Etsy Views vs Visits: What’s the difference?

etsy views vs visits

What is the difference in these two numbers? Etsy Views vs Visits, which one is better and how you can increase these numbers lies below.

There is so much to learn as a new Etsy seller, and even a seasoned Etsy seller! Don’t worry if you’re struggling with this one. The difference between Etsy Views and Etsy Visits took me a second to grasp. I’ve laid out everything you need to know about views and visits below.

What are Etsy Views?

Views on Etsy is the number of times one person has viewed things on your shop. Whether it be a listing or your shop page.


One person looked at 4 listings = 4 views

What are Etsy Visits?

Visits on Etsy is the number of people that has visited one of your listings or shop page.


One person looked at 4 listings = 1 Visit, 4 Views

2 different people look at 4 listings each = 8 Views, 2 Visits

What’s Better, Views or Visits?

There is no “better” here.

You want both numbers to be high. This let’s you know your products are being found and they are interesting enough to consumers to be clicked on.

You should worry when numbers are low, or your numbers are high, but you aren’t getting a similar number in sales.

How Can I Increase Etsy Views/Visits?

The number one reason why Etsy views and visits would be low is SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tactic used by ecommerce sellers to ensure their products get found in search engines. If you have not properly used this to your advantage it can result in low views and visits to your Etsy shop page and listings.

etsy conversion rates good


Some more frequently asked questions regarding Etsy views and visits are answered below.

Does Etsy count my own views/visits?

  • No. Etsy will not count your own views and visits if you are looking on your shop page/listings.

When do Etsy views/visits update?

  • Your views will be real time data, whereas visits are updated a few times a day.

Where can I find my Etsy views/visits?

  • Shop Manager > Dashboard > See Views and Visits

How many views on Etsy is good? How many is bad?

  • There is not set number of good views/visits on Etsy. It is ideal to have a high number of views and visits along with sales, and there is call for improvement when all these numbers are low or not close in range.

Are Etsy bots messing up my views/visit numbers?

  • It’s possible! In order to get a more realistic look at views and visits I usually refresh and check at the end of the day. Etsy has usually filtered out bot views/visits by this point.

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