6 Tips to Selling Online Like a Rockstar

Tips to selling online like a rockstar

I get it, selling online isn't the easiest thing to do, even though I may make it sound easy. There is so much different advice out there to how to sell products online- particularly handmade one, and some of that advice is pretty decent. But if you wanted a "decent" business, then you probably wouldn't be reading this blog post. I know you are looking to take your business to the next level and I have gathered 8 tips to help you get there.

These 8 tips I'm about to go over are seriously going to teach you how to sell your product online like a freakin' rockstar! Trust me! This is the same guide I use for my own business and for when I decided to expand my business and open a second Etsy shop. Ok let's get started.... 

1) Your Product Offering

  • Selling a product that people want.

Don't lie to yourself. You might have worked so hard on your current product line only to realize that no one is buying. You may have worked on photos and SEO, but yet no one is purchasing or even viewing these items! I see this ALL THE TIME with Etsy sellers. They just want to throw up a shop with items that makes them happy to create. That's cool, I'm all for being passionate in your business, but you need to know when to pivot and create things in that market that people want.

You want to create products that have a high demand. Sure, you can put your own creative spin to it, but if pineapples are in, then pineapples are in! You need to go where the market wants to take you. The only people that can get away with creating what they want and still make a profit off of it are influences and people who have a following. If this does not sound like you, then get with the program. Ditch your current product line that is dragging you down and start creating products that are proven to have customer demand. If you need more help with this, I created this awesome bonus video in my SEO Webinar 3.0 that will help you determine what type of products and designs are high in demand in your market.

Still need help with your product line? Then click here to view my blog post that gives you 3 tips to creating a successful product line.

  • Use multiple keyword phrases.

Let's say you are a shop that sells crocheted baby hats - cute!!! Using multiple keyword phrases in general has this benefit to getting you found (more about that in the next tip), but what if you ONLY make baby hats - ugh! You can only get found on the 1st page of Etsy search 1 time, on the second page 1 time, and so on and so forth. My point? Stop making a million of the same thing - when it comes to keyword phrases, because you will not get found that often and if you are relying heavily on SEO to bring you traffic, this is a major problem. So expand your product line outside of just the few products you want, keeps your target customer interested and the search engines will love it! Not sure who your target market is? Then click here to view my blog that has 2 great tips that will show you how to find your target market. Don't forget to check out my Target Market Webinar.

  • Think about selling accessories for the product you are currently selling.

Based on my tip above, some people may want to start expanding their product line, great! If you don't know how, I recommend creating accessories or add on items that compliment your current product line. If you sell stationery like me, maybe your customers want notepads. Or if you sell party favors, maybe you add party decor? Either way, expanding your current product line to what makes sense for your brand, market, and your target customer is the best way to go. 


2) SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO- More organic way to help consumers find your product easier and faster.

Think about the last time you needed something. The last time I remember that I needed something was packaging tape for my business. I had to go online and search for clear packaging tape and a whole bunch of results popped up. When someone is in NEED of something that isn't directly in front of them, they will hit a search engine to find it. Your customers are more thank likely hitting up Etsy, Amazon or even Google in general. What's the best part of all this? Well when someone has a need for a product and they go and look for it, if they find a product that meets their need, they will purchase! YES!!! SEO helps bring that consumer to your shop online and in my opinion it's the most organic way to get your products found. While social media and such can drive a large amount of traffic to your online place, those customers may not have a need for that product so getting your SEO game together, is a super important tip for the simple fact that you want to catch those buyers at their most neediest times. 

  • Optimize your listings with keywords phrases and to make sure the consumer can find your product.

As mentioned above, you want to optimize your listings so you can get those customers who need a certain product. I have built a 6 figure business with SEO ALONE. I just optimized my current listings with rock star SEO methods and I was able to bring in traffic consistently without having to market and spend money for advertising. I want you to start doing the same. If you know nothing about SEO or not enough, start with the Etsy handbook for some beginner advice. But if you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own, get the exact methods I used to help build my business to 6 figures. 

  • Add NEW product lines.

