How I Tripled My Revenue Online, and how you can too!

How I TRIPLED my Revenue Online - selling handmade products

I want to share the 3 things that helped me TRIPLE my sales online - you heard right, I said TRIPLE! 

I just want to say that this is in no way, me trying to show off. I just want to share with you the exact things I did to create such a large growth in my business because you may find a tip or two useful and in turn, it will help you create some growth in your business.

1. Join Handmade at Amazon

If you haven't already heard, Amazon the online e-commerce ninja, has opened up its own handmade category where handmade sellers are able to open up shop and sell their goods. is the largest online retailer so I naturally I wanted a piece of that action.

Take a look at the comparison to Etsy:

Amazon vs. Etsy traffic

Amazon gets an average of 183 million unique visitors a month (these are stats from January 2016), while Etsy only receives 9.1 million in a similar month. Can you imagine what those numbers look like during the holidays? There is no doubt that Amazon brings in a substantial amount of traffic to your products, so why not be part of that action?

Handmade at Amazon first opened its doors in mid-October 2015. I worked hard to get my most popular listings up before the big day that Amazon decided to make the handmade portion live. I worked hard yet had no idea how I was going to do. In October I probably sold a handful or so products - ehh, not bad considering I had no idea what to expect. Then November came and I was blown away! I made several thousand that month and it was only my second month! Now, of course, I had some expectation because holiday season was rolling around but I was still so giddy to make anything!

December 2015 on Handmade at Amazon was a game changer. I was now found at the top of the search results because of my ninja SEO skills. By the end of December 2015, I had beaten my revenue on Etsy - whaaaaa??

Yup that's a crazy number to beat! Point of the story? Join Handmade at Amazon, get your products up and work on optimizing your listings as much as possible. I now will end 2016 making 6 figures alone on Amazon. It would be criminal of you to not give it a shot. If you need more help and direction with optimizing your listings, getting your listings found, and getting your Handmade at Amazon account all set up, I walk you through all the steps in this step-by-step training. It is literally the step by step of exactly what I did to get my Amazon shop raking in some real moolah!


2. Open Another Shop - Or Expand Your Product Line.

This second tip is sometimes easier said than done. Many online sellers think it's so easy to just go to Etsy, create another account and set up a shop. What they fail to realize is all the hard work it takes to open and run another successful shop. By opening another shop in a different category, I was able to bring in some extra revenue that I would not have received before - seems simple right? Wrong! 

Here are a few things I want you to consider before you open another shop:

  • Is your current shop successful?
  • Is your current shop all good to go? This includes awesome pics, awesome SEO, etc.,
  • Can you handle the extra workload of opening and running another shop? Or are you up to your ears in orders and have absolutely no time?

Let's assume for a moment that you have taken care of all the above and that you can open another shop because your current one is a rock star. You have to remember opening a second shop can only be successful if you put a great amount of work into it. Please consider the following steps that must happen:

  • Naming your shop
  • Create logo/branding for new shop
  • Write up the policies and about section
  • Planning out what products you will sell
  • Purchasing materials and such for the new products
  • Creating product line ( at least 50 or so, no one wants to walk into an empty shop - geez! are you going out of business?)
  • Taking photos for those new products
  • Creating listings for those new products
  • Working on SEO, Descriptions and such for those new products

This list can go on for a while...

But you get the point right? While opening another shop can bring a great deal of revenue in, the work to get it running smoothly is great and requires some rock star planning! If you need help with the planning stages, be sure to get your hands on my free goal planning worksheets!

However, if you are not in the position to open another shop because your current one isn't generating money like you want it to, why open another shop? Work on the current shop you have to make it a success! Need help with your SEO for your new shop? Then get my SEO and my Google SEO Webinar.

3. Hire, Hire, Hire!

It wasn't until I decided to make the decision to hire someone, that my business started to really take off. By hiring someone, I was convinced that she would free up my time and I can work on other things that would make me more money. The tips above wouldn't even have happened even I didn't hire because when would i have a chance to work on all of it? I like to think I'm super woman, but geez, there isn't enough hours in a day.

So before I decided to take the risk, I had to think through a few things

  • What tasks will she work on that will free up my time and make her valuable?
  • Will I always have work for her to do?
  • What will I be working on instead since she will be taking on my workload? 
  • Do I have the time to train her?

All of these things ran through my mind and there was only one way to conquer them. I had to plan! I literally sat down with a pen and paper and wrote out my plan. I initially wrote out what she will be working on. Then I tried to figure out what I would be working on instead that would make me paying her worth it.

So I want to break this down for you:

Let's assume I am paying my assistant $10 per hour. In one day I would pay her $60 (part time). I know I can train her to produce xx amount of orders in the 6 hours she worked. I then made a plan as to what I would be doing in those 6 hours. I would have to be relatively sure that what I am working on would bring in more revenue over time, get it? That's the purpose of hiring out. As we grow as small business owners, you need to start letting some things go - whatever you decide. This frees up your time so you can work on other money making ideas in the business. I read this great book that discusses this exact topic.

If you aren't quite ready to hire someone, maybe consider contract work? You can hire someone who doesn't necessarily come to your workplace (my home, haha), but that works for you online and you can delegate tasks that you're not good at or that suck up your time. Some things you can contract out are:

  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Bookkeeping 
  • etc..,

There are more things you can contract out, even to local people, you just have to give it a shot because the opportunity you are missing out on to free up your time, is huge!



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