. Stickers
    2. Printables
    3. Digital Artwork
    4. Notebooks / Journals
    5. Wedding
    6. Personalized Cards / Stationery
    7. Personalized Gifts
    8. Handmade Clothing
    9. Personalized Jewelry
    10. Handmade Bath & Beauty

    This is everything in demand as of right now, and does not include what is climbing.

    However, in order to create a best selling item that does not mean pick something off this top 10 list and start listing your own. It takes quite a bit more than that.

    You want to make sure, if you are going to try to profit off something in high demand – that it is not TOO high in demand. The more saturated a product market is the harder it will be for a newcomer to rise to the top.

    It’s better to come in a little early before things start to take-off!

    2. What is a Niche Product?

    In order for your product to sell at it’s best potential it needs to be niche enough.

    Niche = a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

    In order to find your niche start with your general product, for example:

    Stationery > Personalized Stationery > Men’s Personalized Stationery > Men’s Personalized Career Stationery > Men’s Personalized Lawyer Stationery

    Start big and get more and more refined as you go. With a more niche/refined product, it is more likely to be found in the search engines.

    3. SEO for Etsy

    Arguably one of the most important steps in the process of creating a best seller on Etsy, is doing your SEO research for the product.

    SEO = Search Engine Optimization

    Proper SEO usage in your listings helps get your product found more easily in all search engines.

    A few examples of great SEO usage can be seen below:

    top sellers on etsy
    best things to sell on etsy

    Both listing titles contain descriptive information about the product, while also using other keyword phrases that relate to the product. This is what helps their product get found versus a product just listed as “Cute Stickers” (that is too broad!).

    how to increase etsy views

    Keyword Phrase = What people search the most for a particular product in a search engine

    In order to find the best keyword phrases,

    • Look up similar products – See what pops up as search suggestions on Google, Pinterest, Etsy, etc. Whatever auto-populates in the drop down is what people are searching for the most.
    • Use A, B, C method
      • EX: Search – “Stickers a,” “Stickers b,” “Stickers c” and so on.
    • You can also find keywords with plug-ins for google.
    best selling products on etsy

    4. Creating a Best Selling Product Line on Etsy

    A HUGE MISTAKE sellers make when starting their Etsy shop, is only listing one or a handful of products that don’t relate to one another.

    The best way to start out and continue is by listing whole product lines at the same time. This gives people options and variation.

    Here is an example of a product line I recently listed:

    what is making money on etsy

    It is all the same general product, Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations, with different designs for different types of people! People love options!

    5. How to List Products on Etsy (Earn Your Best Seller Badge on Etsy)

    There is most certainly a “right way” to list your products. Ignoring this advice will make or break your products’ success on Etsy. I’ll go in the order you would go about listing your product.


    Upload high quality photos of different angles, edited with measurements if needed. The more the better.


    Use a descriptive title with your SEO researched keyword phrases. It’s okay if it is long.


    Fill this section up! Get super specific, use as many related words within your category as possible. Think of this section as tags.


    Take your time with this! You may want to have a basic description for all your products that you can copy and paste into here once you find what works. The less information you have here, the less likely someone is to buy your product. Customers DO read product descriptions!! See #6 for further details.


    I treat this as a second section of tags and fill out as much as I can with keywords people may use to find your product. Do not skip this section.


    Depending on what you sell, you may or may not have other options for people for a certain product. Like different colors, sizes, fonts, etc. People love variations and personalizing things to their liking, so I highly suggest you provide some variations in your products.

    6. How To Write Good Product Descriptions on Etsy

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, THE MORE THE BETTER!

    The more information you provide in your product description the better chances you’ll have at creating a best seller on Etsy . You want to avoid any friction from buying for the customer as possible.

    Here is what SHOULD be in your product descriptions:

    • Answer any questions they may have.
    • Walk them through the purchasing process.
    • Help them understand your processing & shipping times/estimates.
    • Add more details about the product not clearly seen in photos/videos.
    • Inform them on how to contact you.
    • List out the steps of what happens after they purchase.
    • Describe what the product can be used for.

    Lastly, you can always try to upsell them by linking to a matching product or something that is frequently bought together.

    EXAMPLE: I sell stationery cards, and I always link the matching notepad in the description to give people the option to make it a set. In turn, upselling them.

    7. Etsy Views vs Visits

    Once you have your product lines up and running, you’ll want to keep track of how your shop and listings are doing.

    Understanding Etsy Views vs Etsy Visits will be key. You want your views and visits to line up with sales made. This also ties into your Etsy conversion rate which you can learn about in #8.

    Views = The # of times your listing was looked at

    Visits = The # of people that visited your shop/listing

    Let’s break it down!

    Scenario 1: Sally (1 person) looked at your listing 2 times = 2 views, 1 visit

    Scenario 2: Sally and Bill (2 people) both looked at your listing 2 times = 4 views, 2 visits

    8. How to Calculate Etsy Conversion Rate

    Another calculation you’ll want to understand is your Conversion Rate. A conversion rate is the total number of sales you made, divided by the total number of visits your site had.

    So, a good conversion rate (2-3% or higher) would be the more number of visits your site had, the more sales you made. The more in line these two are the better.

    You will have a bad conversion rate (>2%) if people are viewing your site/listings but those views are not generating actual sales.

    9. Be Competitive with Other Etsy Sellers

    Lastly, you need to tap into your inner over-achiever!

    There is slim to no chance that you will be the only one selling what you are selling. Therefore, in order to stand out you need to be competitive.

    Maybe you have faster shipping times that some other similar sellers, or maybe you offer more color options, maybe your paper quality is more high-end.

    Whatever it may be that you think makes your product stand out – MARKET IT!


    Comment questions about Creating an Etsy Best Seller below!

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