Don't forget, while optimizing your current listings, you want to continue to add product lines that will help expand your chances of being found. Make sure these product lines are different enough that they will allow you to use keyword phrases that are being searched for NOW. Continuing to rely on the 43 items you have in your shop and trying to rework the SEO to death, is not going to get you very far. You need to expand your product to get multiple eyes in your shop. 

  • Check your low performing listings, to see if those keyword phrases are still in demand.

I know we are very busy trying to implement some basic strategies for selling online but when you have some extra time or if  you have an assistant, I would recommend going through your Etsy stats, Amazon business reports or the stats on whichever platform you use, and checking the listings that are getting the least amount of views. After you find those culprits, its time to get a game plan to change their SEO to either ones you aren't using yet or ones you aren't getting found for it. This will help bring back some life into the stragglers that are weighing down your shop. 


3) Make Your Product Presentable

  • Change your photos to have more detail or style.

Photos are SUCH A BIG DEAL when you are selling online. Not only are photos the only way to understand what they are buying, but they also have to make the buyer feel an emotion toward your product. To get your product photos to look attractive, I recommend reading this blog post where I go over some solid photography tips that can help you. Now, how do you evoke emotion from your product photo? This is not a simple task. My first recommendation is to browse Etsy & Pinterest for items like yours. Keep browsing until you reach a photo that stops you in your tracks and make you feel something such as "omg, look how cute!", or "omg, I need to have that". Those are the emotions you want to evoke from your customer. Study those photos and narrow down what is it that makes you want to purchase that product or that made you screech for excitement. You also want them to know how the product will feel in their lives, so showing your products in context can be a huge win in this case.

  • Don’t be afraid to do photo editing to help your photos look more presentable.

I always see online business owners worried about all these photo taking skills that they believe they don't need or have to learn some photo editing skills. I am not saying that you need to start learning Photoshop or anything, I just want you to be aware that some brightness, white balance and cropping can do wonders for a product photo. Knowing this, don't underestimate YouTube.com so find tutorials on the program you would rather use to do some photo editing. Need help with your photo lighting? Then I would recommend that you get a lighting set up like this or a light box similar to this. Depending on what type of product you sell.

Need help with improving your Etsy photos? Then click here to view my blog that give you 3 steps to a better photo.


4) Work On Improving Your Conversions

  • Navigating your site

If you are selling on Etsy and Amazon, sure you don't have much control over how things work but you can certainly make it more easier to navigate. Do you include links in your description to recommend similar items? Or show them the rest of that collection? Don't make the customer work hard, if you do, they will just go somewhere else. 

  • The checkout process

Have you laid out all the details about checkout? If you are selling on Etsy, you will probably need to include something about the check out process in your description. But if you are selling on Amazon.com, you probably don't. Just remember, we LIVE on these platforms because its our part time or full time job, but for customers, they may not know how to give you their personalization details after they check out. If you are selling on your own website, have you installed plug ins and apps that make the checkout process as simple as can be for customers? I'd recommend asking a friend or a family member to try to check out on a few different products to see if they have any questions that may come up. If they do, you may need to refine your process. 

  • Product Variations

I always talk about making it easier for your customers to purchase. If you make them work hard, they won't spend their money with you because no one NEEDS a stationery set, lol. So I recommend creating variations or options that allow the customer to make a choice so there is less confusion on what they are purchasing AND gives them an opportunity to get what they really want if you offer custom options. These variations or options can be a color choice, font choice, material choice, size, or anything you can dream of. Just make sure it is in line with what the buyer wants. 

Here is an example of a product that have a color variation.

Here is an example of a product that has a font choice.

Here is an example of a product that has a size choice

Need more help on how you should be using your variations? Then click here to view my blog that will give you 3 examples of how you should and should not be using variations.

  • How competitive is your pricing?

I never base my prices off of competition but that doesn't mean I am ignorant to what others are charging. If you have a much higher or much lower price point compared to your competition who may sell similar product as you, you may find that you will have a harder time trying to close a sale. This is a really tricky subject because you need to make a profit as a business and you need to get that sale in order to make a profit. I would recommend checking out my free pricing training that you can find in my free resource library. I also would recommend this fantastic book that helps you determine what is your competitive advantage so you can continue charging higher than the competition and still be successful at it.

