4 Steps to Planning your Workday Like a Boss

Ho5 Steps to planning your workday like a boss - The Handmade Mastermind

I am a huge fan of planning my workday. Without planning, I am unsure I would be where I am right now or if I would even be writing these blog posts for you. Planning will help you stay focused and on track, plus I can’t help but love the feel of checking something off my To-Do list when it’s accomplished. I can’t be the only one, right?

I am going to break down how I plan my work day- every day, so you can use these steps to apply to your own workday.

Step 1. Get Out Your Planning Worksheet.

As soon as my work day officially starts, I get out my planning worksheet. You can even use Trello which is a project management app. Whichever you choose, you must choose something. By writing it down or typing it up it helps your brain focus just a little bit more on what’s important for that day. It will also help you stay on track if someone or something knocks you off of your focus. You can download the worksheet I use over here if you want to get started:


Step 2. What Are Your Goals?

I always start by adding 3 major goal tasks to my to-do list. If I don’t then my whole workday would feel unproductive because I would have only worked on things that feel urgent and that are not really important. If you need help with goal planning you can get out my blog post on that here  and here - it’s a must read. But to give you a quick guide - you would take a goal of yours that you are trying to accomplish, take a task or two, or three that needs to be done to get you closer to accomplishing your goal. That way, when you check it off your list, you KNOW that you are getting closer to finishing your goal.


Step 3. Add Some Urgent Tasks

After you have written down 3 major goal accomplishing tasks, you then need to add tasks that require your attention today. These are tasks that have deadlines in the traditional sense (a date that it is due) or in a non-traditional sense (emails you must respond to in a timely manner). I usually have emails to respond to, invoices to send, customers to follow up with. This may look different for you, so figure out what requires your attention that day and write it down. Over time you will start to learn what MUST be done that day and what can wait. Whatever it is that can wait, don’t write it down right now.


Step 4. Add Some Non-Urgent Tasks

This is your chance to write down some non-urgent tasks (if you have the time for it). I usually add things like, posting in Facebook groups (for all you of you <3), organizing office, buy new printer, reorder supplies, etc.., Most of the time, these are the tasks that feel urgent but certainly aren’t, so over time you will start to understand and feel what tasks aren’t urgent and can wait - because goals come first. The worst case scenario is that you didn’t have enough time to accomplish these tasks but you at least got your major goals accomplished and some time-sensitive tasks. Phew! You should feel good :)

There you have it! These are the 4 things I do every morning (sometimes I plan these at night) to plan like a boss! Follow these steps (and actually do them) and you will find yourself feeling more like a boss than you ever have. The key is to be consistent, don’t just follow these steps today and tomorrow, but every workday. 

Do you have any tips for planning your workday?



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