2 Tips to Bring In More Sales

In this blog, I will be going over a couple tips that have helped me bring in more sales. These are easy and simple tips that you can start implementing right away!

Marketing Inserts

A good way to gain repeat customers is by using marketing inserts for your business within your packages. I would not recommend putting any business cards in your packages, only because most people who have a business do it from there phones. I would recommend creating a insert that is directed to your target market. 

For Example:

  • I have a wedding stationery shop. I have a insert that is directed to newly engaged and soon to be married couples. On my wedding insert I have a link that they can go to redeem a special offer. On the insert I don't tell them what the offer is or how much the coupon code is good for. I want them to be intrigued by the wording, and make them go to the link to see what that special offer is. If you are thinking about doing marketing inserts for your package, I would suggest that you get a few ideas together regarding your target market and what you want them to say. 

Think about what you can say on your insert that will make people want to come back to your shop. Don't over load them with a bunch of information, and don't give them more than 1 thing to do. 

For Example don't have your insert say :

  • Hey check out my featured products this month! Don't forget to rate me and leave a review on Etsy. Go to this link: blahblahblah.com/couponcode to redeem a special offer.

All of that information can be very over whelming to the customer. Make it short and to the point but not confusing for them to understand. If you are having trouble with coming up with ideas for packaging inserts, then I would recommend getting my marketing inserts for you packages. You can check out what templates I use in my business and you will also get access to any future marketing insert templates I make in the future. You can get them by going to this link. It will also help you if you are having trouble figuring out what to put on the insert. This marketing insert templates will help you decide what works best for you. There are also a few options if you are wanting to build your e-mail list to drive traffic to your website. 

I struggled with trying to find the right insert that would work best for me and my business. I had a insert that would have them go to my website and sign up for my e-mail list to receive a special coupon code. But after awhile I realized that it wasn't enough for them to join my e-mail list, I wanted them to be repeat customers as well. I currently have 3 different types of insert that vary depending on the platform and the target market.

The three different types of inserts I use are:

  • For my Etsy wedding shop. Which I give them a link to redeem a special offer
  • A general one I use for my regular Etsy shop and my website. That just has my name across the top with a list of products that I carry, which also includes a special coupon code they can use only on my website.
  • A Amazon insert that just simply tells them how to rate and review me on Amazon. Amazon does not allow you to redirect traffic  to any other shop.

I give them a different coupon code, depending on what insert they receive, The coupon code that I give for my website will not work on my etsy shops. Yes, at times I do get people that try to use the coupon code that is only for my website. They message me that the coupon they received isn't working. Depending on the size of the order, I will give them the discount. If it is something that they can easily repurchase on my website, then I make sure that they have all the links to the products and walk them through on how to purchase them on my website. I make it very simple for them to purchase on my website, that way they are not looking for the products. I do refund them the amount that they paid on my Etsy shop and cancel the order as well. 

If you are in a business that most of your order are gifts, and think that since they are gifts then you don't need to send them a insert with a coupon code, then you are wrong. That way if the person who is receiving the gift loves your work, then they know where to buy from. Yes, the person who originally purchased from you is your customer. But if you don't send a insert with the package then you are potentially loosing out on a lot of missed sales. Unfortunately you can not have your own URL on Etsy. If you are wanting to send customers a coupon code on Etsy, I would recommend getting a program  that will let you have coupon codes such as WIX. That way you can send out a e-mail to your subscribers and give them a coupon code that they can redeem on your Etsy shop. 


Chat Feature

The second thing that I have done to bring in more sales is putting up a chat feature on my website. It automatically pops up when someone goes to my website. It has really helped me with my conversion rates. And I know that because literally the moment that I put it up, I was getting messages. I find it very helpful being able to have potential buyers be able to contact me if they have any questions or concerns. 

For Example:

  • If  they are searching for a something specific, such as couples stationery or men's stationery. I could send them the direct link to that section within my shop.

A good feature with this plugin is that I don't have to be at my desk 24/7 to be able to answer all the messages that I receive. It will automatically notify me through e-mail if someone is trying to contact me, that way I don't miss a conversation. It is a very smart system, even when I don't have it on. If I switch it to offline and someone tries to contact me, they still can! It has a form that they can fill out with there name, e-mail address and their question, and it will automatically be sent to my email. The name of the chat feature I use is tawk.to. It has helped me communicate with my customers faster. It also allows me to see who is on my website and what they are looking at as well as seeing if they have added anything to their cart yet. The chat feature really comes in handy if a buyer has a quick question about a product that might not be 100% clear in the description. By having this system, the buyer doesn't have to leave my website or send me a e-mail. They can just ask a question right there on my website, which is much more convenient for them. There is a way to get something similar to this chat feature for your Etsy shop.

Check out my blog post that goes into more detail about why you should always answer convos on time.

Google Voice Number

When you call, google will give you a number that will link up to your phone, and its free! You probably don't want random people calling you with questions about your product 24/7. That's why I would suggest that you make it clear to your customers that they can contact you by using this number.

I would use verbiage similar to this:

  • Have any questions? Text ----- (the number that google gives you) anytime for immediate assistance!
  • Have any questions? Text ---- Monday - Friday between 8-5. for immediate assistance.

Make sure that if you do decide that this is something you would like to do for your etsy shop, make sure you have it everywhere. Put it on your Etsy banner to your shop, put it in all of your descriptions, put it as the last photo on each listing. Make it clear that you are there to help them if they need any assistance.



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