3 Tips to Creating a Successful Product Line

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Thinking about expanding your product line? Here are 3 tips to help you understand how to grow your product line and how to figure out what is in high demand. Also check out my updated SEO webinar to get access to the tools and resources I use for my business.


Do The Items You Want To Expand From Your Product Line Makes Sense?

When you are thinking about expanding your product line, make sure it makes sense. And by that I mean if you sell jewelry, don't create a new product line of crocheted items. Keep it withing the jewelry theme. If you start branching out with new products, make sure it is something that your target market is searching for and is in high demand. Start off with one target customer, then expand out with what that target customer wants. Make sure that it is still within the same category as your other products.

For example:

  • If you sell jewlery, make sure you are creating things within the same category.

Remember, it is also important to stick to the same theme. And by that I mean, if you are selling bohemian themed jewelry, don't start selling modern, rustic, or any other theme that doesn't have anything to do with what you are currently selling. Another example would be if your products mainly consist of things that are a modern theme, again don't start creating a new product line that has nothing to do with the modern theme you currently have. Yes it it okay to have more than one target market, but when you are just starting out with creating a new product line, it's best to keep it within the same theme.

Click here to see and example of rustic jewelry. Click here to see and example of modern jewelry.

These are two perfect examples of what I mean by not selling something that isn't within the same theme as what you currently have.


Do SEO When You Are Creating A New Product Line

When you are creating a new product line, it is important that you do SEO in order to be found in search. It is also very helpful if you create a new product that you can make in different colors, that way you will get found for multiple things. 

For example:

  • If you make planners. You can only be found in search one time on each page. But if you are able to create a planner that comes in different colors, then you could be found multiple times on a page. 

Click here to see an example of planners that are available in multiple colors.

You could also sell products that would compliment the items that you are selling.

For example:

When doing your SEO, it is important to understand what your target customer will be using this for. 

For example:

Now that you are being found by a larger variety of people, you should think about expanding your product line sooner than later to get more views on your shop. It is really important to any business that you are offering more than just one product. You do your SEO on your new product line, that way you can be found in search for multiple things that your product(s) are being used for. 


Is There A Demand For Your Product?

So you considered your target customer, and came up with a new product line that you know your target customers are searching for, now what? Sometimes you have an idea of what you want your new product line to be, but don't know if it's high in demand. That is why you need to do your research before committing to making a new product line. If you have ideas, but aren't sure if it is in high demand, I have a video within the SEO webinar that helps you brainstorm what is in high demand. It will literally tell you ideas, so you can test them out to see if they are right for you. 

This video is currently on my updated SEO webinar. If you have purchased it using the old platform, I have posted in the secret SEO group, how you can get that video. This tool will help you figure out what is trending so you can see if it is something that works for your target market. You must purchase the SEO webinar in order to get that bonus video. You want to make sure that you are selling within your target market. Make sure that if you are creating a new product line, that it is something that goes well with your products that you currently have. 

Again, when you are creating a new product line, you have to work on your SEO. You don't want to just be found in search for one thing, you want to be found for multiple things. You also have to think about the demand for the product that you are trying to sell. If you are thinking about creating new products, and no one is searching for them, then that would be a waste of your time creating that into a new product line. Don't forget to check out my blog post here that will give you 2 great tips to finding your target market. After you read the blog post, and you still need more information about target market then I would suggest that you check out my target market webinar here. To get access to the video, you can purchase my SEO webinar here.



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