6 tips to improve website conversion rates


Conversion rates down? In this blog I will go over some things that I recommend that you do to help improve your conversion rates. Its not enough to get people to come to your website, you have to make sure that they have what they are looking for in order to make a sale as well as being available to answer any questions they might have. If you don't then you could be loosing out on sales. With that being said I recommend that you implement these 6 ways to improve your website conversion rate.


1) Make Sure That Your Website Is Professional And Trustworthy

Choose  a website platform that is easy to use and that has many different professional layouts for your customers. Shopify is a place where you can build your own website. It also does the hosting for you unlike Wordpress, where you have to buy hosting. I personally recommend Shopify, even thought I use Wordpress for my website. The reason that I recommend Shopify but use Wordpress is because when I was first starting to build my website, I was told to create one using Wordpress. Wordpress is very hard to maintain and keep up with, that's why I use to pay someone to maintain it for me. Unfortunately they do not do that anymore, so I was left to figure it out on my own. If you are newer to selling online, I would not start your own website. I would start selling on Etsy and Amazon first until you are ready to grow your business with a website. If your business doesn't need a lot of features for a website, then I would recommend using Squarespace. It is very easy to use and is attractive as well. However, if you need more wiggle room to work with on designing your website how you want, then I would stick with Shopify. It has a lot of different Apps that you can attached to your website to make it run smoother for the customer. You want to make sure that you show your reviews. You want to show people that you have sales and that they can trust you. 

For example: have a stamp that says "100% buyer satisfaction guaranteed", or any place that your products have been featured


2) Have A Chat Feature

If you have a chat feature on your website, it will show potential customers that you are available 24/7 to answer their questions. No one is going to take the time to e-mail someone and sit around and wait for their response. If you had a chat feature, you could be making more sales. I personally use the app called tawk.to for my website. Using this app does not take up space for you website. You manage the settings on the tawk.to website and it merges with your site. You can have it set to go straight to your phone. I have mine set as priority, so that way no matter if my phone is on silent, I will still get the notification. 


3) Easy To Navigate

One way to make your website easier to navigate is to add a search bar, I would recommend on top of the header. Make sure that you place the search bar where it is most commonly found. Your products should have tags attached to them,so that way when someone uses the search bar they can easily find the product that best matches what they are searching for. Some of the most important things to your customer are: Sizes, Color, Styles, Shapes. These are some of the thing that you should have in your tags.

For example: If you are selling signs. Someone might be looking for a 5X7 White wedding sign. If any of your products match that description, then you should be putting it in your tags. If you are still unsure about what tags you should be putting in, then I recommend that you look at one of your big box competitors and see what they are using. 

Make sure that you have the categories on the top of the page.
And make sure that your subcategories makes since. Also, make sure that you have your most important pages noticeable. For me that would be my FAQ section and their account section, as well as custom options section. If you aren't quite sure what is important for your customer, then take a mental note of what it is that they keep asking. Such as " does this come in other colors?, can I change the size to 8X10, Can I change the font style?" ... questions like those would mean that you should have a custom option page, as well as a FAQ section. 


4) Your Listings

Does you listings have all the necessary add-ons to complete the purchase? Make sure you know what your customer wants, and give them options.

For example: My customers are interested in changing the ink and envelope color, as well as being able to type the personalization in,as well as return address printing. 

Having said that, you don't want to overwhelm the customer with to many options. Make sure that you are offering them things to help them convert. Such as the option to personalize the item, or color change. 


5) Make Sure That Your Shipping Costs Are Accurate

You want to make sure that you shipping costs are fair, competitive and accurate. You  might see that you competitors are offering a flat rate fee, free shipping, no matter what the common denominator is, you have to calculate your shipping correctly.
A lot of websites have apps that you can connect to. The one that I currently use is the one that is directly connected to the USPS  website, so that way I get the most accurate cost. When someone adds multiple things to their cart, it wont double or triple the shipping. It will accurately add the cost for the weight. 
If you are wondering if your shipping costs are to high, then I would recommend  that you look into your google analytics. There, you can see exactly what page people have left your website. If you are finding that a lot of people have left after seeing the shipping cost, then you might need to rethink your shipping costs.


6) Email List

Make sure that you have a section in your website either when they first come to your website, or right before they checkout, that lets them know to sign up for your e-mail lists to get discounts. Or having your social media icons somewhere, such as the header so that they will see that your on social media and let them know to follow you.



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