How to Share Amazon Cart + Wishlist [3 Simple Steps]

how to share amazon cart

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Below you will find out how you can share Amazon cart and wish list with anyone.

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The holidays, your birthday, or a special event may be shortly approaching, but how do you let people know what you want? Don’t let other articles tell you, you can’t share your Amazon cart.

Here is our simple 3 step process to sharing Amazon cart or wish list in 2022.

How to Share Your Amazon Cart

Amazon does not allow cart sharing through their app directly. I know, quite the inconvenience, but here’s how you can go about doing it yourself in 3 easy steps.

The best way to share Amazon cart is on the web browser and not the app. The following instructions will be for web browser instructions!

Step 1:

Download Share-A-Cart by searching for it on Google. This is a 3rd party plug in that you’ll need to share your cart. Don’t worry it’s free & safe!

Once downloaded, find it in your Extensions and make sure it’s activated.

Step 2:

Now that the extension is activated, start placing items in your cart that you wish to share!

Once you’ve finished, click the Share-a-Cart extension and Create Cart ID.

A unique code will be given to you to copy and share to those you wish to share your cart with.

Step 3:

In order for the person you shared your code with to access this cart, they will also need the Share-A-Cart extension.

With your code they will need to:

  • Go to Amazon Account
  • Click the Share-A-Cart extension
  • Click ‘Recieve Cart’ button
  • Paste the code they were given

They should be able to see what’s in your cart now!

How to Share Amazon Wish List

Sharing your wish list is fortunately a lot easier. Below are the steps you should take to share your Amazon wish list with anyone.

Depending on your account and if you are desktop sharing/mobile sharing the steps may vary slightly, but they are relatively the same.

Step 1:

Go to your Amazon Lists and select the wish list in which you intend to share.

Step 2:

Go to More > Manage > Shared.

Select Send list to others > View Only

You will be given a unique link for you to copy and send to others.

Step 3:

You can now paste this link in any platform you wish to share it on! People who click on the link will be able to view the list without the ability to edit it in any way.


Can I share my Amazon cart with someone else?

  • Yes and no. You can share your Amazon cart if you have a cart sharing plug-in installed and the person in which you are sharing with also has a plug-in installed. See How to Share Your Amazon Cart.

Can I make separate carts on Amazon?

  • Yes and no. You have the ability to create two shopping carts on Amazon but there is a catch. One will be for grocery and food products and the other is your normal shopping cart. (Amazon Fresh Shopping Cart & Amazon Shopping Cart.)

How do I move things from my shopping cart to a wishlist?

  • Absolutely. If there is something in your shopping cart you are not ready to checkout yet and would like to move to your wishlist here are the steps to do so:
    • Save for Later > Add to List > Select List

Why share Amazon cart?

You may ask why would anyone want to share their Amazon cart? Well, sharing your cart can be extremely helpful for those lacking in the technology department, wanting to know what you want, etc.

Personally I share my shopping cart with my mom anytime I want to show her some things she could get for the grandkids’ birthdays!

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