4 Reasons You Need To Upgrade To Your Own Website

First off, let me just say that I am not telling you to stop selling on Etsy or Amazon. I am just pointing out somethings that you should consider when you are wanting to create your own website. I have another FBLIVE that has more information regarding how to build your website, and help to determine what platform is best for you. In this video I also go over SEO. If you would like to get more information regarding how to use SEO for your website or any platform you can get my SEO webinar here.


The Abuse Of Trademarks And Copyrights

Abuse of either trademarks and copyrights can happen on any platform you sell on, even with Amazon. Beware of the people that buy from you, that turn out to be your competitor. They will make a claim against you saying that you are selling fake items. On some platforms this could mean 1 strike and your done, or as for others its 3 strikes. It just depends on what platform that you get the claim on. With Amazon, they will shut you down automatically if they believe that you are indeed selling fake items. This doesn't mean that you can try and sell other people's intellectual property on Etsy or your own website and get away with it. There are ways for your competitors to file a claim against you even on your own website. Granted, it is a longer process and it involves more work for someone to prove that you are selling their ideas. But none the less it is still possible for someone to take you to court for using someone else's intellectual property.  

Still not sure on how trademarks and copyrights work? Then click here to view my blog that will go over it in more detail.


The Connecting Of Your Shop Via IP Address

By the way let me just say that all of these reasons can be effect any platform you sell on, even on eBay. What I mean when I say via IP address is where you connect your shop at. 

For example:

If you were to sign onto my WiFi, and then months later you get shutdown for whatever reasons. That would mean that my shop would get shut down as well.

Sounds unfair right? Well I think so too. Unfortunately, this happens more often with sellers on Etsy than any other platform. But it is their rules and you agree to the terms and polices when you sign on with them. The fact is that they should have a better system in place that should be more thorough.


You Don't Have Control Over Your Traffic

You use Etsy and Amazon SEO to get things going, and we rely on it for what you have already accomplished. What most people don't factor in when using Etsy, is that it is constantly changing. You have done so much on other platforms, that you don't prepare yourself for the real world and getting your own website. By using Amazon and Etsy as your main platform to sell on makes you lazy. It makes you lazy in the sense of being a real business owner. You don't learn how to drive traffic to your shop other than SEO. The Etsy SEO compared to the google SEO that I teach is considered to be used for newbies. Amazon and Etsy are like having a website in a box. You list your products, and everything else is already done for you. Compared to having your own website, where you have to make sure things function the way you want them to. Fees on Amazon and Etsy may be a littler higher, but it makes it feel like its easier for you. Websites can be cheaper, it just depends on what you are using it for and what additional programs you have. 

Not sure what platform to sell on? Then click here to view my blog that will give you the pros and cons of selling on Etsy, Amazon and your own website.

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They Can't Change The Algorithm On You

On your website the algorithm doesn't change, you control your own traffic to your site.

For example:

Imagine that you are currently using Google SEO, Pinterest, and E-mail marketing to drive traffic to your shop. You are driving your own traffic to your shop. And because you are the one controlling your own traffic, nothing can change. Every time that Etsy changes something, people freak out and don't know how to fix it. They are confused on what the new changes will effect. I am slowly driving traffic from my Etsy shop to my website. And I know which customers come from Etsy, because on my website I had a field where they can tell me how they heard of me. Something you won't get when using Etsy or Amazon.

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Be Proactive

Don't be the person who is reactive, and starts building their website after something bad happens to you shop. Plan ahead and start slowly building your website and driving traffic to it. If you are thinking about building your own website but don't know where to begin, then I would suggest that you do back to my FBLIVE videos. I have other videos what will walk you through the steps to building a website and determining what platform works best for you. I would also suggest that you look into getting my SEO webinar. Having your own website and business name will make people take you more seriously, compared to those who have Etsy shops and don't have a website. Your target market might think that what you do is only a hobby and not a real business. It is also a good idea to have a website, that way you have multiple streams to make money.


If you are a new business and you are just coming out, then using Etsy or Amazon is the right path for you. If you have been selling online for awhile on Etsy and Amazon, then it is time for you to get your own website. If you don't know what exactly you want to sell, then a website is not right for you yet. I am here to educate you on the importance of having your own website to grow your brand, to grow your business and to get more income. Even if you don't have your own website yet, I would still recommend you getting my SEO webinar because it will help you with your listings that you do have and help you to prepare for when you do get your own website.  I don't want you to be popular in search,  I am here to help you make profits. I don't just want to bring people to your website, I want to help you to convert them. 



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