How To Leave A Review On Etsy 2022 [4 EASY STEPS]

how to leave a review on etsy

Buy something great and feeling the urge to leave a review on Etsy? Good on you. Writing a review on Etsy can now broken down into 4 easy steps!

As a small business seller on Etsy myself, reviews (good or even not so good) are always appreciated by buyers like you. So, let’s get started on how to leave a review on Etsy!

Here’s what we’ll learn:

Now, How to Leave a Review on Etsy in 4 Easy Steps

How to Write a Review on Etsy (Via Mobile App)

This is a great visual of leaving a review on Etsy App.


  1. Open Etsy App
  2. Click ‘You’ on bottom bar
  3. Click ‘Purchases and Reviews’
  4. Choose the product you’d like to review & begin!

How to Leave a Review on Etsy (Via Desktop)

There are only slight differences when review via desktop website versus the mobile Etsy app. Here is how to leave a review on Etsy via desktop!


  1. Sign in to your Etsy Account
  2. Locate your profile at the top right
  3. Click ‘Review Your Purchases’
  4. Click the product you’d like to review and begin your review!

How to Leave a Review on Etsy as a Guest

This is where it can get tricky. Etsy does not allow you to leave a review on an item as a guest. However, don’t panic – there is a way to still leave a review for that product.


  1. Locate your item’s order # sent from within your emails
  2. Click the order # link that will re-direct you to create an account on Etsy
  3. Once your account is created this purchase will now be linked to your account!

After taking these steps to claim an order you made, you will then be able to leave a review on that item.

How to Add Pictures to My Etsy Review

If you would like to add a helpful photo of what you received it’s easy!

Follow the same steps you took to begin writing a review on a certain item, and it should prompt you to add a photo if you wish. (See in above video tutorial)

Via Mobile App:

  • You can upload a photo you took, or take a photo right then and there!

Via Desktop/Website:

  • You will only be able to upload an image from your saved images.

Can I Edit My Etsy Review?

Yes and no. Etsy allows a buyer up to 100 days to edit their review as many times as they want. This is AS LONG AS the seller has not responded to the review.

After which the review is then locked and cannot be changed any more.

Usually you will notice if you leave a poor review, the seller will message you in hopes of understanding what they can do to improve your experience with their products/shop.

This allows you to still edit your review if you wish.

Here’s a helpful tutorial on changing/editing your review on Etsy:

Can’t Leave a Review on Etsy?

If you are unable to leave a review on Etsy, here’s what may be happening…

  1. You are not a registered Etsy User
    • If you are writing a review as a guest – see How to Write a Review on Etsy as a Guest above.
  2. The review window is not open yet
    • This can happen if you receive your product before the estimated delivery date. The review window is opened on/after this date.
  3. There is an open case on your order
    • If you filed an of the following (return request, refund request, or problem with your order notification) you have opened a case against the seller. Your review privileges will be unavailable until the case has been closed.

If you have any other questions I failed to cover, leave a comment!

I hope this article helped you learn how to post a review for your future Etsy orders.

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