4 Reasons Why You Need An E-mail List

Some people may think that they don't need an e-mail list. They think that their business is doing just fine without one... well here are 4 reasons why you do need an e-mail list! Also you can find out more about how to create an e-mail list here 

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Reason #1 - You Don't OWN Etsy or Amazon, You OWN Your E-Mail List

You do not own any selling platforms. Such as Etsy, Amazon, or any other selling platforms you may use. Because you do not own these platforms, things can change. You don't make the decision whether or not you get found on top of search or if they decide to shut your shop down for any number of reasons. The great thing about having an e-mail list is that you are in control. For example: You are in control of the traffic to your website. 

How E-Mail lists work:

You get customers to sign up for your e-mail list. For example lets say you get around 1,000 people to sign up. Then you would send an e-mail to them mentioning the sale that you have going on. For example 30% off everything within your shop. The idea is to have a link within that e-mail that would send your subscribers directly to your website. Even if nothing bad ever happens to your shop, and you don't ever end up getting shut down, it is still a good idea to have an e-mail list that way you can control the traffic to your website.

Reason #2 - You Don't OWN Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram

Reason #2 is similar to reason #1. Just like I mentioned in reason 1, you do not own any of the social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc...or any other 3rd party social media platform you use to drive business to your website.

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Reason #3 - More Of Your Fans Will See Your Products

The 3rd reason why you need an e-mail list is open rates. What that means is if I sent an e-mail to all of my subscribers, the open rate would be the amount of people who saw my e-mail and opened it. Open rates for e-mail list are usually around 20-60%. However in our industry it is around 20-40%. That means 20-40% of your "fans" or subscribers have seen your message. Unfortunately when you compare it to social media, you are actually only getting around 5-10%. That's insane, especially when you work so hard to send out an e-mail to your subscribers that would make them want to open your e-mail. When you compare those rates to Facebook for example, the amount of people who actually see your post, is on average less than 5%, which isn't good. Just keep in mind that a lot of your subscribers actually do see your e-mail, unlike the other social media platforms, where you cant tell, and less than 5% actually see it.


Reason #4 - More People Will Buy When They See Your Products

Another great reason why you need an e-mail list is for higher conversion rates. Conversion rates are the amount of people who look at your item and actually end up buying. If you have 100 people look at your items and no one buys, then you have a 0% conversion rate. If you have 100 people look at your items and only 10 people buy, then you would have a conversion rate of 10%. Conversion rates tend to be higher with an e-mail list. Here's why: because you have gathered a list of "fans" or subscribers who are interested in what you have to say. Because you are marketing to a group of people that are your target customers, essentially you are suppose to get higher conversion rates. 

The average conversion rates are around 1-3%. So if you send out an e-mail to 100 of your subscribers, and 3 people end up buying from you, your conversion rate would be pretty good. And even if your open rates and conversion rates don't change, at least your e-mail list is still growing which highers the chances of you making money!

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