21 Etsy Best Seller You SHOULD Be Selling in 2022

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What should I sell on Etsy? What is selling on Etsy in 2022? If you’re searching for your next Etsy best seller you’ve stumbled upon the right page. Read below for 21 ideas that are guaranteed to be one of your next best sellers!

As a 10+ year seller on Etsy I have seen quite a bit of trends come and go on Etsy. It is important to find a product that you will be able to profit on for longer than a couple of months. That being said, after some heavy research for my own benefit, I decided to put together a list of 21 things I see making a big profit in 2022 and 2023!

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Best Selling Printables on Etsy

As you probably know printables are digitals you have made yourself that customers can purchase and download onto their device to do with what they wish. Here are some of the most popular printables being sold on Etsy right now.

Digital Prints for Wedding/Baby Shower Signs

These signs are easy to produce, because all signs generally stay in the same theme. They are simple and to the point, and can be sold in packs like seen above.

BOSS TIP: Try to stay away from copyrighted images/characters – as most print places will not print anything with copyrighted images/characters on them. Thus, resulting in an unhappy customer.

Digital Prints for Couples

This is something I noticed being sold a lot during the holiday season in 2021 and has risen since. I suspect it will see even more sales come the 2022 holiday season.

This is also an item that can be marketed year round for optimal sales.

Self Care/ Personal Growth

People have been really into bettering their self care tactics in 2022. Most likely due to Tiktok trends and the notorious “clean girl” aesthetic.

That being said Self Care Checklists, Cleaning Checklists, Skin Care Routine, etc. are doing really well on Etsy, and will most likely continue to do very well into the new year. You know “New Year, New Me!”

Financial Planner Printables


Another growing trend is financial/budget planning! You can create multiple themes for different types of people, and offer them in bundles like the one seen above!

Homeschooling Digital Prints

Homeschooling is hard enough as it is! Many parents/tutors look for printables for homeschooling, and you can make a serious profit off that need with little to no effort.

Best Selling Templates on Etsy

The difference between printables and templates is that a printable is not a template – but a template is a printable. With templates you are able to download the digital file and edit them to your specific needs. Here are some best sellers!

Instagram Templates

Businesses need it, influencers need it, and a lot of people just like aesthetic Instagram profiles. Get rid of the hard work for those who want a cohesive theme on their Instagram with different themed templates for download.

This is a best seller now, and will be for quite a while!

Canva Templates

Many templates are made on Canva already, but a best seller as of late has been the all templates bundle. This allows you to offer all your templates from one theme at a greater price. I suggest advertising it as a better deal than buying them all separately.

Resume Templates

If you’ve ever been through a hiring process, you’ll notice not very many people know how to create a proper resume. If you are pretty knowledgeable on resumes, this may be your next best selling item!

Business Card Templates

Another business item many people look for are business cards. Everyone wants theirs to stand out! You can create a great profit on unique business card template designs – but even more so if you are able to print them yourself.

I used to offer business cards on my site, and they were a hit!

Website / Blog Templates

If you’re familiar with websites like Squarespace, WIX, WordPress, etc., website and blog templates are selling like hotcakes currently. I downloaded a few on Etsy before kickstarting this blog, and I love them!

Best Selling Handmade Products on Etsy

Back in the good ol’ days, Etsy was mostly a place for handmade sellers! It still widely is, but here are some best sellers in 2022 that are made with love and some elbow grease.

Selling Stickers on Etsy

It’s all the rave!

Selling stickers on Etsy recently made it to the top 2 Etsy best seller in 2022. The possibilities are endless with stickers, and I personally have never heard anyone say they hate stickers!

Definitely a product to jump on as soon as possible.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy

Handmade jewelry has been at the top of the best seller list since the dawn of Etsy. There are many variations available to make – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc., and allowing customers to personalize their own jewelry will bring back a lot of returning customers!

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

If you haven’t heard of this one yet, its a relatively growing trend this year, but expected to see a boom by next wedding season 2023. If you are handy with resin, or preservation in general this is a good time to jump on the potential of this best seller!

Hand-Knitted Plushies

I have seen a few small business popping up more recently marketing their hand-knit plushies to new moms, organic moms, and aesthetic moms all over…and I think it’s working.

It may be a good time to pick up a new knitting hobby this winter for your next Etsy best seller!

DIY Project Kits

Everyone loves a little DIY every now and then! Providing just the tools and a bit of instruction takes the load of actually creating something for your customers.

Home Decor

I notice so many people looking for the right style of their home aesthetic. Etsy is a great place for them to go to find very specific decor! Showcase your craftsmanship with personalized, or unique items like, vases, mugs, plates, etc.

Pet Products

Don’t forget the furry friends! Pet parents are always looking for the coolest most unique things for their pets. I think it’s always smart to provide a pet line for everything you make. Someone WILL buy it!

Custom shirts, pet products, and other clothing has been popular for quite some time on Etsy, however, I believe there is another boom in print on demand products coming in 2023.

Especially this 2022 holiday season! Custom gifts are a must this year.

Best Selling Skin Care Products on Etsy

Skin care, specifically vegan and organic, has done quite well on Etsy for the past couple of years, and is expected to keep rising in demand for the next couple years. If you consider yourself somewhat of an alchemist, this may be the section for you!

Bath Bombs

They are relatively easy to make, and they provide many variations for your shop. You can pair them with a handmade soap product as well for an upsell moment.

Bath bombs will never go out of style!

Organic Make-Up

There is a noticeable rise in organic skin care trends since 2021, but the real profits are beginning to be seen late in 2022. With so much influence from dermatologists, and beauty experts on platforms like Tiktok, I expect there to be an organic make-up and skin care boom in 2023.

Capitalize on it while you can!

Vegan Skin Care

As I mentioned above vegan and organic skin care options will see a spike in the upcoming year! Show off your knowledge of skin care and watch the sales roll in with this Etsy best seller.


My advice is to pick something you love! Your love for what you make and sell will show in your products, and ultimately create your next Etsy best seller.

You can always tell when someone absolutely loves doing what they do. If you need more help with profiting from your products visit our page: www.thehandmademastermind.com for tips and tricks for Etsy Sellers!


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