Blogging For Product Based Businesses

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What You Should Know If You Want To Start Blogging For Your Business

Most people know whether or not they want to start blogging. But for those who are unsure, I will explain what a blog is and what it could be used for. Don't assume that you will make a lot of money from blogging. It is very hard to make money from blogging, but not impossible. However, you do use it as a form of communication with your target market. 

The reason why blogging works is because of SEO. I would not recommend starting a blog about random things, or things in general. I would blog about things my target market cares about. It is important to know that you don't make money from people going to your blog. You make money by the content you use that gets them to purchase your product. Not every blog post will be a avenue for someone to purchase your product, but to add value to their lives. It is also used for them to trust you and you build a relationship with them. A couple ways you can make money from blogging are: Ad revenue, which is purchasing an ad on Facebook or another social media platform, that shows your product at the top of the page. Another way is through affiliate income. Which is basically you earning a small commission off of you recommending other products. It does not have to be within the same category as you, but other products that would go well with yours. 

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Things You Should Do If You Want To Start Blogging

Picking a platform

If you want to start blogging, the first thing you should do is pick a platform. Such as Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I would recommend squarespace when it comes to a good blogging platform. I would not recommend any of the free sites. They tend to be at a SEO disadvantage. 

Branding: choosing a theme

It is important to understand and the theme of your blog. Its all about looking and sounding professional. If you don't know how to design a blog, or even write one, then keeping it simple is probably the best thing to do. Choose a theme that best works for your brand. If you don't know what that is just yet, then again I would recommend just keeping it simple.

Now that you know what platform you are going to blog on, its time to plan what you are going to say in your blogs. I would recommend getting a blog planner like this to help keep you on track.


Determine What Your Target Market Is

If you can't create your own content and do your research, then you have a hard time coming up with ideas to  blog about. Do not start blogging without knowing your target customer. If you are trying to start a blog post, but you sell numerous products, then it is important that you know what your products are being used for. For me, I would not post something regularly. I feel that most people are to busy to follow someone on a regular basis. It is not about posting 1-2 new blogs a week, its about having valuable content on there and knowing how to market it. But above all, it is very important to know your target market before you decide to start a blog. If you are still trying to figure out who your target market is, then I recommend that you read my blog post that has 2 great tips to finding your target market.

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