  • Customization options

Do you have a color chart? Font chart? Or any type of chart that show the customers what options they have when they purchase this product? If you do have options, consider making a chart so they can see those colors, fonts, etc in action. If you don't then you need to ask yourself, "Is it common for this product in my industry to have options that allow the customer to customize their product?" If the answer is yes, then you better get that option chart up OR start thinking of a way to offer that customization option to your customers. Because if your listing doesn't show that they can purchase that shirt in several different colors, they will move on to your competitor.

Need help trying to figure out what your conversion rate is and what it should be at? Then click here to view my blog that will walk you step-by-step on how to calculate your conversions and how to boost them to get more sales!!


5) Describing Your Product

  • It entices the buyer to purchase your product

Buyers care about themselves, and only themselves. They want to know what is the benefit for them if they buy this item. Sometimes the benefit isn't clear and you need to get in touch with your target customers concerns in order to relay the benefit to them. An enticing description isn't only good for the buyer, but it is also good for Google SEO.

Want to know more about how to do Google SEO correctly for your business? Then click here to get my Google SEO webinar.

  • Think about the questions your customer might ask

The point of the description is to entice customers to purchase this product and give them all the information they need to make an informed decision. If you are leaving solid information out, you will NOT be selling like a rock star. It's always a good rule of thumb to highlight certain features that help answer the buyers questions. Think about your target customer, what are they asking when viewing your product? What concerns or questions do they have? Got it? Good. Now answer those questions in your description by providing detailed information about your product and even using options or variations so they KNOW that this item comes in many sizes. If you need help with writing descriptions that don't suck, to get customers to convert and keep them shopping in your store, get the Rock Your Descriptions webinar that will walk you through how to write amazing descriptions that will help with conversions. FOR A LIMITED TIME: When you purchase the Rock your Descriptions course here, I also included a BONUS training course "All About Conversions". This additional training course will help you get your listings in shape so you can start converting those viewers into buyers!

6) Customer Service

  • Answer messages and email in a timely manner

I know, I know, we all have lives and cannot answer messages immediately. But not doing so in a timely manner may upset current customers, hurting your potential repeat customer sales and you may miss out on a sale from a potential new client. While it still may be hard to answer questions at 3 A.M. (and I don't expect you too), we all have smart phones that allow us to connect to apps so we are able to answer in a timely manner. The truth is, if you don't figure out a plan that responds to customers in a timely fashion, your business may suffer. And please don't stop answering messages in a timely manner just because you have the sale already, that pisses customers off. 

  • Be professional and friendly in your interactions

I can't stand when I see messages that sound like this, "yes" End of conversation. Ugh! That is not professional or friendly. I recommend starting out by greeting the customer by their name. Then thank them for contacting you. Proceed to answer their question or concern and end it by inviting them to message you back if they have any further questions. See, now was that hard? Nope, but it may take a little more time. It's important you take this time because as your business grows and as competitors grow around you, customer service is one of the biggest factors that can separate you from your competitors.



Thank you for your purchase!

Your order has been shipped to the address that you provided.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.




  • Package products to delight customers and to ensure safe arrival

I'll be honest, I myself am still working on improving my packaging, but at least it's on my list! First and foremost, you want to make sure that the order is packaged so it reaches the customer safely. If you nailed that down, then you need to consider how you want the customer to feel when they open your package. Do you want them to feel impressed? Surprised? Delighted? Well then act like it! Step up your packaging game by adding some branding, wrapping your orders (like a present), or anything you feel that would elevate your packaging game. 

I use this company for my gift wrapping. I also have multiple thank you cards I send to my customers depending on which platform they purchase from. You can get all my marketing inserts here. You can also check out my blog post here that gives you multiple ways that you can use marketing inserts for your business.

  • Exceed their expectations

This is another tip that I am always working to improve. I exceed customers expectations by shipping as fast as I can, delivering a quality product, and answer messages with lightening speed. Do I do other things? Sure! But that doesn't mean I don't always strive to improve my customers experience with my company. I know when people are happy, they will be repeat customers and they will tell friends - and that's the best type of business!

There you have it! The 6 tips to selling online like a rock star, seriously! I follow these simple steps anytime I start up a new business venture and it has never failed yet!


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