3 Big Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business


1. Not Goal Planning

The first thing I am noticing that people are not doing is goal planning. Even though I talk about it very often, some people are still pushing it off.  And what I mean by goal planning is, for you to know what you are going to do for at least the next 6 months. Somethings that you should be focusing on while goal planning are:

  • What sale are you going to run
  • What are you going to be working on as a business owner
  • Updating products
  • Adding new products Etc....

If you have started goal planning, is it a solid plan? By that I mean, is it something that you can work off of? Just to make sure we are on the same page, if you have started goal planning, that means you have some kind of document with all the months in a year and you have written out in each month what goals you want to accomplish. It also means that you have a separate document that you have written out all the steps to accomplish those goals. 

If you need help keeping track on your goals, then I would suggest that you get a task organizer like this.

Haven't started with your goal planning? Then check out my two blog posts here and here that will help you determine what your goals and priorities are!


2. Not Taking Their Business Seriously

Another thing that I am noticing, is that some sellers are not taking their business seriously. To me when I see that they are not taking their business seriously, it means that they have not goal planned. They are treating their business as more of a hobby than a actual business. They don't have select hours that they work. And that's okay if you want to be the person who doesn't want to make a 6 figures within a year. Some people can be completely happy with only making $1,000 a month. As long as you are happy with where your business is going and still taking it seriously, then that's okay. 


3. Not Investing in The Right Tools

The last mistake I see people making, is not investing in the right tools they need to succeed in their business. This could mean not investing in small things for your business such as:

It doesn't matter if it is something as small as a new stapler, or hiring a new assistant. Just as long as you take the next step to invest in the right tools that you need for your business to succeed.


If you would like more help with taking the next step to invest in the correct tools for your business, take a look at my updated webinars here


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