3 Things That Are Costing You Business


Overseas Shipping

Don't be scared to offer overseas shipping. It can be difficult to figure out how much it will cost, but you at least owe it to yourself to offer it to your buyers. If you don't then there is a good possibility that you are loosing out on sales. It only takes a few minutes to go to www.usps.com and figure out how much it will be. You can check to see how much it will cost to ship to any country and by weight. When you set the price for overseas shipping, make sure that it calculated correctly. You will be surprised at how much someone is willing to pay to have it shipped overseas. If the reason why you are not offering overseas shipping is because you are not seeing a lot of overseas views on your shop, then that is not a excuse at all. The reason why you don't see any overseas views is because Etsy filters views depending on where you ship to. 

For example:

  • If a buyer from the U.K is searching for necklaces, and you only ship to the United States then the buyer from the U.K won't even see your shop as a option.

Priority Shipping

Another thing that goes along with offering overseas shipping is priority shipping. If you don't offer priority shipping, then you should start as soon as possible. There are a lot of people who wait until the last minute to order because they think that they can get it expedited. If all you offer is standard shipping, then you need to start offering priority shipping before the holidays, or you will be loosing out on sales. If you think that your shop is doing well with just standard shipping, imagine how well it would do if you offered priority shipping as well. If you offer priority shipping make sure that it is named correctly. When adding priority shipping let the buyer know that they will get there package within 1-3 days AFTER it ships. Most people are confused by using priority shipping. They believe that they will receive the package 1-3 days after they purchase it. If you are one of the shops that only offer priority shipping, that is a good way to get repeat buyers and more business. Yes, it does cost a little extra for the buyer to get priority, but it also insures  them that they will receive there package sooner. Another plus side to only offering priority shipping is that you don't have to buy different types of packaging. You only have to order priority boxes or envelopes. 

Before you start to offer priority shipping or overseas shipping, click here to view my ultimate shipping supply list.


Not Rearranging Your Shop

You want to rearrange your shop because it is the first thing that people see. Most buyers want to see these things when they first enter your shop:

  • Your top selling products
  • A variety of product that works well with your brand and shop
  • Products that are relevant

The reason people want to see your top selling products, is because 9 time out of 10 they will purchase one of those items. When you show a variety of products, it shows the buyer that you have more to offer than just one type of item. What I mean by showing products that are relevant is, show products that work for the occasion. Such as products that you have for women when its close to mothers day, or Items that would be good Christmas or birthday gifts. Give them ideas so that way they know that they can come to your shop for multiple occasions. You want them to be able to trust and buy from you. Most buyers will leave your shop within the first 30 seconds if they are not impressed with your products or if they feel like they can't trust you because of your reviews. 

Here is how to rearrange your shop on Etsy:

  • Sign into your Etsy shop
  • Go to shipping manager
  • Click on your shop at the bottom left corner
  • Scroll down until you see edit shop
  • Below your shop banner, you will see a rearrange items button

When rearranging your shop, don't forget about these 4 extra tips that will help bring in more sales!


 Not Answering Convos On Time

Don't allow convos to go unanswered for 24+ hours. If you can respond back to the buyer 15- 20 minutes after they write you, great. I know that we get so busy sometimes that you forget to write back to them, but unfortunately if you don't respond in a timely manner then they could move on to the next person and decide not to buy from you. Most of the time if someone is messaging you, they need a response as soon as possible. The longer you wait to respond, the longer they have to message other buyers and potentially go with them instead. About 90% of buyers who write to sellers and don't hear back from them soon, will purchase form someone else. Even if you think that you have already answered all of your convos, go back to every platform you sell on and double check. You will be amazed at the amount of convos that you thought you responded to, but actually didn't. If you have a full-time or even a part-time job other than selling online, it can be harder to respond to buyer messages. You have to find a system that works best for you and your available time frame. Don't forget to check your e-mail as well. Some buyers will message you and send you a e-mail. It's important to write back to both. You don't want to chance that they will see it. If you can respond back to the buyer in more ways than one, that great. 



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