5 Tips That Helped My Sister Get More Sales



 What is the first thing that people see when they look at your products? It's your photos. If you have good photos then it will lead to higher conversion rates. Having a photo that shows the buyer how your product is used and is taken from the correct angles and lighting, will help convert the buyer to purchase from you. You can use colored background, or white backgrounds, which ever works best for your products. Choosing the right props, lighting and even composition will be determine by what products you sell.  It is important that when a buyer sees your photo that it invokes feelings, in a good way. Make them envision themselves actually using your product. You can use props in your photos, just make sure that it doesn't take away from the product itself. Make sure it is clear what is for sale. 



Another thing to consider when it comes to your products, is the pricing of it.

For example:

  • If you are selling wooden engraved cell phone stands for $25.50 and your competitor is selling a product just like yours for $22.50. Which do you think the buyer will choose? In most cases they will choose the cheaper one, even if it only saves them a few dollars. 

It is important that when you set pricing for your products that you don't sell them so cheap that you don't make any profit. That being said, don't over charge for something that they can get from someone else cheaper. 



Just like in your photos, you have to entice the customer to want your product. However when doing your descriptions, you don't want to over whelm them with a lot of information. Keep it simple and to the point. Don't make the buyer search for product information that should be in the description. When writing out your product descriptions, make sure that it is formatted well and is clear for the buyer to understand. Don't assume that all customers won't read the description anyways so its not important to have. The product description is how the buyer knows what they are purchasing. One important detail to have within your descriptions is the dimensions of your product.

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Look at your competitors photos and listings. What is making them sell more than you? What is it about their listing that is attracting more buyers? Whether it's their variations, if their photos look professional and clean or if their descriptions are well written and don't keep the buyer guessing about any product information. See what you can change to have similar photos, descriptions or change your variations.  I'm not saying to copy what your competitors are doing. Just examine what they are doing differently from you that is getting them more sales. 

For example:

  • If they are making leather cell phone stands, and within there product photo they show examples of the different colors, engraving or any other personalization. As opposed to your photo that just has a picture of a wooden cell phone stand and only one of the variations you offer. Which listing do you think the buyer will choose? Probably theirs only because in the photo they know they can have a variety of options. As opposed to your photo, they don't know what variations you offer.

If you offer any type of variation, it is important that you show that in your first listing photo, or at least mention it someway in the photo. 

For example:

  • If you offer any type of variation such as color choice. Then I would recommend that you create some sort of a collage that lets the buyer see what their options are. If you offer 20 different color choices, don't put all the colors in the photo. Create a color chart as one of the other images, and only show the top 3 or 5 color choices. 

It is important that the buyer knows all of the variations that you offer or else you could be loosing out on sales. If you have multiple variations, it is important that you mention those in the description and photos. Don't mention it in the description and have photos of the other variations, but not have a variation drop down menu.

For example:

  • If you have a photo with your product in the top 3 colors that you offer, but when the buyer clicks on your listing you don't have a drop down variation. If you offer red, blue and green as color choices, make sure you have all of those colors within the variation drop down menu. 



When you want to know why a certain product is being found in search, but not viewed or bought lately, then take a look at your competitors photos, description, and pricing, variations. Focus on the listings that are being found but are not converting. Examine your listings that aren't converting and figure out what it is that would make you as a buyer want that product.

For example:

  • If you sell tech. accessories, such as a phone stand or a laptop stand. 
  • What makes the buyer click on your product rather than your competitors? 
  • Take a look at your listings, check out your stats for the last month. Go to the listings that aren't converting the way you wanted them to. 

Look at the stats for that listing, and see how well it is converting. If you want to know if the listing is converting well then you would take the amount of sales divided by the views. If it isn't converting the way you wanted it to then check and see if there is anything that you can do differently. Research the keywords that you have in your listing and what you are being found for. If you are not on the 1-5th page, then you might consider changing somethings about your listing to help it convert better. Make sure that when you are calculating your conversion rates that you are using a reliable calculator that can convert easily.

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