50+ Unique Ideas for Gift Wrapping With Brown Paper [+TUTORIALS]

brown paper gift wrap ideas

It’s the new wave! Gift wrapping with brown paper is what everyone is raving about this upcoming 2022 holiday season. Not only is it affordable, but also cute, easy to assemble, and extremely customizable.

gift wrapping with brown paper

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The holidays are my favorite time of year. Not only for the time spent with family and memories made, but the gift wrapping as well. I’m a firm believer that incredible gift wrapping can truly elevate the gift giving experience.

With brown paper as your gift wrap base, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at these unique ideas for gift wrapping with brown paper below!

Here are 50 Unique Ideas for Gift Wrapping With Brown Paper

Where Can I Get Brown Paper Gift Wrap?

Brown paper can be bought in bulk on Amazon at great prices! I recommend you buy in bulk to keep you stocked for multiple holiday seasons. Also, it’s handy if you make any mistakes on your practice wraps.

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BOSS TIP: Be sure to purchase different sizes of brown paper to cater to your different gift box sizes. This also will help reduce waste!

Unique Ways To Wrap With Brown Paper

Now that you’ve got your materials, it’s time to wrap! I’ve organized different wrapping styles ranging from easy-medium-expert gift wrapping levels. Let’s start with easy.

Easy Gift Wrapping with Brown Paper Ideas

If you are wrapping multiple things without a clear shape to go off of – here is a great gift wrapping idea:

Holiday Baggy

This is a great way to fit all the little stocking stuffers that may be a little too big for your stocking. It also gives a more interesting look than just your usual holiday baggy.

In Depth

Here is a step by step tutorial for folding this type of holiday goody bag.

If you’re wanting to gift some spirits this holiday season, there is a DIY holiday packaging ideas for that too!

Here’s a quick step by step:

If you want to keep it even easier than that, simply gift wrapping the brown paper around your preferred bottle with some cute string will do the trick.

No one will ever be able to tell what it is…

Easy gift wrap ideas must also include the most classic way to wrap a gift. This is how most have learned to wrap any square/rectangular gift.

This style is easy to achieve with brown paper, and easy to decorate with its flat front base.

Medium Gift Wrapping with Brown Paper Ideas

We’re moving on up. If you’re ready to try some more complex brown paper bag gift wrapping ideas this section is for you.

Layered Look

This layered wrapping style is one of the most popular with brown paper gift wrapping, that will wow your gift recipient EVERY TIME!

Double Layered Look

Try the layered look on both sides of your gift wrapping!

Imagine, it’s 12am and you’re furiously gift wrapping all your gifts last minute and you run out of tape. Oh no! Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Here’s what you can do with no tape and medium skill:

No Tape Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hopefully you’ve got some ribbon or string left to keep this gift tied up tight.

Last but certainly not least is what I like to call the brown paper hug.

Brown Paper Gift Wrapping HUG

This type of fold hugs your gift nice and tight, and looks cool too! It also gives you plenty of pockets to stick any decorations/cards/nametags.

Complex Gift Wrapping with Brown Paper Ideas

For those who have been in the game for a while now, and are looking for more creative gift wrapping ideas for this year, you have to try these!

Envelope Style

Requires a few more folds than the previous selections, and kind of resembles an envelope. This is a great way to showcase a cool bow you may have in mind.

Pleated Gift Wrapping

This is a look that will instantly elevate your gift wrapping. If you have some extra time on your hands this holiday season, be sure to give this one a try.

I always pair it with a personalized letter from Santa!

cute gift wrap ideas
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creative gift wrap

Christmas Tree Brown Paper Gift Wrapping

Wrap to impress with this holiday tree look! I did this once for a work holiday party and it was the topic of the night.

Decorating Brown Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

Now, everything is nicely wrapped up and ready to be decorated. The great thing about using brown paper gift wrap is the versatility of it. It can be totally personalized and transformed by the gift giver, giving it more meaning and sentimental value.

