How to Make Your Customers Happy

If you are looking to lower your customer complaint rate, and increase the amount of loyal customers you have, then follow these helpful tips to get your customer complaint rate down.


Communication Skills

Customers can be unsatisfied with their purchase for many different reasons, and most of the time they won't tell you that they are unhappy with their purchase. Instead they will just leave a bad review before you have the chance to resolve the issue. Customers can be unhappy with their purchase because of something that they may have over looked. Such as your product description. The customer will blame you for not making it more clear, but in fact you mention it several times but they just over looked it. 

For Example: 

  • If you sale art prints, and your listing photo shows a picture of the art print within a frame. Most customers will automatically assume that you are selling both the art print and the frame that it was in. 
  • Something like that needs to be in bold, and very clear to the buyer that you do not sell the frame that the art print is in. 


Responding to Questions and Concerns

 Communication is everything when in comes to responding to customers questions. It is very important that you do not over look their concern, just because they may have over looked something within you listing. Do not respond to a customer by saying " I put that in the product description". It makes you sound like you are not taking their concern seriously. You should sound professional and respond in a way that makes the customer feel comfortable about their purchase.

For example: 

If a customer comes to you with a issue such as making a purchase from your shop, finding a specific listing, or if they just have a general question regarding your listing, it's important that you address their concerns. Clarify what it is they are trying to find, and them walk them through the process of finding it to checking out. 

I receive a lot of messages from buyers that ask about return address printing for their order. I let them know that we do offer return address printing and give them the link to purchase it. I don't just give them the link to purchase it, i walk them through the steps to selecting the quantity and how to put the information in the notes to seller section during checkout. It is important that once you get the sale that you are not dropping all forms of communication to the buyer. If the buyer has a concern about the shipping of there package, it is your responsibility to reassure the buyer that their package is on route and will be delivered on time. If they have any questions regarding their purchase, it is important that you acknowledge any concerns or questions and let them know that you are working on resolving the issue.


Consistent Shop Experience

It is important that when you have a customer purchase from you that they have a good experience. If that buyer returns to your shop and doesn't have a good experience, then it could cause them to purchase from someone else.

For Example: 

  • If Sally bough from you a month ago and she loved everything about your shop and the experience, then she would want to continue purchasing your items. A few things Sally loved about your shop was that it was easy to navigate, the check out process was fast and easy, and you answered all of her questions.
  • If Sally returned to your shop as didn't have the same pleasant experience, then you could possibly lose out on a sale. A few things that you are doing to make customers not want to come back are, having problems with your shop such as the loading time is bad or if it is very confusing to navigate. If you do not reply back to their messages until days later, then then might think that you are not a serious business owner and take their business somewhere else. Don't let little things like this and you processing time be the reason that you are losing customers and have a high complaint rate. 


I am not saying that you should make the experience of your shop perfect for every buyer. But they should have a consistent experience while on your shop. You need to make the customer feel comfortable about buying from you. If you find your self so busy that you don't have time to reply to everyone's messages, then i would suggest using a word document. By using a word document, you can pre-type out what you want to say to to your customers depending on their concern or questions. 


Processing Times

If you have different processing times for your products compared to others who sell the same thing, then you need to contact that buyer. After you have contacted the buyer. make sure that they know what you processing times are.

For Example:

  • If most businesses have a processing time of 1-3, business days for stationery, and yours is 5-7. If you do not inform your buyer then it is a possibility that you will be getting a bad review. 


Answering Messages While on Vacation Mode

If you decide to go on vacation mode, then i would recommend that you don't put your shop on vacation mode. Instead i would just extend your processing time to allow you more time to get the orders fulfilled and you are still making money as well. Imagine that you were the customer that had a question regarding your purchase. Think about how you would want them to respond to your concerns. It is important that you make the customer feel comfortable buying from you. You don't want them to have any questions or doubts about you or your business. Make sure that you let the customer know that they are not bugging you when they have any questions or concerns.

For example:

  • When i reply to a customers message i usually add something like " If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. That way the customer feels comfortable messaging you in the future with any other questions they may have. It reassures them that you are there to help them. 


Custom Order Customers

When you receive a order from a customer that is a custom order, it is important that you stay in constant contact with that person. Depending on what the customer ordered, it could be very nerve wracking for them. Customers that have a custom order tend to need more attention then other customers who do not. They need to be reassured that everything is going as planned, that there are no delays and that it will be shipped on time. I am not saying that you should e-mail them everyday. Just keep in touch with them regarding the processing time and make sure that you address any other questions or concerns that they may have. 


Responding to Customer Changes

When customers messages you to see if you can make changes to a listing before they purchase it, it is important that you take that serious. If you don't you could possible be loosing out on a sale. 

For Example:

Sally messages you to see if you can change the color for one of your listings to a Blue color because you do not give blue as a option for that listing. If you are able to change the color of the product to a blue, make sure that you are very thorough when you respond back. 

Do not respond to the buyers message like this:

  • Yes i can change the color

In order to make the customer feel like you care about them and that you will accommodate their request, you should reply back to them like this:

  • I can absolutely change the color to blue for you! Is there a specific blue that you had in mind? Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

If you reply back to the customer using the first example, then there is a good chance that they wont take your business very serious. It is important that you sound helpful and that you understand what they are asking you. By being more engaging with the customer they will feel more comfortable purchasing from you. 



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