Etsy Shipping Changes: 3 Things I am Doing Differently

Etsy has released shipping changes that will give you priority placement in the algorithm.

The Etsy search algorithm has also went through many changes over the years and while that’s a normal part of online marketplaces, we can't help but feel that a huge part in this change has to do with Etsy going public and wanting to please its share holders.

And I don’t blame it, its a company and it works for profits.

This may effect you positivity or negatively, but it definitely has got everyone nervous. Even if you are NOT effected by it, it doesn’t mean that you wont be effected by the next change.

The one thing I noticed consistently is that online marketplaces WILL make changes but it will usually do them slowly within reason. We tend to notice that Etsy haphazardly does changes, SO I AM HONESTLY SICK OF IT!

I decided that no one is going to control my traffic THAT much, and while I do love my Etsy shop, I want to continue to control my own traffic without having to worry if Etsy will show me or not. You do know that I love SEO, but you need back up plans.

1. Optimize my email list.

1)  What I am currently doing
When it comes to my email list, I stick to the same schedule. I send 1 main email a month based on a theme such as; spring sale, Christmas in July sale, or back to school sale, to name a few. Once I send out that email, I send out a segmented email 1 or 2 days later. This segmented email targets subscribers who didn’t open the first email. In this case, I focus on changing the subject to be more click worthy. Then I will send out a 3 days left email to everyone on my list, then I send a “final day” or “last chance” email to the subscribers who didn’t open the “3 days left” email. This is the system that has worked the best for me in terms of the best results.

2)  Email my subscriber more often
It’s certainly an uncomfortable thought to email your subscribers more often because you feel like you are bothering them, but just don’t bother them! Email them with valuable stuff! So I want to change my strategy from emailing once a month, to twice. Maybe in the future, I will add in another time. I need to make sure that I focus on different reasons to email them such as; 1st email is 20% off, 2nd email is new arrivals, 3rd email is free shipping, etc..,

3)  Segmenting for Re engagement strategy
If you have my Email List Marketing Webinar, you probably are familiar with this. A re engagement strategy is something that I used to do (and no longer do, due to me being very busy) and it entails emailing subscribers with an offer they can’t refuse if they haven’t opened your emails for 6 months, or your last 6 emails. If you don’t expect your repeat customers to repeat that often, then maybe email the subscribers who didn’t open the last 12 emails. I want to get back into doing this, rather then cleaning out my email list without giving my email subscribers a chance to redeem themselves to stay on my list. I do really well with my email list and I want to make sure I leverage it as much as possible.

2. Optimize my Pinterest Strategy

1)  Tribes
I currently use a Pinterest strategy that has been working very well for me. It only required my assistant to check in with it a few minutes a day. However, since I made some changes on my team (fired, and hired someone new), I hadn’t had a chance to teach my new assistant the Pinterest strategy. I plan to do it soon and while I have automated most of my Pinterest traffic (yay!), this will help give it the boost it deserves.

2)  SmartLoop                                                                                                            

Pinterest has a smart loop feature that allows you to take certain pins and have them on a pinning looping schedule. I currently use it but just need to log in and update the pins that are on that schedule. I want to consider whats more popular now, and what new products I want to push. This will help get my Pinterest strategy fully performing since I took a few months break from it.

3) Pin New Templates

The thing with Pinterest is that certain pins perform better then others - that’s no secret. Content also performs better then product pins. Considering this and a few other factors, I created templates to put my product photos in that jazz it up and make it stand out in the Pinterest feed. I also used elements on my templates that resemble a content pin that gets Pinterest users attention. The way I want to optimize is by pinning my new templates that I created a while ago, but since the changes that happened with my employees, I didn’t get my new assistant on board yet- that’s going to change and she will be getting all those new pin templates up asap.
If you are interested in my Pinterest Strategy, get it here: Mastering Pinterest

3. Blogging

1)  SEO friendly content

Content is KING on Google and while I do receive Google traffic via my Google SEO strategy being applied to my website and products, I want even more traffic! Remember, the name of the game for ME in particular is to leverage what I am currently doing right. But in this case, I want to start a blog to drive quality traffic to my website. This will focus on blogging about topics that drive BUYERS and not just readers. How do I do this? Well I need to think about my target market and ask myself, “My customer just purchased some personalized stationery for thank you cards, what types of stuff is she reading?” Well there are a few answers to that: 1. “How to improve your handwriting”, 2. “5 Ways to Improve your Thank You Notes”, 3. “The 3 Things you Should NEVER Write on a Thank You Card”, 4. “When to Send a Thank You After an Interview, and What To Say”. Obviously people who are readying up on these, have a need for stationery - and BOOM! I want to be the one they buy stationery from. Its important to first take these blog post ideas and optimize them for Google SEO, like I teach in my webinar in the Bonus section.

2)  Capturing the blog audience

When someone visits my website via my blog, they may not be convinced to purchase immediately or even later that day. They may need to see or hear from your brand at least 6 - 7 times before they make a purchase. SO in that case, I want to keep in touch with them. I will make sure to have email list sign ups in my blog post in the appropriate locations AND to make sure my opt in offer is relevant to the blog audience bu offering freebies (PDF’s, etc..,) and not discounts. I can market to them later once I have emailed them enough value, then I can set up my email marketing service to get them over to my regular list where I often give discounts.

3)  Making money other ways via blogging

Where appropriate, I plan to include affiliate links to items that will give real value to my customers. This is not something I will do often as I don’t want them leaving my site, but the affiliate income is a nice side hustle from blog posts that may generate lots of traffic.

4)  Market the blog posts on Pinterest

After these 10-15 blog posts are done, I can market them on Pinterest very effectively since content usually does better then product pins. The 10 - 15 blog posts are to start, that’s all you really need as long as you have given real value in the post and optimized it via SEO, along with marketing it. Later I can focus on the next 10 blog posts and build up my traffic stream

What Else Can YOU do?

This list was really relevant for me, even though you can take something from it and apply it to your own business, but not everyone is in the same boat as me. SO what else can you do to control your traffic?

 1. Social media

2. Start an Email list

3. Youtube

4. Join other market places; Amazon, Ebay, etc..,

5. Influencer Marketing


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