How I Made Over $83,000 From My Email List

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When I first heard of "starting an email list", all I can think of was this spammy company sending me emails I didn't care to read.

But since there was such a buzz around creating an email list, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to at least start one. Needless to say, when I first started it I didn't know anything I was doing - not a single thing! There was a lot of trial and error (but mostly error). Can you imagine the frustration? Over something that I wasn't even sure how it would even make me money or grow my business?

Over the span of months, I decided to focus on it and really put an effort into it. Otherwise, how can I truly say I gave it a chance? I did all the research I could, tested my theories over and over again and then BOOM, it finally clicked.

It took a bit of time but I started to see the fruits of my labor. Every time I sent out an email, I would have engaged customers (customer who spent money!!!!).

I don't normally share how much my email list has generated but I wanted to really emphasize the importance of an email list. Don't forget to check out my blog post that gives you 4 great reasons why you need an e-mail list for your business. Also, check out my E-Mail List Webinar that will show you how to start an e-mail list and what to e-mail your customers.

In this post, I'm going to tell you exactly how made over 83k from my email list. Let's get started:


1) I Focused On Quality Growth Of My Email List

This is not a foreign topic for most people trying to build there email list, but they focus way too much on the number of people they have on the list, instead of the quality.

Let me explain...

I don't care that you have grown your list by 500 people in 2 weeks, what I care about if growing your list by 200 TARGET CUSTOMERS in 2 weeks. What does that mean? Well, I want to see people on your list that actually want to hear from you, that actually are your target customer. Why? Because if they are your target market, the results you get from your email list would be much greater than having an email list full of people that just don't care enough.

So imagine that you had a total of 500 people on your email list, awesome right? And let's say that every time you sent out an email, 15 people purchased. That's a 3% conversion rate. 

Wouldn't it be better to have 200 people on your email list and when an email is sent, 15 people purchase? Yes! Because your conversion rate is 7.5% - it's higher! 

The reason why you want it to be higher is because you don't want to waste your time and effort on building a list of people who aren't your target audience. 

So I made sure I focused on quality growth and continued to make sure I grew that list as fast as I can. It's no secret, the more target customers you have on your list, the more money you will make. Let's go back to the original example: If I had 200 people on my list and I converted at 7.5%, then if I grew that list to 2000 people, and I converted at 7.5%, that means I would have converted 150 people, compared to 15 people.

If you haven't guessed it, that means more money for you! If each person spends $20 on average, you would have went from $300 to approximately $3000. Not sure what your conversion rates are? Then check out my blog post that walks you step-by-step on how to calculate your conversion rates and how to improve them.


2) My Email List Had Access To Exclusive Deals And Content.

I offer exclusive deals that are ONLY available to my email subscribers. Why? Because why else would they stay on your list? What is the benefit? Remember in this post where I talked about social media and how you don't own it? You own this email list, you want to make sure they stay on it and not have them think "oh, well ill just follow her on Instagram and check for deals whenever I want - nope! Not gonna work lady. If customers want my exclusive content and deals, they only get it if they join my email list. 

I also made it very clear that if they joined my email list, that is the ONLY place they can get deals - talk about exclusivity right??? This way they understood the value to join my list AND the importance of opening my email every time I sent one.

This kept my customers loyal, because they knew I always took care of them. In fact, I have a plan for 2017 to even create more value for people on my email list :)


3) I Sold A Quality Product And Expanded My Product Line For That Target Audience.

I really should have mentioned this first but without a quality product that has a defined target audience, email list building would be difficult and so would email marketing.

Before I even thought of creating an email list and building it, I had to offer a quality product and start selling it to make sure there was a market for it. Even if you already sell someone, how can you improve on it before you start building this list of loyal customers? 

If you already have a good product, can you expand it to meet the needs of the customer? While I offered personalized stationery, I now also offer, invites and other paper goods, that way, I'm not just a one hit wonder. I have a collection of items that would allow my target audience to browse and have a variety to choose from. In turn, making them happy and increasing my conversion rate. 

I'm not saying that you can't start building an email list if you are still perfecting your product or your offering. What I am saying is that you will not be able to bring in BIG $$$ without working on this tip. Not sure if your products are attractive enough? Then check out my blog that gives you 3 great tips on how to create a successful product line. Don't forget to check out my blog post and webinar on how to find your target market.


4) I Asked My E-mail List What They Needed.

Growing an email list has its advantages. 

But there is one thing that a lot of email marketers don't take advantage of - asking their target audience what they need.

Is there a more perfect way to find out what your target customer needs? Nope! This way you can create product lines that she absolutely loves!

