Top 17 Home Office MUST HAVES [2022’s MOST WANTED LIST]

home office must haves

The best part about working from home; besides actually working from home; is the freedom to create your own space. No matter your style, this home office must haves list is your ultimate guide to a cute, functional, and affordable WFH office.

home office must haves

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I’ve been working from home since 2010, way before it was cool! I figured it’s my time to shine and help all you WFH newbies create the best workspace for you.

I currently use my home office for my multiple six figure online businesses, however, whatever you may use your home office for, this list will help you:

  • Find the most functional furniture for your specific needs
  • Save money
  • Get inspired
  • Find your personal style (my favorite part!)

Here are the Top 17 Work From Home Must Haves

The Best Home Office Desks of 2022

Arguably the most important piece of furniture you’ll need for your home office, is a desk!

With a wonderful abundance of work from home desk choices available, it makes it harder to make a decision.

I’ve made it simple below.

  1. Standing Desks

amazon office decor

Work from home people are RAVING over standing desks right now. I guess people realized sitting for 8+ hours is not a blessing!

You should consider a standing desk if:

  • You would like to stretch it out every now and then.
  • Would like to treadmill walk while you work
  • Don’t have the space for a chair

Get Inspired!

2. Other Work From Home Desks

Not leaning heavily towards a standing desk? Here are some other options to consider!

Desks with Storage:

home office essentials on amazon

If you are running a home business you will most likely need storage for various equipment.

An L shaped desk is great for:

  • Providing extra workspace
  • If you have more than one desktop
  • If you require more space

Just for Looks (Cutest Desks 2022):

Image Source: @CHICTALK
Image Source: @helloblogzine

If you’re like, “forget functionality, I want CUTE and instagrammable,” this section is for you.

These options usually have less to almost no storage, and aren’t very big. However, they sure are cute and will help keep the theme of your home style in tact.

PLUS, they’re usually cheaper in cost. Perfect for the hybrid work from home worker.


standing desk for home office
cute desk ideas home office

The Best Home Office Desk Setup

Most of this you may already have, but it’s always nice to look at what’s hot and new, and has everyone talking.

1. Best Printers for Home Office

A printer may or may not be needed for your home office.

Recently, I have found that most work from home offices don’t have one at all. Oh how the times have changed!

best printers for home office

This HP Envy Inspire 7955e is mine, as well as Forbes 2022 Best Home Office Printer. It prints everything at a super affordable cost.

Key Features:

  • Print, copy, scan (You can do all this from your phone)
  • High quality images
  • Doesn’t take up too much space (18.11 x 15.08 x 9.21 inches)

Best Placement:

  • Under desk on a platform
  • On a sturdy shelf

2. The Best Monitors/PCs For Home Office

Second to a desk, a PC is going to play a very important role in your work from home office must haves. So, it is important to be sure that you have selected the right one for your specific needs.

The HP M24f 24 inch is a great monitor that will cover all the bases.

best computer for home office
best computers for home p

Key Features:

  • Medium Sized
  • 1920×1080 Display Resolution
  • Low blue light

Best Placement:

  • A monitor is best in the middle of your desk, not too close to the wall (if you’re by the wall)
  • I like the monitor in the corner look (great if you need space to write!)
  • Your computer can be placed under your desk to the side.

Desktop Placement Ideas:

aesthetic WFH office
Image Source: @shopify
work from home desk setup
Image Source: @wattpad

3. Laptops for WFH

When you need to step away from your desk for a bit and kick it on the sofa, in the backyard, or wherever you go, a laptop is a home office must have! Much like your PC, different laptops cater to different needs. This is the one I have and I absolutely love it!

best home desk setups

Key Features:

  • 4GB RAM
  • Comes in Blue, Blush Pink, White, Black, & Rose Gold
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • HP Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone
  • Easy to lug around (‎4.47 pounds and 14 inch screen)

PRO-TIP #1: Renewed laptops area great way to save some money, especially if you are only going to use this laptop for work purposes.

