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office essentials list

Your small business success relies heavily on your preparedness at the beginning of your journey. Like the old saying goes, “sometimes you must spend money to make money.” That certainly rings true here. Below is the ULTIMATE Small Business Office Essentials List of 2022-23.

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I started my small business journey over 10 years ago, and since then many people have asked me how they too can jump start their online business and be successful. I now spend most of my time helping online small businesses with their journey to success!

Getting your small business started requires more than just knowing how to sell online. There is a list of essentials you’ll need, and I have done my best to keep things short and sweet here. Just the basics, plus a few extra fun things you will need for your small business office lies below.

Electronics Needed for a Small Business


Really an laptop would work, the main focus is the internet you have. If you have high-speed internet you shouldn’t run into any issues!

Here are some of my favorite Laptops for small business purposes:

office supplies must haves for small business
must haves for small office

Desktop & Monitor

Desktops and monitors are a bit more important, as they are more expensive and you want them to last the longest!

Here is the pair I’ve stocked my office with, and absolutely live by:

small business office checklist
what do i need to start a small business

Printers for Small Business

You’d be surprised how much you actually print as a small business! I run a stationery business so I’ve certainly been through my fair share of printers.

This one by far is the best for all printing needs – not just for stationery:

how to start a small business

It is a little pricier than some other great printers, so if you aren’t ready to make an investment on a printer like the Canon PIXMA-9000, this one is great too!

checklist for small business office

Label Printer

Of course this is more in the shipping department…but it is an electronic. An important one at that!

This one has lasted me years, and honestly it’s the only one I trust:

office supplies for small business

Furniture for a Small Business Office

Best Desks for Small Business Office

Choosing your desk should be a bit of a longer process, as it will be the base of your small business for a while!

I recommend one of these two (The Tribesigns Two Person Desk is what I have!):

best desks for small business office
best desks for small business office

Best Chairs for Small Business Office

Along with your desk, the chair you choose should not be skimped on. I suggest considering one of these 3! Organized from most affordable, to most luxurious.




best chairs small business
office supplies list for small business
office supplies list for online business

Floor Mats for Office

This is something I did not think of before setting up my office on my new hardwood floors – and I highly regretted it! Don’t make the same mistake I did if you have nice wood, or even tile in your office room.

Consider a floor mat:

what do i need to start a small business

Organization for Small Business Office

Organizer Drawers for Small Office

In order to run a successful small business I always emphasize on organization. The more organized you are the less likely you’ll become overwhelmed when things start to pick up.

Try out these drawers for your office organization (I have about 10 of these throughout my office!):

checklist template for office supplies

Drawer Organizers for Office

The organization continues even inside the drawer. To avoid things getting messy when they are thrown in a drawer I’ve always kept some of these drawer organizers on hand!

A few packs of these will go a long way:

office essentials for online business

Other Office Organization Tools

These are other tools I’ve bought and found helpful keeping my small business as organized as possible, and should be on your office essentials list as well.

small office ideas
small business organization
organizing my small business room
how to keep small office organized

Shipping Supplies MUST HAVES for a Small Business

The BEST Poly Mailers for Small Business

If you are just getting your business started, poly mailers are a great place to start in the shipping supplies category. They are relatively cheap when bought in bulk, and come in various sizes/colors/designs!

Here were some of my favorites when I started my business:

small business office must haves 2022

Bubble Mailers for Small Business

Some of the more fragile shipments will require some extra padding! Don’t spend a fortune on bubble mailers though.

The USPS website offers them for free! Click here for more info.

If you are stubborn and refuse to ruin the aesthetic of your brand here are some great bubble mailer options for you:

complete list of office supplies for small business

Shipping Boxes for Small Business

Bigger items or multiple orders will require boxes for shipping. The USPS website also offers boxes for FREE, but if you are looking for something a little extra here are some good deals on boxes!

how to decorate small business office

Shipping Tubes for Small Business

This is more so for those selling artworks that cannot be folded/scrunched up into a box or poly mailer. A tube! Just like the others USPS offers tubes for FREE, but here are some really cool tubes I found:

cute small business office ideas

Find Your Local Post Office

Before you begin your small business I recommend locating your local post office. It is important to know the proximity and hours of your local post office. I also recommend talking to their general manager or someone in charge to let them know you are a small business and will be bringing things in quite a bit!

Find your Local Post Office Here

This is something I did when orders really started to pick up the pace! They will greatly appreciate a heads up.

Packaging Supplies for Small Businesses

Bubble Wrap Deals for Small Business

Beware! You’ll have to buy bulk bubble wrap and you CAN’T pop it. I know bummer, but here are the best deals on bubble wrap that I personally love:

aesthetic small business office

Packing Tape

Packing tape is NEEDED if you want your items to get to your customers safely and without damage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a product slip out of a package that wasn’t taped. Save yourself the hassle.

small business office decor

Packaging Stickers for Small Businesses

These are different from the fun stickers we will discuss in the Inserts/Marketing section, but still just as important!

decorating my small business office

Extra Packaging Supplies

Gift wrap is something not every small business provides, but you should! It can be as simple and cheap as a nicely tied ribbon and gift message.

Here is what I use:

small business office tour

Inserts/Marketing for Small Business Packages

Thank You Cards for Small Business

Customers love a good thank you note in their packages. Being a small business you have sort of an unspoken responsibility to provide the small business charm that people miss out on purchasing from larger companies.

Before making my own, these are thank you cards and stickers I used to order!

what i have in my small business office

Branding Cards for Small Businesses

Allow your customers to become familiar with your business by adding branding cards to your packages. It looks more professional, and it’s something customers can save for later!

I make mine on Canva & print them out in bulk to put in my packages.

Here is an example of my recent branding design:

Miscellaneous Supplies Needed for Small Business Office






Post-It Notes







Printer Ink

Fun Decor for Small Business Office Essentials

One of the best parts about this being your small business is that you can decorate it however you want! Below is some cute small office decor inspiration for your small business office essentials list.

Happy shopping!


You can never be too prepared when starting your own online business! This small business office essentials list should have all the basics you need to get started on Etsy, Amazon, or wherever you plan to sell.

Don’t forget to download the Small Business Office Essentials Checklist and Inventory log!


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