5 Lessons For Selling Online

Don't Take On A Custom Order Before Getting Paid

It may seem obvious to most people that they shouldn't send someone a proof or even start on a order without getting paid first. However I find that the newer people to selling online, get excited about getting a order and start on it before they have even made the purchase. If you are worried that telling someone that you do not provide proofs or anything before they purchase, then I recommend telling them in a more professional way.

For example:

  • "Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately due to my work load, I am unable to send a proof before the purchase is made. However, when you submit your purchase you can request a proof, and I will work with you until you are 100% happy with your purchase.


Your name here"

If you explain to the customer in a professional way why you are unable to give them a proof before purchase, they will understand. It's up to you to determine how many proofs you want to give your customers before you send them the final product. However, in my business I am able to give them as many proofs they need after they make the purchase. I use this program when I am creating proofs for my customers. The only reason that I offer unlimited proofs is because I find that most people are happy with the first proof I provide. The most proofs I have ever sent a customer would be around 3, and that is because they are ordering invites. 

Yes, there are people out there that actually end up making a purchase after you provide them a proof. So just be aware that if you are going to take this advice, that you know you could possibly be loosing out on sales. There are ways that you can send proofs before they purchase without being worried that they will print it themselves. 

For example: 

  • You can add the text "proof only" in a transparency across the proof
  • You can add some type of water mark on the proof, that way they wont be able to print it in high quality


Sending Samples For Large Orders

Don't be fooled by the people who contacting you saying that they are about to place a big order but want to get samples first. They will say things like" I just want to make sure that your product will work for our needs", "I want to make sure its right for our business", or " I want to make sure that it will fit correctly". You can decide if you can afford to send them samples knowing that they might not make a purchase. If you do, then I would recommend that you use this Dymo Printer for your shipping labels and use these padded mailing envelopes to send your samples in. I would also recommend that you offer them some sort of coupon code that they can use for their purchase. That way it will seem more enticing to them and make them want to purchase.  


Sending Samples To Be Featured

Just like sending proofs or samples before purchase, I would also not recommend that you send samples to be featured. People will contact you saying that they want to feature your products in Facebook, Pinterest or even in a popular magazine, don't believe them. They will try to get you to send them samples of your top selling products to be featured. If you do decide that you want to have your products featured with them, then do your research first. Look at their stats and see how many followers they have. If they have some sort of social media account, then check to see if they featured anyone else lately. Look to see if they featured the product with or without tagging the shop it came from. If you see that they aren't tagging the shop in the feature, then it is possible that they are just using peoples products to bring in more sales for themselves. I would suggest that if you are interested in getting your products featured that you go out and find places that do that. Don't wait around to be approached by someone who could potentially be scamming you. 


Just Because Other People Are Successful In Business Doesn't Mean You Will Be Too

People who are thinking about selling online because they see that their sister's friend is doing well, should really consider what it takes to run your own business. One of the things I see when people are just starting to sell online, is that they tend to over buy when it comes to supplies. I see a lot of people who get excited about having their own business that they forget that you don't need to buy so much supplies in bulk. You don't want to make the mistake of over ordering supplies and then only have 2 orders for that month. If you are just starting out selling online, then I would suggest that you only buy supplies for one month at a time. Only until your business grows to the point where you do need to start ordering in bulk. Just prepare yourself mentally to be spending money on supplies and not seeing a return in your investment the first week or even the first month. If your sales aren't where you would like them to be, click here to read my blog post for tips to bringing in more sales.

Here is a list of what supplies I order for my business, along with some helpful tips to see if they are right for your business as well.



It's important that you keep in contact with your customers even after they have made a purchase. If they place a order and ask you if it will arrive by a certain date, then make sure you respond to them and ensure them that their package will arrive on time. At the end of the message, you want to encourage them to ask any questions if they have any concerns. It will show the customer that you really do care about their business and that you take their concerns seriously. If your business requires you to get approval of a proof before you send, make sure you are keeping in touch with that buyer to make sure they are happy with the proof. I would not recommend that you send the buyer a e-mail every day asking them to approve the proof. You should only be sending a e-mail to them every other day. When they respond to you with a approval, make sure you let them know that you will be shipping their order out as soon as possible. Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that you are not only e-mailing the customer, but sending them a conversation within Etsy as well. 



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