What’s a GOOD Etsy Conversion Rate? [How to Increase FAST!]

etsy conversion rate

Knowing and understanding your Etsy conversion rate is key to optimizing your small business. Below is a simple guide to help you understand everything there is to know about conversion rates, to help you succeed on Etsy!

etsy conversion rate

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Starting my Etsy shop 12 years ago, I had no idea what a conversion rate even was! Let alone what a good, average, or bad Etsy conversion rate was.

Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the average conversion rates on Etsy.

what is a good conversion rate on etsy

Read more to learn how to find, calculate, and INCREASE your conversion rate on Etsy:

  1. What is a Conversion Rate?
  2. What is the Average Conversion Rate on Etsy?
  3. What is a GOOD Conversion Rate on Etsy?
  4. Where Can I Find My Conversion Rate on Etsy?
  5. How do you Calculate a Conversion Rate?
  6. How do I Increase My Conversion Rate on Etsy?

Here Is The Etsy Conversion Rate Explained…

What is a Conversion Rate?

what is a good conversion rate

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it is important to understand what a conversion rate actually is.

So what is it?

A conversion rate is the percentage of users who take action.

In layman’s this means it is the percentage of people who actually purchase from your shop out of all the people visiting it.

Why is it so important?

Understanding your conversion rate helps the seller know how how their site is doing.

Low Conversion Rate = those who visit the site, leave without purchasing

High Conversion Rate = those who visit the site, almost always purchase before leaving.

We want people to purchase every time they visit, so you want a high conversion rate on Etsy!

What is the Average Conversion Rate on Etsy?

what is the average conversion rate on etsy

The average conversion rate is about 2-3%.

However, it is important to note that if you do not fall in this range it does not mean you have a bad conversion rate on Etsy.

You can score a little lower than this and still be considered to have a good conversion rate.

  • This is important to note if you’ve just opened shop!

You can also score higher than this range, and also have a good conversion rate.

The average conversion rate on Etsy is merely a rest stop. It’s a good place to hangout for a bit, but you don’t want to hang too long or you’ll risk your etsy conversion rate dropping. You may also miss the opportunity to boost your conversion rate.

What is a GOOD Conversion Rate on Etsy?

what is a good conversion rate on etsy

Ah yes, the question we’ve all been waiting for. What is a good conversion rate? I will put it simply for you.

You have a good conversion rate if:

  • Your rate is between 2-3% (the average etsy conversion rate)
  • Your rate is higher than 2-3%
  • You notice sales are as high as your views

It really is that simple. Don’t let other websites confuse you with all their ifs and buts.

See the section below to learn how to calculate your conversion rate.

Where Can I Find My Conversion Rate on Etsy?

Unsure where to find your conversion rate?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Etsy Shop
  • Click on the little shop icon – Shop Manager
  • Go to Stats
  • See Conversion Rate to the right
where can i find my etsy conversion rate
Image Source: @etsyhunt.com

How do you Calculate a Conversion Rate?

how to calculate conversion rates

The equation above is how you will calculate your conversion rate. I recommend gathering at least 3 months of information in order to get a more accurate calculation on how your Etsy shop is doing.

If you are more of a visual learner, this video from Bree Kuryk is a great resource:

How do I Increase My Conversion Rate on Etsy?

how do i increase my conversion rate on etsy

Now that we understand conversion rates and their importance, it’s time to make some improvements. Whether you need to or not, it’s always good to know what you can do to better your Etsy shop.

Here are some ways to optimize your Etsy shop to increase your Etsy conversion rate:

Having Good Product Photos

Having great photos on your site helps,

  • Convince potential customers to buy your products. People love pretty aesthetic photos.
  • Create a vibe that helps them envision that product in their life. Include lifestyle photos to show them what it will look like in their home. This helps with understanding different size options!
  • Showcase the product in more accurate lighting. Have all the colors or details pop in better lighting.

More photos you should include are:

  • Color charts (show them all their options)
  • Sizing charts (don’t assume everyone knows what 5 x 6 looks like)
  • Videos (A short video of you holding or moving the product around helps tons!)

If you struggle with taking good product photos, or could use some more advice check out my blog post on how to get the best product photos for your Etsy shop.