Low Cost Decorating for Gift Wrap

Fun Characters

This look only requires a few extra pieces of paper and some double sided tape, or glue. A great way to get your helpful kids involved on the gift wrapping fun.

Holiday Scrabble Words

If you have a scrabble game that is unplayable because of a few missing pieces – put the other tiles to good use with this cheap gift wrapping idea.

Gift Wrapping with Straws

Make holiday shapes with fun patterned straws for an easy and cheap gift wrap decoration idea.

Cross-Word Fun

As an avid crossword puzzle player, this is one of my favorite gift wrapping decorating ideas. All you need is a marker!

Another way you could spice up your brown paper bag gift wrap for little to no cost are:

no tape gift wrap ideas
  • Spray with holiday scents
    • Memories are deeply intertwined with smell. Create a lasting one with a great holiday scent for all your gift wrap.
  • Let the unique wrapping style speak for itself
    • If you tried a cool wrapping style in the first section, let the design speak for itself and skip on decorations.

Gift Wrap With Brown Paper and Greenery

One of the more popular decorations used for brown paper gift wrapping is greenery. You can use a variety of greenery, flowers, or even berries and fruits to decorate your presents. Here are some wonderful ideas.

Mini Wreath

For those who are feeling crafty this season, a mini wreath is the perfect touch for your gifts.

What you’ll need:

  • Garland Pieces
  • Bead Necklaces in different colors
  • White Matte Paint
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Mini Tree Haul

It’s so CUTE! You can find these little trees at any local craft store in bulk too. Draw a little truck on them and tie it to the top of your gift.

Pine Cone Bow

During the holidays it’s easy to find pine cones lying around outside – depending where you live of course. Use these super natural bows as decoration for your gift wrap.

Easily applied with hot glue gun.

Cinnamon Stick Gift Wrapping Decoration

If you want your gifts to smell like the holidays, but don’t want to overwhelm anyone, cinnamon sticks are the BEST choice!

Just tie them right on to your present with some string and greenery.

Many of these different holiday greenery looks can be applied with glue, string, or stuck into pockets you created with your unique brown paper gift wrapping techniques.

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 cheap gift wrapping ideas

Decorating With Brown Paper and Twine

When you’re in a bind, just use twine. See unique ways to gift wrap your presents with twine this year below.

Cookie Cutter Gift Wrapping

LOVE! This is basically two gifts in one. Cookie cutters are easy to buy in a big pack and can be distributed amongst your gift recipients with this fun way.

Jingle Bells Gift Wrapping Idea

Add some holiday jingle and cheer to your presents with some bells. These are easy to get your ribbon/twine through and tie onto the front of your gifts.

Big Letters

A great idea to not only decorate your presents, but label them as well. Then they can use the letter of their name as a tree ornament next year!

Message Card

Here’s one I’ve seen growing in popularity this 2022 holiday season!

If you’re sending your gifts early, add a little message card intertwined on your string that reads, “Don’t Open Until December 25th.” It’s a great gift wrapping ideas with brown paper.

Considering some of these fabulous looks? Here’s what you’ll need:

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Brown Paper Wrapping With Stencils

These next two sections are for the more artsy gift givers that wish to make a statement with their gift wrapping this year. So, if you are artsy but not a total freehanded pro try using stencils on your brown paper gift wrapping.

Stencils you may need:

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Now, here are some amazing stencil gift wrappings to get you inspired!

Painting on Brown Paper Bag Gift Wrapping

If you’ve started your gift wrapping early and have time to get super artsy with it (or if you’re just and overachiever like me), painting on your gift wrap is a wonderful way to decorate your gifts.

Draw painting with a paint pen is my favorite way to go about this. It provides the steadiness and precision you may need for the smaller details in your paintings.

It’s also a great way to outline your real painting.

Add to the already cute gift wrapping idea by utilizing your kiddos’ cute hands!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Have fun gift wrapping this year with your trendy new brown paper! Be sure to take photos and tag us @thehandmademastermind with your creations. I’d love to see how creative they turn out.

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