David's 6 Figure Strategy

David took my SEO webinar and went all in for his business! With my help David will reach 6 figures this year! He knows that if he didn't implement SEO then his business probably wouldn't be where it is today. If you implement SEO along with these tips, you will be making 6 figures a year as well.


Don't Listen To Negative People

First, you have to shut out all the negative people. And by that I mean everyone on Facebook, or any social media platform along with any family and friends that criticize you or your business. You will find that the majority of the people who doubt you will be your family. The reason for that is, they are not use to you working from home, and not having a 9-5 full time job. No matter how much you reassure them that you will succeed, they will always have doubts about something within your business. If you listen to those people who are always criticizing you, then your business was over before it even began. 


Do Your SEO Correctly And Create A Good Product Line

You have to constantly check on your business and the new trends that are coming out. As well as seeing what holidays are coming up, and see if you can create a new product line that pertains to that holiday or the new trend. If you aren't working towards the future, then you won't have one. Make sure that you are implementing SEO correctly. It's not enough to just use keywords to get found in search. You have to be creative and think about what people would be using your products for, what are people currently looking for. David would not have made it to 6 figures if he didn't implement his SEO correctly. You can still be found in search even if you don't implement SEO correctly, but that's not the point. If you are selling note cards, and use the keyword phrase "amazing note cards". It is unlikely that you will be found, because no one is searching for that keyword phrase. They are ways to check and see if your keywords or phrases are being searched for before you put them in your product listings.

Still need help understanding how SEO works? Then I would recommend that you get my SEO webinar and my Google SEO webinar. It will show you everything from the basics of SEO to when you should change your SEO to become more relevant!


Good Quality Photos

Another tip to getting a 6 figure salary is your photos. Just like SEO, you can be found in search for your keywords, but if the buyer is not instantly attracted to your photo, they could potentially buy from someone else. It is very important that when you take product photos that they are good quality. Yes, you can use a regular camera or your phones camera and it still come out good. I would suggest that you use Photoshop to make the colors really stand out in your listing. You don't want buyers to be confused of what you are selling by your photo. It should be very clear what you are selling. For example: If you sell mouse pads, don't have a picture of a computer and a mouse on top of the mouse pad. Just show the mouse pad with  a few small accent pieces that will make it stand out.

If you have questions regarding anything about SEO, photos, listings, or your business in general, then ask the group. If you want constructive criticism, then ask the private group for helpful tips. It is also helpful for you to do goal planning. I talk about goal planning in almost every Facebook Live. Goal plan for at least the next 6 months. It is very important that you goal plan if you want your business to succeed. 

Looking to improve your product photos? Then I would recommend that you get a lighting set up similar to this.

Need help editing your photos to make them stand out? Then I would recommend that you get Photoshop to enhance your pictures!

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