Which Platform Should You Focus On?

You should focus on Etsy if...

If you are new to the handmade industry, if you just got your product idea and you have no idea how well it will do, or if you were told by your family and friends that it would sell then Etsy would be a great place to start on. The reason i would suggest selling on Etsy instead of on Amazon or you own website is because Etsy will teach you a lot about the basics of running a business.

For example:

  • Responding back to convos on time
  • Dealing with customers
  • Dealing with shipping costs
  • How to package things correctly

I would also suggest that you focus on your Etsy shop if you have not perfected into what it should be. By that i mean, if you have not done your SEO correctly, and your photos and descriptions could be better. If you have not perfected those three on your Etsy shop, then you don't need to add another platform to sell on. You haven't given yourself a chance to make your Etsy shop at the level that it should be. 


You should focus on Amazon if...

 If you have put the time and attention into your Etsy shop to perfect it, then you need to add another platform to sell on, whether it is on Amazon or your own website. Determining which one is best for you will depend on your goals and what level you want to take your business to. It will also be determined by the amount of engaged followers you have. Such as a e-mail list or any social media followers. If your business isn't something that your family relies on, then Amazon would be the next step in your business. Amazon will help drive traffic to your business. If you don't know how to drive traffic to your shop, then i wouldn't suggest that you get your own website until you learn how to drive traffic yourself. 

By the time that you have added Amazon to your selling platforms, you will have gotten better at

  • Responding to convos
  • Handling upset customers or bad reviews
  • How to calculate shipping
  • what packages work best for your products


You should focus on your own website if...

If you are good at multitasking, and driving traffic to your own shop then i would say that it's a good time to start thinking about starting your own website. It is perfectly fine to sell on more than one platform. However, if you do decide to sell on Etsy, Amazon and your own website, make sure that you are giving all platforms the attention that they need to succeed. I'm not saying that you should work on every platform every day. Take time out of your day to focus on one platform at a time. If you know your SEO, photos, or descriptions need to be updated on Amazon, then set aside time each day to work on 2-3 listings. Start off slow, don't over whelm yourself with perfecting your website. You have to make time to update your listings, no matter what platform you sell on. 

A few benefits of having your own website are: 

  • On your website the algorithm doesn't change, you control your own traffic to your site.
  • Use of marketing insert to drive traffic to your website
  • E-mail list building
  • Less fees than using Etsy or Amazon
  • Be as creative as you want
  • Another platform to bring in more income



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