13 ABSOLUTE BEST Packaging Ideas for Bath Bombs

packaging ideas for bath bombs

At a creator’s block for how to package your bath bombs? Don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you and created a list of some very cute eco-friendly, unique, and affordable packaging ideas for bath bombs.

packaging ideas for bath bombs

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A great way to enhance your customer’s experience while simultaneously showcasing your brand’s personality, is with great packaging. What can make or break a returning customer could all come down to how cute your packaging is. Skim our list below to see if one of our packaging ideas for bath bombs inspires you!

Here are some of the BEST Packaging Ideas for Bath Bombs…

1. Shrink Wrap Packaging for Bath Bombs

lush bath bomb packaging
Image Source: @StoneyRiverSoaps

Shrink wrapping your bath bombs, is a great way to go if you are looking for a quick and easy, affordable option. Plus, it looks super cute.

Some benefits of shrink wrapping your bath bombs include:

  1. Customer can see the bath bomb immediately
  2. Not too thick – Allows that wonderful bath bomb fragrance to seep through
  3. Cheap cost
  4. Easy to learn (Click HERE for a tutorial)
  5. Fast packaging for busy times
  6. Little inventory needed

PRO TIP: Another great way to get more unique with shrink wrapping your bath bombs, is by adding your brand sticker, or image inside before you shrink wrap.

Get started on shrink wrapping your bath bombs NOW:

cute stationery
cute stationery

2. Clear Balls/Mold Shells for Bath Bombs

bath bomb packaging wholesale
Image Source: @eggnewyork.com

Wanting that clear shrink wrap look with a little more protection for your bath bombs? The clear Bath Bomb Molds Shells are a great affordable option. Similar to the image above, you can take it a step further with cool graphics around the ball/shape.

Why would I want these?

  1. Clear – Showcase your beautiful creation
  2. Sturdy – minimal leakage, extra protection from shipping and handling
  3. Easy assembly (place inside, click, and go)
  4. Cheap cost
  5. Feels more luxurious than shrink wrap
  6. Comes in different shapes for different bath bomb shapes

Just look how cute all the funky shapes are:

packaging bath bombs

3. Tulle Bags for Bath Bombs

best packaging for bath bombs
Image Source: @revistaartesanato

Handmade bath bomb packaging is always a great way to go for any small business. These mesh bags are another affordable option for packaging bath bombs. However, they should come with a few other accessories to enhance the look.

Here is what you’ll need to obtain this look:

  1. Tulle
  2. Cute Ribbon to tie your tulle
  3. Hole punched branding card, or message for your customer
packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs

This is one of my favorite packaging ideas for bath bombs, because of how creative you can get with it. Different color pairings for different fragrances, themes, or even holidays!

4. ECO-FRIENDLY Packaging for Bath Bombs: Egg Cartons for Bath Bombs

ecofriendly packaging for bath bombs
Image Source: @tadahch

Moving away from some of the easier affordable options, we have egg cartons. Yes, you heard that right. Egg cartons!

You may be thinking I’m crazy, but they can be specially made to fit bath bombs, and people LOVE THEM.

Packaging your bath bombs in an egg carton has great benefits too:

  1. Eco-friendly – Lessens you and your customer’s carbon footprint
  2. Sturdy – Keeps bath bombs in place during handling
  3. Come in different shapes and sizes
  4. Plain – Easily customizable by you!

Look at some of these styles for inspiration:

packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs

5. ECO-FRIENDLY Packaging for Bath Bombs: Custom Bath Bomb Box Packaging

custom bath bomb boxes
Image Source: @elitecustomboxes.com

If you are wanting to go for the more high-end luxury bath bomb brand look, this packaging idea is just for you. Mini boxes allow you to showcase your brand a step further than just a sticker.

  • Benefits:
    • Small – Easy to store
    • Eco-friendly (Recyclable/reusable cardboard – biodegradable packing confetti)
    • Sleek luxury bath bomb feel
    • All leakage is caught within the box, and still usable by the customer
    • Personalized/customizable

Mix and match different packaging styles NOW:

packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs

6. ECO-FRIENDLY Packaging for Bath Bombs: Tissue Paper for Bath Bombs

ecofriendly bath bomb packaging ideas
Image Source: @Lizush

Back to a pocket friendly choice, wrapping paper is a great idea for bath bomb packaging. Much like the mesh/tulle option above, wrapping paper provides endless color options.