Writing Good Product Descriptions

By helping your customers understand your product better, it lessens their hesitation to buy. People WILL read these, so do not listen to the stigma that they won't.

Having good product descriptions helps,

  • Answer any questions your customer may have - most will just give up if they have to contact you.
  • Customers envision the product in their possession. Help them understand the look, feel, weight, size, etc.
  • Explains listing photos in better detail. - Color charts, lifestyle photos with the product, etc.

The less friction there is for a potential buyer helps diminish the likelihood of them giving up and finding something easier to buy.

This is the one thing in your control on Etsy. It can only help you to add a really good thorough description for all your products.

The more information you add the better your chances!

Understanding SEO for Etsy

This is a big MUST when you seriously want to boost your conversion rates, and stay in the higher range.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what helps your shop/listings get found on the web. If you are more easily found on the internet, more people can visit your site and potentially purchase from you.

Etsy only has 42 top spots on their website, so if you make your shop found more easily you're more likely to be put in one of those spots.

BAD SEO Practices Include:

  • Sending your page link to family members/friends/random people for more views
    • If they don't buy anything this will decrease your conversion rate, because you will get more views than purchases.
  • Visiting the link yourself from a buyer's POV
  • Tagging the wrong words to your listing
    • Have related words in your listing title, as well as throughout your listing. If you tag a bunch of random stuff Etsy might filter your product listing in the wrong space.

SEO is directly related to your conversion rates, so don't write it off just yet!

I've spent a lot of time getting to know SEO quite well, especially for Etsy. So, if you are looking for more in-depth guidance please visit my Etsy SEO webinar.

etsy conversion rates good

Find Out More About Your Competitors

This is something you probably did before opening your Etsy shop. It is important though to keep tabs (literally stalk) what similar businesses are doing on Etsy at ALL TIMES. Things change quickly on Etsy so you have to keep up!

Pay attention to:

  • Products in Demand
    • What within your market is being sold the most?
  • Market Saturation
    • Are there too many people trying to sell the same thing? If so, find ways you can be different to stand out.
  • Price Changes
    • What are the average prices your competitors are listing their products for? Is there an opportunity for you to be the better price? Whether it be higher or lower.
  • New Trends
    • The rise in social media influence calls for many trends. Some of which that stick around for a while and some of which can be fleeting. Find the trends that will stick around long enough for you to make a profit.

Saturate the Market

is 2 a good conversion rate

To give yourself the best chance possible at succeeding on Etsy you have to be everywhere that your target market may be. Etsy welcomes around 1 million new sellers a year. I know it's a lot, but you can do it!

What you can do:

  • Social Media
    • Allow customers to get to know the seller, the process, and your product's intention.
    • Go LIVE. Give your potential customers a sneak peak behind the scenes.
    • Make sure it is targeted to your market with hashtags and keywords.
  • Email
    • Encourage customers to sign up for email updates for new products and other announcements.
  • Video
    • Post on YouTube more in depth videos about your business
    • Give advice, do a day in the life, etc.

I know it can be hard to manage multiple platforms while simultaneously running your Etsy shop, but the hard work pays off!

With your product in more areas than one, it gives your target market a better chance of coming across your products.

Good VS Bad Pricing

good etsy conversion rate

After researching what other sellers within your market are selling their products for, does yours seem similar to the majority?

Is it clear why your product cost what it does? Make sure your customer knows exactly what they are paying for!

You may think your product is better than everyone else's, and that's great, but it's important to price your products around what everyone else is selling the same thing for.

If I find an equally great product for even a few cents less, I'm probably going to go with that one. Wouldn't you?

Additionally, don't sell yourself short! You are putting in time and money to make these products, so why should you price them low and not make a profit?

Build Up Good Reviews on Etsy


This goes without saying, but building your reviews even if they aren't all 5 stars is a great way to boost your purchase percentage. More reviews in general help boost your shop, because it shows that you are getting purchases from real customers!

Potential buyers love to read about peoples' experience with your product. It helps them trust you more as an small business seller.

Once you've got a good collection of reviews, don't stop there! Encourage your customers to keep leaving reviews so you can stay relevant.

I hope all your questions regarding Etsy conversion rates were answered in this post. If you found this article helpful, and are an Etsy newbie, I highly recommend checking out my 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Etsy Shop post!

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