How I Made Over $200,000 on Amazon, This Year So Far

You heard right, I have made over $200,000 on Amazon and the year isn’t over yet!
I want to walk you through how I did it:

1. ProductS with Good Demand

Yes I purposely made Product plural and capitalized the S - i’ll explain shortly.
So first you need to choose a product that has great demand. Imagine wanting to make 5k a month but you sell something that only has the potential to make 2k a month - it just won’t work. So what do you do? Sell something that has a higher demand, or diversify and sell additional products so you can spread out the way you make revenue. So 2k from the first product line, 2k from the second product line, and 1 k from the 3rd product line - BOOM 5k goal met.
But how do you do this? There are multiple ways to determine if something has a demand high enough to meet your needs and help you continue to grow. You can start off by check in the search bar auto populates enough keyword phrases for your product type. If you try this and there are slim pickings, I would pick something else or be sure to diversify to more product lines.

In my case, I sell note cards, notepads, backpack tags, Baby shower Invites, Birthday Invites, Rehearsal dinner invites, etc.., Talk about diversifying! I wanted to make sure that after I hit a certain income goal, I continued to serve my customers and offered them what they wanted AND expanded into product types within my niche that would diversify my reach and make me more money.
Diversifying my reach meant that I didn’t create 500 note card styles, but instead, maybe create 100 note cards, 80 notepads, 120 baby shower invites, and so on. By doing this, I am hitting different audiences in which helps increase my income.

This doesn’t mean you cant do well with 1 product type, but you need to know when you hit the “Ceiling” for revenue, so you can either start ads if you already haven’t, and/or create additional product lines to bring in additional revenue.

Another thing I do with my demand research is to make sure I have diverified enough within each category.
So if i sell Birthday Invites, do I have birthday invites for every theme?
If I sell Note cards, do I have a variety of styles that people search for?


There are many more ways to check on the demand of a product type AND check if it is selling; get my Amazon webinar for specific training videos on how to do this.

2. Professional Photos

When I first started on Amazon, there was little competition when it came to stationery. The ones I was competing with had very “stock photo” type images and were pretty stiff and boring. I immediately knew my photos would stand out and more trendier and would fill a gap in the market for people that actually had more style.

My photos were professional done but it doesnt mean you need yours to be done by a professional.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

Is it clear what they are getting from the first photo?
Is it easy to see when you have a sea of other sellers next to you in search?
Is there good contrast so it catches the customers eye?
Do you have additional photos that answer the buyers questions?
Do you have additional photos match your cutomizations, so they know what it looks like when they choose a particular option?

The list goes on and on for optimizing your images - its probably the biggest reason why they click on a listing (that and the title for sure).

In the Amazon webinar I go over 5 ways to optimize your images for your buyers that will help with conversion rates!

3. My SEO is Top Notch

Its no secret that my SEO strategies are on point. NO matter where I sell online, I know how to do SEO. In fact, I can do it in my sleep. SEO is search engine optimization and it helps get my products found organically (customer searches, then finds my product on top of search - yay).

I hear SO MANY rumors about SEO on Amazon that it drives me mad! But I also kind of feel bad for the people who follow it because all they want to do is improve their shop so at least they are proactive right? ehhhh, business owners really should learn where they get their info from - especially something as important as this. If all else fails on this list, I bet my Amazon shop would still be alive because of SEO - so get it right! Don’t get advice from others who maybe don’t know what they are doing or probably got lucky and have no real reason or method as to why this happened.

Great SEO starts with research, and then implementation- and I have seen BOTH steps go wrong.

So if you want to stop fussing around with SEO and finally get it right, then check out my Amazon webinar for my detailed step by step process for SEO - it walks you through the brainstorming and keyword research process + shows you how I use certain tools to optimize my listings SEO performance.

4. I Never Set it and Forget it

When was the last time you looked at your business reports?
Ok kool..
When was the last time you used business reports to help optimize your listings even more?
Me? I do it at least once a month.
So what does that mean? The business reports section allows you to see how each SKU is performing. It shows you the views, purchases, conversion rates, etc..,
This alone may be decent knowledge to help optimize your listings but you need to know how to use it.
For example…. You have an item that has sold - yay! But once you look at business reports, you notice that it has been viewed over 500 times with only 1 sale - oh hell no! That is not good. What that means is someone has looked at your listing and said, nah its not right for me, and left. But why is that? What about that listing has made the buyer leave (and probably leave to some other sellers listing)?
This is the question I ask myself often in order to improve conversion rates of my under performing listings - and you won’t believe the amount of stuff we have changed on listings to help increase conversions and leverage the current traffic I am getting.
I also use business reports to identify low viewed items and come up with an action plan that gets it found more, so it can then get purchased.