PRO-TIP #2: I recommend a Windows Laptop for work. I know the Macbooks are so cute and aesthetic for your work from home office, but I find the Windows laptops are just so much better for working!

Cute Laptop Setup Ideas:

cute desk accessories
Image Source: @strawberrychicxo
work from home office decor
Image Source: @EnkelStudios

4. Wireless Keyboards for Home Office

Here is where all the fun starts!

There are so many different style and color options, but here are some of my favorite and highly recommended:

work from home office
home office must haves reddit
cute wireless keyboard

Ubotie Colorful Bluetooth Keyboard:

  • Comes in different color themes
  • Circle buttons
  • Clicking sound is a little louder (great ASMR moment)
  • Bluetooth/wireless connection (laptop/computer/other devices)

Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet:

This is a great option if you travel a lot. I’m always working on my I-Pad and having a bluetooth mini keyboard makes life so much easier!

  • Small size for easy travel
  • Various colors
  • Tablet or cell phone connection

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo:

If you’re not the fancy type, this particular keyboard is a great option.

  • Small enough for travel – but bigger than a mini
  • Basic keyboard setup
  • Easy bluetooth connection
  • Comes with mouse!

Cute Keyboard Inspiration:

cute desktop decor
Image Source: @tf418834
aesthetic desk accessories amazon
Image Source: @delphinesvb
calm office setup
Image Source: @cielstudy122

The Best Office Chairs of 2022 (Cute & Comfortable)

In this category you will find the most luxurious, the most affordable, and the most wanted office chairs. Whatever your budget/preference may be your new home office must have chair awaits below!

Most Luxurious Office Chair 2022:

perfect home office

Yamasoro Ergonomic Executive Office Chair:

  • CEO vibes
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Arm Rests
  • Soft/Resilient White PU Leather

The best part?

“We provide free replacement or money-back guarantee for any quality problem within 30 days.” -Yamasoro Amazon Store

Most Affordable Office Chairs 2022:

Fortunately the most affordable chairs are also some of the mot wanted! This one in particular has been all the rave lately amongst work from homers.

cutest office chairs 2022

Another popular option is velvet chairs! I have an emerald green one at home and it goes so well with the theme of my house. A velvet office chair is a home office essential that will really elevate your space.

home office decor tiktok
best office supplies 2022

Both come in various colors, with different leg customization to cater to your personal style.

Home Office Chair Inspiration:

This is a sneak peak of what your potential office could look like.

home office decor ideas
Image Source: @atinydreamerblog
cute office ideas
Image Source: @bettinachaynes

Must Have Home Office Organization

If you want to keep your home office tidy and aesthetically pleasing, these organizing tools are a home office MUST HAVE.

Desk Drawer Organizers

I recommend grabbing a pack of any drawer organizing bins you can find. They are relatively cheap and come in different sizes for different desk items.

9 essentials for the perfect home office

PRO-TIP: Make sure they have non-slip grippers underneath to avoid them sliding around in your drawers!

Other Home Office Organization MUST HAVES:

cute office gadgets
must have office supplies
best home office 2021

Work From Home Office Must Have DECOR

Add a little spice and personality to your new home office space.

Our non-essential, but totally essential home office must haves:

Coffee Mug Warmer:

This was found during my late night Tik Tok scrolling, and let me tell you, it’s AWESOME. No more getting up 5 times a day to reheat my coffee in the microwave.

best home office setup

Cell Phone Stand:

work from home setup ideas

Other Cute Desk Accessories:

These are some of my favorite impulse buys so far! The mini desk vacuum really comes in handy after my 2:00 snack, and mu inspirational calendar keeps me motived when I’m having a case of the Mondays.

essential home office gadgets
home office decor 2022
home office essentials

Whatever your personal style may be, I hope this home office must haves list inspired you to start building your own! Make your working from home experience better with cute decor and personal style.

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