9 Step check List To Improve Your Conversion Rates

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There's more than one way to improve your conversion rates. You can't just rely on one technique, and hope that it brings in more traffic for you. With that being said, I will be going over 9 different ways you can use to improve you conversion rates on any platform. I will also be showing you how to properly calculate your conversion rates on Etsy and Amazon.


1) Check Your Conversion Rates

In order for you to know if you have high or low conversion rates, you need to calculate them to find out.
To find out what your conversion rate is you will take the number of orders ( 30 days out) divided by the numbers of views or visits, as long as you stay consistent by using the same thing each time.

Example: 9 orders divided by 5,000 views.
When you get the total, you will get a strange decimal number. You can either move the decimal two places over to the right or times it by 100

That gives me .18%.... which is horrible! your conversion rates should be between 1-3%


2) Identifying The Listings That Are Bringing Your Conversions Down

The way to identify what listings are bringing you down on Etsy, is to go to your stats, and change the date to the past 30 days, nothing shorter. If you are a newer seller, then you can do it over the past 90 days. In your stats, look at the product that has the least amount of views, that number should be at least a few hundred.  If you find that your lowest views product only has 40-50 views, then its still to early to see how well it converts. I would suggest that you wait until the product has at least 100 views. When you are trying to determine you conversion rates on Amazon, go to business reports, and sort by page views and see which one brings in the lowest  views.


3) Think About The Product Type And Design

Think about if this product is really meeting the customers needs and if it is designed well. Sometimes we create products that we absolutely love, but our target market doesn't seem to love it. If you start noticing that you product isn't performing well, then it might be time to take that listing down, or modify it to better meet the customers needs.


4) Photos

If you photos are not attractive, then no one is going to click on that listing. Photos are all about the lighting and the composition  and things like that. When you look at your photos, if you don't think that the photo is good enough to be in a high profile magazine, then you might want to rethink the way that photo looks. Besides product photos, there are other photos you might be missing. Such as: a photo that shows your variations, a photo that shows the different color option, or material options. You can put a photo for them to sign up for your email list, Color charts, etc. 


5) Variations

Variations are there to help you make the customers check out better. For instance: if you offer shirts that can come in different colors or sizes, make sure that you give them a variation for both of those options.
For me, I let them choose the Ink and envelope colors. If I did not give them those options, or even tell them to leave it in the notes section during check out the chances are that they will purchase is not likely.
Etsy only allows you to use two variations, unlike Amazon or your own website who lets you have as many variations as you need. But just because you have more variation on Amazon or your website, doesn't mean that you should be offering 100 different variations.


6)Shipping Cost

Make sure that you are pricing your shipping fairly and charge what you should. Shipping can help or hurt your conversion rates. If your shipping is priced to high, then people will get to check out and see that the shipping is to high, then they will leave. If you offer free shipping or incentives to purchase more in order to get free shipping, that can improve your conversion rates. 



It is important that when you are doing your descriptions that you don't make them into long paragraphs that people don't want to read. It should be well layed out and well formatted. And by that I mean that they should be bullet pointed and broken down into categories so the buyer can easily skim through it. Within your description, you should have a link that goes back to similar products, as well as have up sale links for them to add to their cart. Such as matching items or items that are similar to the one that they are looking at. And then one that will take them back to your shop. It is also a good idea  that you have all the most commonly asked questions in the description. In you own dot com, you should have a link that goes to your FAQ section .


8) Pricing

Make sure that your pricing is to where you can make a profit, but still being competitive with others. If you are higher priced then your competitors, does your shop show why you have a better product and why you are charging more for the same thing. 


9) Professional Appearance

You don't have control over every platform. You have  control over how well layed out your descriptions are, how your photos appear and things like that on your own website. On Etsy, it is basic, and the only thing that you pretty much have control over is the descriptions and how to tell the buyer to check out.  On you own website, you have control over more things. So there should be no reason why you page isn't professional looking. 





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