Use the Business reports section of the Amazon webinar to help walk you through all of this so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Then, post in the private group (you get access to this once you buy the course) if you need help with coming up with an action plan with your findings.

5. Managed My Ad Campaigns

Here is a secret: Ads aren’t a passive strategy. Many people think it is because many times they have set it up, forgot about it and found out that they made 500 bucks when they only spent 50! But then, they find out when they went to check on it again a month or so later, that Amazon or Etsy has spent $100 just to make $350 - WHAT!?!? Their mistake was thinking they can just leave it alone and not look after it. Their mistake was assuming that because it gave you great results the first time, that you didn’t need to further optimize it in the future.
My ads have been optimized and I am still working on optimizing them each month. Sometimes these are smaller tweaks but its all based on what my ad reports tell me.
I also use ads to push new products if I already don’t have a presence in search for them. So when I launched my new rehearsal dinner invites and quinceanera invites, I started ad campaigns so I can give them the best chance to survive - while this isn’t 100% necessary, it speeds up the process of getting my listings, found then purchased - then eventually they stick at the top of search.

I have also set up my ads so the reports are easier to read and you understand which keyword phrases are getting the best conversion for each listing - this has been a gold mine for me!

I have a entire section dedicated to optimizing your ad campaigns in my Amazon webinar - check it out if you are fed up with trying to figure it out on your own. But still check it out if you aren’t fed up since it may teach you something that will get your ads working even better for you.

6. I Knew Reviews Mattered, So I Worked On Getting Reviews

Well, haven’t I said it all in the title? Maybe, but let me explain.
Verified reviews are part of Amazon’s Algorithm so not only would it benefit you in search to get some, it will also instill trust in the buyer who is looking over your item and deciding whether or not they want to buy it.

I know what you’re thinking… “Dalia, of course I want more reviews, but I can’t make customers give me reviews” Yes, that is correct, but what CAN you do?
1. Work on your package insert, and then work on your package insert some more to help get more reviews

2. Email Amazon customers after there order has been delivered (this is easier to manage when you don’t have many orders ) If you do have a lot of orders, then maybe the app Jump Send may be more efficient.

3. Blow them away with packaging, customer service, and shipping on time - See how you can exceed their ex[expectations - that way, they will feel impelled to give you a review.
BTW, this is something I am always working on. Once I improved my packaging insert, after a while, I think…. “huh, i think this will work better” then I work on a new insert that I feel will convert better.

So have you worked on getting reviews like your Amazon life depended on it? Probably not, now get to work improving the rate of getting reviews.

7. I Paid Attention to Account Health and Always Tried to Improve No Matter What

Even if there wasn’t anything to improve on. Let me explain…. If amazon Measures ship time, Delivery, customer service, etc.., Then I am always working on those to improve them, why? Because there is a reason why Amazon measures this - this leads to happier customers, and happier customers lead to repeat purchases, positive reviews, word of mouth marketing, etc..,

So I always worked on, how can we ship faster? Hired on more people to get the orders out faster, and most things print and ship the same day

How can we get them delivered faster? I am part of seller fulfilled prime which offers free 3-4 day shipping (most things get there in 2-3 days)

How can we WOW them when they receive the package? We have worked on packaging several times, and always continuously work on it.


From this, We decided to Join Seller Fulfilled Prime - not only does it offer free shipping to the customer, it helps my listings convert better (more $$), and gets it to the customer faster.
check out my blog and video about Seller Fulfilled Prime.

This has also improved my repeat customer base which is a huge part of my business.

8. I Always Work on My Listings to Help Them Convert Better

After that, I work on them again, then again, then again - no joke. My team and I have revised our listings quite a bit of times to help improve conversion rates.
For instance, I had many customers ask me “How many come in a set?”
Umm, why they never read the listing? #amiright? lol
Well, instead of complaining why they never read, I accept this is consumer behavior and see how I can fix this issue. I have then added a drop down menu that clearly shows the quantity of each set and so now they choose the amount that come in each set - it stopped the questions AND encouraged people to purchased more which increased my AOV!
Another thing I did, to help my listings convert better is identify which have A LOT of views (check your business reports) and either put the item on sale, or make the listing clearer either through photos and/or customizations.

One more thing to note:
This did not happen overnight. I have been selling on Amazon since Handmade was born (October 2016, almost 3 years at the time of this writing) So a lot of this revenue also came with time because its the repeat business that built up and the continue hours i spent optimizing things to get to this point.

Don’t look at my success and wonder why you aren’t there yet. Look at my success and use it as inspiration for what is possible.

Get the Amazon webinar to help you get on track to meeting your Amazon revenue goal.


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