How To Deal With Copyright Infringement

If you are creating items that are infringing on someone else's intellectual property, and banking on the fact that you may not be caught, that's on you. But if you are one of the people that follow me, I assume that you are following me because you want to make an exceptional amount of money the right way. In this blog, I will be talking about what is a Infringement notice and what you can do to prevent it happening to you. 

What Type Of Person Are You When It Comes To Infringement Notices?

There are two types of people when it comes to infringement notice.

  • Type 1: People who know that they are infringing on someone else intellectual property. And just think that they can get away with it, and keep doing it until they get caught.
  • Type 2: People who literally have no clue that they are infringing on someones intellectual property.

If you are one of the people who know what they are doing is wrong and keep doing it until you get caught, I would recommend getting a plan together to make sure that what you are selling does not infringe on someone else's intellectual property.

How To Avoid Getting An Infringement Notice

In order to avoid a infringement notice you should do the following:

  • Build a product line that does not rely on other peoples creations.
    • Yes, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table by not having popular kids item's such as Disney. If you do design a product line with anything Disney, then you are facing a possible infringement notice, as well as your shop getting shut down.
  • Take down all products that are facing a possible infringement notice. And come up with a new product line that doesn't have a copyright on them.

Infringement Notices and Keywords

It is important that you do your research to find out what key terms you are allowed to use for that type of product. If you have items within your shop that you know that you are infringing on, and think if it wasn't for you using those keywords or having those pictures, then you would never be found in search and you wouldn't be making any money, then its time for a new plan. Yes it is true that by not having those keywords or pictures, you could possible be loosing out of money from those products. But you have to look at the big picture, and come up with new ideas for those products, and what they could possible be called. 

For Example:

  • If you are creating princess birthday invitations, and use Disney princesses, you should make a princess invitation without using the Disney princesses as reference. 
  • If you are creating super-hero birthday invitations, and use any marvel superheros (for example). You should be making a invitation without using those superheros as reference.

It is very important that you try not to create invitations or any products that revolve around those images. When people ask me to create something that refers to anything Disney, I tell them I absolutely can not do that, because I don't have permission to use that content.

There are some phrases that were created by a corporation, that just so happen to catch on enough to where people now refer to that item by that name.

For Example:

Find out how to use certain keywords for your descriptions

Infringement Notice: Etsy and Amazon

When you are selling on Etsy or Amazon, they could potentially shut you down or send you notices to take down those listings. If your business happens to be infringing on a few things, and you don't mean to. It is important that you get with an attorney and understand the process of preventing it in the future. If you have your own website then it is a littler harder to get shut down. But it is more serious because it could mean that you have to go to court, and they could sue you along with a few other things. If you have plans of slowly getting rid of those products and deactivating those listing, then i'm going to tell you now, it will be a long journey to making a profit.

So basically what I am trying to tell you is that if you are infringing on someone else's intellectual property, then you need to make a plan to where you are no longer doing that. Do your research to make sure that you are not infringing on someone else creations. Yes you will have to check regularly, and check before you create a new product, but its worth it in the end to make sure you do not receive a infringement notice. Copyright however is a little easier to use. Because you have to purchase the right to use that content. To get more information about trademark and copyrights, check out this blog post that gives you examples of words and photos you can and cannot use.

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