How To Survive Vacation Mode On Etsy

How To Get Back On Top Of Search

In order to be relevant and be found in search, there are a few key factors that will effect whether or not you are found in search. Such as SEO and sales. Because you put your shop on vacation mode, you won't be getting any sales and wont be on top of search. Vacation mode is only helpful when you are using it to do these things:

  • Catch up on orders
  • Add or edit products
  • Taking care of a loved one

Once you have taken you shop off of vacation mode, give it a day or two and see where you are in search. After you figured out where you are in search, take the stats from the first 7 days before you went on vacation mode. See what the top 5 keyword phrases you are being found for. If you are still on top of the search, then great but if not you should try and renew your listings. Depending on the type of market you are in, you might not see results right away.

When you renew your listings, it makes you more relevant in search. Look at your stats, and see what the top 5 listings are within each category, and renew those. What I mean by category is if you sell more than one type of product.

For example in my shops I sell:

  • Kids stationery
  • Women's stationery
  • Men's stationery
  • Luggage tags

Don't expect for you to be on the top of search after being on vacation mode for 6 weeks. Renewing your listings will help, but it won't happen over night. I suggest that if you are going to keep renewing your listings until you are found at the top of search again is to only do it every other day. This strategy will only work for Etsy.

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Engage With Your Target Market

When you are trying to get more sales after coming back from vacation mode, I would suggest that you go directly to your engaged target market. Whether it is by using a e-mail, Instagram or Facebook, you need to engage with them and let them know you are back from vacation mode. You can e-mail or post something that lets them know you are having a sale on your top products, and let them know which ones those are. The reason why you want to refer them to your top products is because they have sold the most of them in the past, and now you just need to give them a boost to get back on top of search. Make it easy and simple for them to purchase from you. The more sales you get, the more relevant you will become in search. When sending out the e-mail or post, make sure that you have a good sale that would make them not want to pass up. Don't send out your basic offer that you use if people sign up for your e-mail list, make it more enticing. If customers see that you are offering a better discount than usual, they will have the urge to want to purchase from you. 

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Faster Processing Times

If at all possible, try to avoid putting your shop on vacation mode. I understand that in certain circumstances you have to, but think about all your options first. Such as simply extending your processing times, that way you are still getting sales and it give you extra time to fulfill the orders. If you find that extending your processing times would work better for you and your business, it's important that you let your customers know you are extending the processing times and for how long. If your target customer really wants your products, then they will have no problem waiting a few extra days to receive their order. With that being said, you will have people who purchase from you and are not aware of the changes to your processing times. Very rarely will you have someone request to cancel their order because the processing times are to long.


Pros and Cons For Both Vacation Mode and Processing Times

Processing time Pros:

  • Gives you the option of still being able to make money and still gives you extra time to fulfill order.
  • Even if you extend the processing times, people that really want your products will still purchase from you even if it takes longer to get to them.

Processing time Cons:

  • If you are still receiving a lot of orders, even after you changed the processing times then it could take you even longer to fulfill those orders. You might have to work all day and night to catch up on orders.
  • Some buyers will have you cancel their order after finding out the processing times. Which very rarely happens, but you should still be aware of that possibility.

Vacation mode Pros:

  • Vacation mode allows you to edit existing listings or add new ones.
  • When on vacation mode, you don't have to worry about falling behind on orders

Vacation mode Cons:

  • You don't have to worry about falling behind on orders, because you wont have any.
  • Your competitors are getting more sales because you aren't there
  • You loose your spot in search
  • You have to keep renewing your listings just to be relevant in search again.
  • You will have to send out an e-mail or posts trying to get your target market to purchase from you, in order to gain more sales.
  • Even though you are on vacation mode, you still have to answer convos. Just because you go on vacation mode doesn't mean you stop being an entrepreneur and stop running your own business.



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