Top 7 UNIQUE Lash Packaging Ideas- Luxury, Affordable, and DIY

lash packaging ideas

It’s a crime in 2022 to not package your lashes in cute packaging for your customers! Consider these top 7 lash packaging ideas for your new lash packaging look.

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Good packaging results in returning customers, and free advertising by your customers online via unboxing videos and photos. Packaging trends will change throughout time, so it’s also important to keep up with the trends and adjust your packaging as needed. There is always room for change/improvement.

Take a look at the Top 7 Lash Packaging Ideas to help get you inspired!

Table of Contents:

Luxury Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Considering that packaging can really make or break your success as a small business seller, luxury packaging can really boost your sales.

Luxury packaging for your lovely lashes will definitely be an investment, but in the long run it could be well worth it!

1. Customized Lash Packaging

When purchasing custom lash packaging here are some things to note:

  • Make sure you are making a wholesale purchase to get the best bulk price.
  • Make sure any graphic images you wish to be printed on the packaging is a high quality graphic.
  • Order the smallest amount first to make sure you are happy with the design.

Try it out now:

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2. Luxury Lash Box

Even if you may not sell various items along with your lashes, a luxury box is good to have on hand for those bulk lash orders you may get. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your customers.

Here is my favorite luxury lash box:

It’s similar to the photo example above, but sturdier and more luxe!

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Affordable Cute Lash Packaging Ideas

Some of us may be ballin’ on a budget, so here are some more affordable lash packaging ideas – that are still super cute – for you to try!

3. Resealable Holographic Goody Bags

These are fun and cute resealable baggies that are big enough to fit your lashes, as well as any other goodies you may be offering on your site.

They come in various different sizes and colors to fit your brand perfectly. To order in bulk I recommend messaging the seller to get the best price possible!

I want to buy now!

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4. Mini Suitcase Packaging

My favorite! These are trending all over social media lately, and quite frankly I understand why. They are super cute and provide a unique lash packaging ideas.

Think of it as your lashes going on a trip to see your customers!

You can find all different colors and styles on Amazon but these are my favorite in terms of,

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Color Options
  • Price

Here’s what you’ll need:

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DIY Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas

If creating something of your own is more your style, here are some DIY lash packaging ideas for your crafty self.

A lot of sellers buy these self-assemble boxes in bulk, and make them their own with stickers and print outs of their branding.

5. Glitter Packaging (Self-Assembled)

They come in various colors for you to choose from as well! Again, I always recommend you message the seller to see what best prices you can get for your bulk order.


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6. Square Compact Lash Packaging Boxes

Another DIY lash packaging idea growing in popularity recently are these super cute compact mirror looking boxes. Most of them come already assembled, so all you have to do is customize them!

If you’re extra like me, the rhinestone ones are a MUST.

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7. Lash Packaging in Cups

This lash packaging idea could also be in the affordable section since you can buy 100 of these cups for $20! Purchase them in bulk and all you have to do is customize them yourself with branding.

This is another trend beginning to grow in popularity all over. I love this eyelash packaging idea especially for all the extra space it provides for extra goodies and inserts!

What you’ll need:

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If you found any of these lash packaging ideas helpful, feel free to share and pass on the inspiration to other lash sellers! Let me know if there are any unique ideas that you have.

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