UPDATED 2022: How Long Does Etsy Take to Ship NOW?

how long does etsy take to ship

What’s the deal with Etsy? How long does it take Etsy to ship a package? These are valid questions I get from my Etsy customers all the time! I know you are eager to get your orders asap, so here is a better understanding about Etsy’s shipping process.

how long does etsy take to ship

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As a 12 year Etsy seller, I’ve gotten all the questions imaginable from customers. However, I’ve noticed that there are a few questions still popping up after all the years Etsy has been around. I want to ensure you guys that Etsy is a great place to buy from and #shopsmall. It’s just a little different!


Now, to answer your question…how long does etsy take to ship?

1. How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship?

how do i cancel my etsy order

How long does etsy take to deliver?

Etsy actually does not deliver their own packages. Etsy uses outside postal services to deliver their orders, and each Etsy seller is different.

Popular Postal Services used by Etsy Sellers:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx

Domestically: 4-7 business days after processing

Internationally: 12-30 business days after processing

PRO-TIP: If you need a refresher on the difference between processing time and shipping time see #5 below.

2. Is Etsy Safe?

is etsy safe

Yes. Etsy is absolutely a safe space to purchase from. They have been around since 2005. That’s 17 years!

Etsy is full of small business crafters eager to deliver their product to you safely and securely. So, if you are wary about purchasing from a seller on Etsy, you can rest assure that nobody is trying to scam you.

If you are curious about privacy regarding your information, you can read Etsy’s Privacy Policy HERE.

3. Is Etsy Estimated Delivery Accurate?

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Typically the date range in which are given will be accurate.

Things that can deter your package from arriving within the date range you are given are:

  • The Etsy seller shipped it out earlier than expected – therefore, it arrives sooner.
  • The postal service has fallen behind on schedule.
  • The postal service has misplaced your package in the mailing process.
  • The postal service has damaged your order accidentally.
  • The postal service has delivered it to the wrong address.

As you can see it is almost if not always the postal service’s fault when your package has not arrived on time. However, most Etsy sellers are happy to work with you on figuring out how to find your order, or how to replace it asap.

4. How Long Does Etsy Take to Ship Internationally?

etsy shipping time to europe

For international shipping on Etsy, the overall estimate stands anywhere between 12-30 days.

This estimate is without including weekends, since most postal services do not deliver on weekends, and most Etsy sellers do not work on weekends.

Like mentioned previously you must also factor in the processing time for your order, which can add on a few days and maybe even weeks depending on the complexity of your order.

See #5 below for more clarification on the difference between processing time and shipping time.

5. Processing Time vs Shipping Time (What’s the Difference?)

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What is Processing Time?

Processing is the time between you placing your order, and the seller actually creating it and preparing it for shipment. Depending on how many orders the seller has to prepare before yours, your processing time could be longer or shorter.

What could lengthen my processing time?

  • Sellers with no other hired help may take longer to complete an order.
  • Complexity of your order
  • Size/Quantity of your order
  • Holiday Seasons

The best way to get an estimate on when an Etsy seller will start on and finish your order is by contacting them directly. They usually have a meticulously planned schedule and can tell you when your order should ship out by.

What is Shipping Time?

Shipping time is the time between the Etsy seller dropping off your package at a post office, and it arriving to you. This is where the Etsy seller is no longer in possession of your order and all the trust goes to the postal service to get your order to you.

What could delay my shipping time?

  • Incorrect scanning by postal service
  • Losing a package during shipping
  • Damaging a package during shipping
  • Delivering to the wrong address

To find out how to keep track of your package during its time with the postal service see #6 below.


Here are a few mini tutorials on how to locate your order throughout its journey to you.

How Do I Find My Order On Etsy?

Great question!

If you are struggling to find something you ordered on Etsy here is a quick and easy to follow video just for you:

How Do I Track My Order On Etsy?

So, lets figure out where your package is. If you are unable to locate your tracking when going to your orders on Etsy, don’t panic. There is another way to locate your package!

Contact the seller:

  • The Etsy seller is able to tell you when they shipped out your order – this will help determine when it should arrive.
  • The Etsy seller is also able to tell you what postal service they shipped your order with. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW.

How to Contact the Seller:

  1. Go to Purchases
  2. Find the Correct Order
  3. Click “Help with Order”
why is etsy shipping so long

Once you click “Help with order,” it should bring you here:

when will i get my etsy package

Here you can choose a reason for contacting the seller that they will see as the topic of your message. Then you can type in the section below in more detail what you need help with.

Contact your local post office:

  • If you want a more accurate estimate of when your package should arrive and where it is right now, contacting your local post office is best.

How to Contact Your Local Post Office:

  • Figure out what postal service your order is being handled with (you can ask the seller if you don’t know)
  • Go to their website
  • They should have a tab labeled “Locations” on the main page
  • Find the location nearest you to get in contact with

NOTE: Can be set up differently on different websites.

Here is another video you might find helpful:

How Do I Cancel My Etsy Order?

Well, your order never arrived and is nowhere to be found. What do you do?

Contact the seller! Most Etsy sellers are more than willing to figure out how to send you a replacement for free of charge, or at a discount for the inconvenience.

If it is too late, it is very easy for the Etsy seller to issue you a refund that will process within a few business days. You can request a refund by contacting the seller.

Conclusion/ Key Take Aways

how do i track my package on etsy

How long does Etsy take to ship?

  • 4-7 business days for domestic shipping – AFTER it has been processed, and 12-30 business days internationally, also after processing.

Etsy Shipping time depends on:

  • Processing time
  • Mailing service handling your package
  • Possible delays
  • Holidays
  • Where its shipping to/from

For More Information:

  • Contact the seller
  • Contact your local post office

Etsy is a safe place to buy from, and if you don’t receive your order, you can easily get a replacement or refund from the seller.

I hope this article has done a good job answering your question on how long does it take Etsy to ship. Thanks for supporting small businesses by #shoppingsmall on Etsy.

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