2 Tips to Finding Your Target Market

When you are first staring out selling online, you may not know who your target market is. Most of the time I find people just creating products and hoping that someone will want to buy it. If you are just creating products without knowing your target market, then essentially your products are pointless. If you aren't marketing to the correct people, then how are the suppose to know your products exists? Most sellers want to create something they like, but they are forgetting its not just about them. You have to create something that your target market wants. We fail to connect the two, and forget about what the customer wants. Most people think they know their target market, when in fact they just got lucky with their SEO and marketing in general. If you want to get additional help with trying to figure out who your target market is then I would suggest that you get my target market webinar.  


Working Backwards

When you are trying to figure out who your target market customers are, I would recommend doing this exercise. 

  • Start writing a profile for your customer, actually give them a name Ex: Alex. 
  • Write out their age range EX: 24-35
  • Fill in detail demographics EX: how much money do they make. Are they married? Do they have kids? What are their hobbies and interest Etc..

Once you have finished writing down the details of your ideal target customer, you will notice that you really don't know who they are. Working backwards makes it easier for you to see what you already know about your target market and what you don't, which is very important. Trying to figure out your target customers and what they are looking for is something that you will continuously be working on. As you progress within your business, you will be more aware of who your target customer is and what it is they want. There are two ways that you can find out more about your target market customers, and I go into more detail about what those are in the next section.

I would suggest that you use a notepad similar to this when you are writing a profile for your customers.


How to Find Out Who Your Target Market Is

It can be difficult at first to know who your target market customer is. If you know who you want to be your target customer, but don't know anything about them then ask.

Craft Shows

 When you go to craft shows, it is the perfect opportunity to ask your target customers more about themselves. I would recommend that you get a list of questions that can tell you more about your target customer. Don't make it awkward between you and the customer. And by that I mean don't ask them their age or if they have kids while you are writing down their answers. Wait until they leave to take notes and write down their response. At the end of the day you will find out what your target customers all have in common. If you don't go to craft shows then that's okay, there are other ways to reach out to your target customers. 

Social Media

Another way that you can get feedback from your target market is by through social media such as Facebook. You can post a link that directs them to a short 3-5 question survey. Give them a reason to want to fill out your survey. For example: Click on the link below to fill out a short survey and receive 25% off your next purchase. Don't be cheap with your coupon codes, remember you are wanting to get their input so you need them to want to take the survey. You can post the same link for a week or two, just to make sure that all of your target market has gotten a chance to take the survey. Depending on how well the last survey went then I would recommend that you send out new set of questions for them to answer. Again, nothing overwhelming but short and to the point. I would suggest that if you are going to send out another survey, that you do it 3-6 months after the last survey. If you don't have any social media followers, then you can also use your e-mail list. 

E-mail lists

When you have people sign up for your e-mail list and give them a 15% off coupon, try getting them intrigued by using a higher discount. 

For example instead of saying:

  • Thanks for signing up for my e-mail list, here is your 15% off coupon code. 

Try saying something similar to this:

  • Thanks for signing up for my e-mail list, here is your 15% off coupon. If you would like to get 25% off your next purchase, click on the link below and take a quick survey. After you have completed the survey I will e-mail you your 25% off coupon code. 

It is important that you create a product line that your target market is wanting. Do your research on your ideal target market. Once you have a good idea of who your target customers are and what they are wanting, then you can start creating a successful product line.  Within my target market webinar I show you how to do the following things:

  • Create a product line based on your target market customers. 
  • How to use social media to talk to your target customers.
  • How to effectively apply SEO and how to do your descriptions.
  • How to find craft shows and markets that are swarming with your target market.

Thinking about using your e-mail list to get more information about your target market? Click here to view my E-mail list webinar that will show you what you should be sending to your subscribers.

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