How to be Successful on Etsy in 2022

how to be successful on etsy

Before starting your small business journey on Etsy, here are some helpful tips on how to be successful on Etsy in 2022. With Etsy sellers growing by the hundreds/thousands a year, it is important you do the work to ensure your shop will stand out among the masses!

how to be successful on etsy

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There is no one way to become successful on Etsy, there are many! All of these tools combined are sure to help you and your shop become the best it can be. How to be successful on Etsy in 2022, comes down to the time and hard work you put into your shop.

Learn About Etsy SEO & Use Helpful Tools

This is one of the best things you could do for you shop if you do nothing else. If you are unfamiliar,

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

When you optimize your shop with keywords, what is in demand, etc. it helps your shop and listings get found in various search engines.

One of the main reasons many shops don’t see the sales they hope for is because of their lack of knowledge on SEO tactics.

Some Tools I LOVE and use:

how to increase etsy sales

Consistency is Key

A key factor in your success on Etsy is consistency. You should stay consistent on:

  • Type of Products
    • Variation in product is great, but if you have too many different types of things you are selling on one shop it could mess with your Etsy SEO.
  • Customer Response
    • Don’t leave people hanging and wondering. This causes friction and likelihood that they will not return to your shop.
  • Branding
    • If you change this up too much it may confuse customers and not give them the opportunity to become familiar with your shop.
  • Shop Rules
    • If you do something for one person you must then do it for another. Otherwise stay strong in your rules.

Keep Tabs on Similar Successful Sellers


Its time to bring out your inner stalker. Don’t worry everyone is looking at everyone’s stats/ideas. Its okay to get inspiration from similar sellers for your own shop, just be sure not to copy anyone.

Pay attention to

  • What they’re selling
  • Pricing
  • Shipping Costs
  • Variations
  • Reviews

Keeping tabs on all these things will help you compete with other sellers and stand out. If you see someone selling something that is doing well, try to create your own with your own twist on it!

For Example: A similar seller is selling the same product as you, but they are charging $4.95 for shipping. What can you do to offer a better deal? Shoppers are always looking for the best deals!

Create a Product Line for Etsy

When you start your Etsy shop and you are ready to start listing products, make sure you are starting with a whole product line. Just listing one or two items when you start will not result in the amazing sales you are hoping for.

This gives potential customers more options/variations which is more likely to result in a sale.

What is a product line?

One broad product (Birthday Invitations), with multiple variations (kids birthday invitations, 50th birthday invitations, 15th birthday invitations, etc.) all with a similar design.

Here is an example of a product line I recently listed on Etsy:

etsy success tips 2022
Thanksgiving Invitation Line @modernpinkpaper

Have Great Photos & Great Descriptions for Your Listings

One thing that should be obvious is product photos and descriptions. If you list a product on Etsy and the lighting is dark, you can't see details, etc. it's not going to do well. Additionally if there is minimal information in your product listings it could cause some friction between the customer and a sale.

Product Photos

Having good product photos are another key to your success on Etsy. It's simple, people want to buy aesthetic looking things.

You can use the same blank background, or create a scene/vibe for your customers to envision your product in their life.

Here is a good example of a good product photo vs a bad product photo:

how to get sales on etsy

The left photo would be the better of the two, because it is...

  • Well lit
  • Details are shown
  • True color
  • Centered
  • Clean

Capturing the best photos for your listings doesn't always require a professional photographer either. Just good practice, good lighting, and minor editing skills. I personally edit most of my product photos on

They provide tons of tutorials on Youtube!

Product Descriptions

There is a common misconception about product descriptions in general that I've noticed. So many people assume that nobody reads them, but people DO read them.

Despite if you believe me or not, having lengthy, detailed product descriptions can help you in more ways than one.

  • Provide extra information/facts about the product (measurements, packaging information, etc.)
  • Offer instructions on how to go about ordering - especially if its multiple steps.
  • Available deals
  • Upselling ("This is commonly bought with this")

Here is another example from one of my best-selling listings on Etsy:

Establish Your Brand - Be Yourself

As a small business seller we have an unspoken responsibility to provide what customers are not getting from big corporate sellers...personability.

Once you figure out your look, and personality of your brand try to stick to it!

Changing things up too much will not allow your customers time to become familiar with your shop!



There is not one way to become successful on Etsy, you just have to gather as much information as your head can handle and throw yourself into it. Remember it will not happen overnight - I know you see stuff like that on Tiktok, but it is RARE! Becoming successful on Etsy in 2022 is not impossible, just takes time and hardwork.

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Best of luck!


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