I did this a few times and found out several things that a huge portion of my target audience needed from my company. I also asked them how I can improve their customer service experience. Your email list has a wealth of information. I just used it to find out what they needed, created it and then offered it - easy peasy!

Moral of the story - create things and offer services that your target customer needs, and you won't be disappointed. 


5) I Maintained A Professional Image With Well Designed Graphics And Well Written Emails.

Is image everything? Kinda. When selling online, you have to remember that customers don't trust you. You are just another ecommerce business trying to sell them something they don't need. You must build your like, know, and trust factor.

In order for a business to purchase from you, they must know you, like you, and trust you.

Well how the hell do you do that?

Simple. Customers "know" online retailers in a few different ways.

1) Having your About section filled out properly.

2) Having your policies reflect what your company is all about (hopefully taking care of the customer).

How does a customer get to like you?

1) I have my return policy filled out not to just benefit me, but my customer as well. 

2) There branding feels professional and right for what they are selling.

3) There website is easy to navigate

4) I like what they are selling. 

And lastly how can a a customer "trust" you.

1) Overall impression of your website.

2) Policies that make purchasing risk free for them.

3) Adding value to their experience.

Obviously there are more factors to each one of these, but this is a good start.

I made sure that my customers experience on my website was nothing but the best and I am always trying to improve on it.

When I send out email, I also make sure that I take the time necessary to create graphics that look professional and stand out. My customer certainly wouldn't trust an email that looks like a 3rd grader pulled it together, right? I know this is hard and takes a lot of your time, but when I started to see the money roll in, I knew the time creating graphics and perfecting my emails were well spent.

Click here to get 4 amazing tips on how to get customers to trust and buy from you.

6) I Used An Automation Tool That Helps Me Communicate Regularly.

Email automation is seriously one of my most favorite things and I haven't even touched the surface in using it (more of that in 2017).

This tool allows for your subscriber to get an email automatically after they subscribe.

Here's why that is important: They probably signed up because you offered them something and you want them to receive it instantly. Email automation allows for that to happen.

Here's another important tip.

68%-83% of welcome emails get opened. That's a crazy number!! This means that whatever you put in that FIRST welcome email will most likely get seen by your customer, so make it good!

Besides that first welcome email, I also continue to use email automation for preparing emails I need to send out for a promotional holiday OR to keep my audience engaged. This will vary between businesses but the idea is to keep your company name at the forefront of their minds so they think of you when they need something.


7) I Created A Marketing Calendar.

Remember how I discussed email automation a second ago? Creating a marketing calendar helps use email automation so you are continually keeping in touch with your customers. 

So what is a marketing calendar? It's literally a 12 month calendar (I have my months separated into week 1, 2, 3 and 4.) and you will just write what type of marketing promotion you will email or focus on in the month you need to focus on it.

For example...

In month of February, I will write "Valentines Day cards". This way, I know to create my V-day line and have it ready by the new year, list them and prepare an email to be sent out 1 month prior to Valentines day. Why? To get the idea of purchasing Valentines Day cards ahead of time AND it gives me the opportunity to send them one more email to remind them and then one more to tell them they can receive 30% off last minute Valentine's Day purchases. What?!!? That's 3 emails for one promotion/holiday.  Awesome right? 

Now for those of you who are thinking 3 emails may be overkill, fine just send 2. But the idea is, if you send out 3 different "messages" for this one holiday, your customers won't be annoyed.

So imagine a whole years worth of ideas for marketing that you created ahead of time. As long as you stick to that schedule, you're golden! You will have created these automated emails all ahead of time, and scheduled them to go out at certain times of the year. That's what I did, and I'm gonna get even better at it in 2017!


8) I Never Spammed Or Emailed Customers Too Much

This goes without saying right? I hope so.

There is a phrase that a famous marketer once coined, "Permission Marketing".

Just because a customer gave you permission to email them by joining your email list, that doesn't mean you can email them all the time and too often. Just remember, emailing a customer is a privilege and not a right and I want you to treat it that way.

I never email my customers too much. More than likely - when I am on my email game, I send out 1 email a month. Two emails a month is a very comfortable number after you get the hang of things. BUT, I would not email them more than once a week, UNLESS there is a special promotion going on that requires them to hear from you everyday for 3 days (for example) - but please don't do this too often.

The reason why respecting my customers emails has given me an increase in sales is because more customers stayed on my list, I wasn't the "annoying" company to always emails them, and because they didn't hear from me too much, they actually like when I emailed them because I only emailed them when I had something important to say. 


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