4 Morning Business Hacks

Sometimes you find your self overwhelmed with tasks, I know I do sometimes. That's why when I hear of these "hacks" to help my day and my tasks for the day to run smoother, I had to try them out. I hope you find these morning hacks just as helpful as I did!


Morning hacks that I find helpful....

1. Writing Down A To-Do List Before Work

I start my morning off by writing down a to-do list of what I have to do that day. I find it very helpful to map out my day and see exactly what I have to get done that day. Because if I don't write it down in a to-do list, I find myself forgetting what I was suppose to start on or even finish that day. So write down a to-do list first thing, before you start work, it will make your day and tasks go smoother.

When writing down your to-do list for the day, I suggest that you get a task organizer like this to help keep you on track. If you are like me, I like to use a special program called Trello to help me organize all my to-do-lists.

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2. Crossing Off Tasks

Another thing I find helpful is when I know I have a big to-do list, I complete around 3-5 smaller tasks on my list. That way it gives me motivation to complete some of the bigger tasks I have on my list. 

Need help keeping track of your tasks? Then I would recommend that you get a planner like this to help you.


3. Setting A Timer

This morning hack might sound strange to some, but I find it very helpful. I set a timer, yes i know it sounds crazy! But it actually does work. I find it that when I set a timer for most things ( not everything is meant to have a time limit) I find myself being able to finish it within that time. 

After I have completed a task, for example writing a blog post. I would write down the time that it took me to write it, and then time myself for next time. I would set the timer a few minutes forward from what i completed the previous blog post. For example: I stopped writing the blog post within 1 hour, I would set the timer to 45 minutes. It motivates me knowing i have a timer set. No i don't get a reward for finishing early, but I get that feeling of accomplishment when I finish before the timer. 

4. Take A Mental Note Of Your Day

Another thing that I find helpful is taking a mental note of how my day went. In other words I would take a mental note of why today went so well, and how I can make tomorrow just as productive. In some cases, you might take a mental note of why your day was not a good day, and why it wasn't as productive as the day before.



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