7 Signs That You Should Get Rid Of Products That Aren't Selling


All of these steps can work for no matter what platform you sell on even if it is on your own website. 

Sign 1: Photos

First question to ask yourself is " Do I have great photos?"
Don't just say yes, because they are your products, look at them as if they were someone else products not your own. Another way to look at it is by asking your self if this product photo, the way it is right now, would it be good enough to be featured in a magazine. If not, then there is your answer. It will take time for you to figure out how to make great product photos. I would recommend that you get a light box and a decent camera. But remember that you can always use Photoshop to help edit those photos to be more attractive. If you have decent photos, meaning that you know that you can improve them but you are still getting sales on that product then you can move past this sign. If you are wanting to try and improve your photos to be more appealing, then check out my blog post  here that gives you 3 steps to creating a better photo.


Sign 2: Title and Description Of A Product

Is your title relevant to your product? This has a lot to do with SEO, but you also have to be accurately describing the product.
 Make sure that your description is well layed out and formatted. It has to entice the customer to want to buy, just like your photos should. Don't have big long paragraphs for your description. No on is going to take the time to read all of it.  Using bullet points within your description to help break down the topics will make it easier for the customer to skim it and see the highlights and the features of that product. Another thing to keep in mind is linking your other products to that listing.

For example: I sell stationery. So within my mermaid note card I would have a link in the description that has the mermaid notepad, mermaid birthday invite, and mermaid luggage tag. Think about why the buyer clicked on your product, and see if you can offer them something that will pair with it.

Does your descriptions need improvement? Then click here to get my description webinar that will show you how to write a awesome description that accurately describes your products to bring in more sales!


Sign 3: Variation

I know that Etsy only gives you 2 options for variations, but Amazon allows up to 10 variations and if you have your own website then you shouldn't have a problem adding all the variations you offer. Your variations should be meeting the needs of what the customer wants. If you unsure about what people are wanting as a variation for your items then you can ask your family members or friends and get their opinion. 

For example: If you sell wooden signs.
Some people might like to have the option of changing the type of stain on the wood, or the font  of the writing or even the color of the font.

Another thing to keep in mind is remembering the customer requests you get. If someone asks for a customer request, then most likely there are other people who would like the same thing. If you are constantly saying no to those requests, then you are missing out on what you target market customers are really wanting. Some of us are still in the transition period where we don't know what people are wanting so we just wait to see what they ask for. That is not a smart step to do. You should be getting peoples opinion on what they would like to see, whether it is offering them a discount or having a survey for them to take to get more feedback. You will often find that the products that you create for customers will be your biggest sellers. 

If you are wanting to improve your title, description and variations then I would recommend that you click here to check out my blog post that will go into more detail about each topic to help you improve all of them!


Sign 4: SEO

Look at your product and ask your self if you have implemented SEO correctly. Try to brainstorm other keywords or phrases that accurate describe your product that you currently aren't being found for. SEO plays a big part when it comes to getting sales. If  people are searching for black leather wallets for men, and your title has that exact phrase, then the chances of you being found in search are much higher than you just having wallets for men in your title.  If you are still not sure if you have your SEO done correctly then I would recommend that you check out my SEO webinar as well as my Google SEO Webinar


Sign 5:  Clicks and Views

If you are on top of search but you get no clicks or views, and your photos are good and your title is relevant to the product then you have to assume that it is because your designs suck or what your selling isn't right for the customer. 

For example: If you are searching for a Blue backpack and you see a Pink backpack come up within search are you going to click on it? Probably not.

Some sellers seem to think that even though the photo of the back pack is pink but you also have it in blue that you can add blue to the title or keywords. It doesn't work like that. If you offer a product in a variation of colors, then they each should have their own listing on top of having the variations for the different colors. 


Sign 6: Clicks and Views But No Sales

When you start to notice that you are getting clicks and views but aren't getting any sales, then you should reevaluate your listing and see what it is that you can improve or what is it about that listing that isn't converting well. Sometimes people show interest in your product but as soon as they click on it, they realize that it isn't quit what they are looking for. There are a few things that can  effect whether or not you get sales. If you are wanting to find out how to improve your listing to get more sales then click here to view my blog that will tell you how to get customers to trust and buy from you. The blog will show you how to improve things Such as : Price, Variation, Turn around times.


Sign 7: Are You Proud Of This Product And Or Design?

Think to yourself, " would I pick this product out of a line up to be featured in a magazine.

For example: If they are wanting a cat design, would you pick this design to be featured? 

If you aren't proud of it then you wouldn't have chosen it because you know that it wouldn't lead to any sales. But If you were proud of it then you would be confidante that picking that design would bring in sales. If you have been in business for over a year, then most likely you will have at least 1 or 2 product that you designed when you first started out that you are now embarrassed of. If those products haven't been selling then other people might not be interested in it as well and that would be a good indicator on whether or not you should get rid of it. Don't be one of those people who are just in business to shell out designs. People think that just because they can shell out 10 designs in one day that all of them will be a success. Its not just a numbers game, its about the quality of the product and whether or not it fits into your branding. 
Remeber that if you have alot of low performing items within your shop it could potentially bring down your shop. 


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