How To Handle Negative Customer Reviews


Don't Make Excuses

If you are one of those people that receive a bad review and think " they're just a crazy customer" or " I put that in the description, it's not my fault they don't read it", or make any excuse and not take it as a learning opportunity then you won't get many repeat customers. Some times it can be difficult to tell if people are dissatisfied with their purchase. They could have been to embarrassed to write a review, and tell you that they were dissatisfied with their purchase. If they do leave a bad review about your item, then make sure that you are acknowledging their review and comments. If you are having problems trying to handle a bad review then you should post your concern within the private group and get some positive feedback on what others have done. 


Responding To Bad Reviews

If you have to respond back to a bad review, make sure you are taking it seriously. Most people use reviews to determine if they want to buy from you, and they also look at how you respond to bad reviews. When trying to handle a bad review, respond with a answer like " Thanks for pointing that out", "Thank you for the feed back" or " Thanks, I will fix the issue right away". Something that shows the customer that you actually care about their review and that you are working to resolve the issue.  Remember it is important that you don't want to come off as cold, and like you don't care about what their complaints are. Try to connect with them as a human being, think as if it were you who wrote the bad review. What would you want the company you purchased from to say, how would you want them to handle your complaints? Another unique way to let customers know that you actually do care about their feedback is to tell them the changes that you have made because of their review. That way it insures the buyer that they or any other customer will not have that same problem again. If you want to get more information regarding how you should handle bad reviews, and how to respond to them then I would suggest that you read " Hug your Customers". I also go into more detail about this in my target market webinar, which you can get here

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How To Handle Amazon Reviews

Getting a bad review or even a good review on Amazon is different then when you get a review on Etsy or you own website. But no matter what the platform you receive a bad review, you should always take it as a learning opportunity and think about customer service and how you are going to handle it. It is important that you not see the negative side of a bad review. You should focus on what the person wrote, and what you are going to do to resolve their issue. Even if the complaint is ridiculous, you should still take it to heart and gather your thoughts before you reply. It is important that you resolve their issue, but at the same time make sure you are being professional and giving them excellent customer service. I tend to see that customers that buy on Amazon tend to be the ones who write the most bad reviews. Sometimes they don't understand that we make handmade items. Our processing times are different then other Amazon sellers.

Amazon buyers expect a lot from the people they buy from, so it is important that you make them happy just like any other customer. If you are selling a product that you know is popular and other people are selling the same item then you need to look at your processing times. If your competitor is making the exact same thing as you, but much faster then you need to reevaluate how you are making this item and how you can do it faster. So I would recommend looking at all your products and comparing them to others who make the same item and look at their processing times. It is important to make the buyer happy as well as being able to fulfill their needs. 

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Miscommunication Through Your Listings

If you are having problems with the buyer coming to you with questions about your listings, then it may be time to change up your description. It is important to keep in mind that just because you understand what the customer is buying, doesn't mean that they fully understand what exactly it is they are getting. Another way you can help customers understand your listings is by adding a variation drop down box. 

For example:

  • If you have a variation drop down menu and are selling Art Prints, then you could use wording similar to :
    • Art Print with frame
    • Art Print without frame
    • Digital download
    • Etc...

It's important that you know how to write your descriptions properly to help avoid bad reviews. Writing a description thoroughly will help with the amount of bad reviews you get. If you need help writing a proper description for your products, then click here to get my description webinar.


Delivery Times And How It Effects Your Reviews

Another problem that could case you to have bad reviews are the delivery times. You may have had this personally happen to you , or even when someone has bought from you.  Every now and then packages seem to get lost in the mail, and they are no where to be found. If a customer checks their tracking, it might show as delivered when in fact the customer has not received it yet. Most of the time when this happens the post office has most likely marked the package as delivered by accident. There are a few things that you can do to fix this problem if it ever happens to you. It could also mean that the post office has left a slip for you, telling you where you can retrieve your package at. If that is the case then you can let them know the steps to retrieve their package. You can also file a report with the USPS or whichever carrier you are using. You can let the customer know that their package has been delayed and that you have filed a report with the USPS or which ever carrier, to make sure it gets back on track. Depending on what kind of products you are selling, you could always refund the customer or send them out another package. For me, I usually wait about 2 weeks, and if the customer has still not received their package and I have tried everything else, then I would make the decision on whether to refund them or ship them out a new package.

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