What’s the difference?

  • More concealed – less leakage
  • Cool designs – comes in patterns as well as solid colors
  • Eco-Friendly – biodegradable tissue vs. plastic tulle
  • Easy assembly
  • Traditional – Keep it classy with the O.G. bath bomb wrapping idea
  • Handmade appeal

PRO-TIP: A great way to add a little flare to your tissue wrapped bath bomb, is by adding a branded sticker to hold it all together!

Get the look:

packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs

7. ECO-FRIENDLY: Chinese Take Out Box for Bath Bombs

bath product packaging
Image Source: @somethingturquoise.com

The take out box is something I have noticed sneak its way into the bath bomb industry. Many skin care, and makeup brands love to play around with food looking products and packaging, and the customers seem to love it. I know I do!

This is also a chance for those of you looking for another eco-friendly bath bomb packaging idea, depending on what kind you decide to buy!

packaging bath bombs

8. Organza Bags for Bath Bombs

diy bath bomb packaging ideas
Image Source: @moebubbles.ecwid.com

The organza bag is another favorite of mine, because of its cheap cost and easy assembly. Just slip the bath bomb right in and tighten the ribbon!

They also come in various different styles and sizes. I would recommend the 5×7 size to ensure the bath bomb fits perfectly with some extra room for packing confetti to cushion it. This is usually for single bath bomb packaging only.

Which style are you?


packaging bath bombs


packaging bath bombs


packaging bath bombs

9. Bakery Box for Bath Bomb Packaging

luxury bath bomb packaging
Image source: @shopjustice.com

Bath bombs have totally evolved in the past decade! It’s not just compacted balls anymore. We’re seeing amazingly intricate and themed bath bomb styles now. A great way to package some of those more out of the box bath bomb creations is with these bakery boxes.

Why bakery boxes?

  1. Clear top window – customers like a sneak peak inside
  2. Great for large bath bomb orders
  3. Also great for single orders
  4. Come in various colors
  5. Low cost

Like most packaging ideas for bath bombs, you could add packing confetti and other inserts to spice up the inside and outside of the box.

For large bath bomb orders:

packaging bath bombs

For single bath bomb orders:

packaging bath bombs

10. Cute Treat Box for Bath Bombs

single bath bomb packaging
Image Source: @customboxesworld.co.uk

The treat box is a more uniquely structured box style, that may not always been seen as a bath bomb box. Treat boxes come way more designs, and can even be customized.

You should use a treat box if you are looking for:

  1. More high end looking than the takeout boxes
  2. Single bath bomb packaging, as well as larger sizes for bigger orders
  3. More color and style options
  4. Unique look

Single Bath Bomb Packaging:

packaging bath bombs

Multiple Bath Bomb Packaging:

packaging bath bombs

11. Dome Cups for Bath Bombs

packaging for bath bombs cheap
Image Source: @GreenBubbleGorgeous

These plastic cups may not be as eco-friendly as some of our other options, but they sure are cute! They are sturdy enough to get your bath bomb through the shipping and handling process, and provide protection from any bath bomb fallout.

PRO-TIP: I would think about putting cool glitter, or packing confetti inside to enhance the look.

Colors include:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Yellow
packaging bath bombs

12. Deconstructed Bath Bombs

best packaging for bath bombs
Image Source: @stylecuratorau

If you are not into all the funky shapes of bath bombs, deconstructed bath bombs are the way to go. They are also much cheaper to ship around the world without all the added weight of boxing them up.

If the deconstructed look is more your style, you might want to consider some stand up pouches for your product:

packaging bath bombs

These pouches zip up to keep all the goodies in!

If you are wanting to showcase what’s inside, you might like this option better:

packaging bath bombs

13. Gift Boxes for Bath Bombs

bath bomb packaging supplies
Image Source: @brightboxes.com

This is an easier version of #5. These are not customized bath bomb packaging, however, they come in so many patterns it might not matter. Plus, they are so much cheaper and easier to buy in bulk!

Here are some unique styles offered by Amazon sellers:

packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs
packaging bath bombs

Whether you were looking for unique packaging, single bath bomb packaging, eco-friendly bath bomb packaging, etc., I hope you were able to find something that works for you and your brand!

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