How To Use Instagram For Business

When I first started, I didn't know how to use Instagram for my business. Now through research I am able to use it properly and make sure that other business owners know how to use Instagram and about paying to be featured in spots.

1) What You Should Be Aware Of When Using Instagram For Your Business

There are companies on Instagram that make accounts and name them something like " Etsy Sales". And what they do is they gain a lot of followers, and then contact you through one of your posts and ask you if you would like to be featured on their Instagram. They mention that to be featured on their Instagram, it will cost you a certain amount of money for that spot and for so many days. They are no good, stay away from any Etsy or any other featuring type accounts that approach you asking you to be featured in their Instagram.

2)  The Favor Game

They are very similar to playing the "Favor Game", but worse because you have to pay for a spot to be featured. They use a system that will find certain hashtags, and usually comment and like on your post. They will usually comment something like " Hey, nice stuff! If you want to be featured with us, you can e-mail us at". It sounds like a good deal for people that are new to selling, but in fact it's not. There are also people out there that do the same thing, but with blogs. Bloggers usually get their engagement through comments, shares and pins. A lot of bloggers will have the share button so that way you can see how many time it has been shared throughout social media.

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3) What You Should Do If You Are Approached By Someone Asking You To Be Featured On Their Instagram

Take a look at the number of followers they have, for example lets say they have 10,000 followers. Take a look at about 10 of there photos, then take a look at the average amount of likes that they have on their photos. For example they have a average of 100 likes. You take the amount of average likes that they have and divide it by the amount of followers they have. What you are looking for is their engagement rate. It should be anywhere from 1-3%. If they are going lower than 1%, then they probably don't have a good engagement rate. They probably gained a lot of followers that don't care to much about them. These companies aren't necessarily out to scam you, sometimes they simply just do not know that their engagement rate is not high enough. Even if you do decide that you want to be featured with someone that approaches you on Instagram, and you end up sending them one of your products that you want to be featured and you don't get anything back from them or never hear from them again, that's okay. You learn from it and move on. Just understand that you will have to try and fail in order to learn certain things.

4) How To Tell How Well You Are Doing On Social Media

It's all about your engagement rate that will tell you how well you are doing on social media. The amount of followers you have mean nothing if they are not engaging. To figure out the number of conversions is the number of sales divided by the number of views. To figure out your engagement rate, you have to take the average number of engagement (comments or likes) and divide it by the number of followers. You will get a decimal number, move the decimal over to the right two times. That will show you your percentage. It should be anywhere from 1-3% conversion rate for engagements and sales. You need to understand that when using these social media platforms, it's not all about the game of trying to figure it out to make more sales. Its also about respecting the platform and using it in the proper way. You can get a lot of followers from Facebook Ads, but not know exactly how much they are engaging. Need help trying to figure out what your conversion rates are? Then click here to check out my blog that shows you exactly how to calculate your conversion rates and how to improve them! Don't forget to check out my NEW Pinterest webinar that will show you step-by-step on how to use Pinterest for your business.


5) How To Get More Facebook Followers, And What You Should Know About The "Like Game"

Sometimes the best way to gain more followers is to go and find them yourself. Contacting them through social media. Such as commenting on a post or simply engaging them. But it is important to be genuine when you do try to reach out to people. When you use hashtags, there is a greater chance for you to get more followers.

Lets talk about this " Like Game".... 

If you have seen this on Instagram or any social media plat forms, then you already know what it is, but for those who don't know what they are let me elaborate a little. If you see this "like game", it is basically you liking, sharing and commenting on others photo. And you keep doing it for the next person, and the next. 


  • Sally posted a picture of one of her new product, such as a new clothing line.
  • Ashley would then see that post, and comment, like, and share her post. Then Ashley would continue to do that for everyone else that is within that thread.

This system can be useful in some cases. If Sally and Ashley both sell similar products, then it would help both of them gain more followers. You have to continuously post on Instagram in order to be relevant, if you don't then you will loose out on possible followers. If you know that you wont be able to keep up with the posts, then you shouldn't bother with Instagram.

Just remember to look out for possible scams while using Instagram, or any social media platform. And remember if you are approached by someone, just follow the steps to see if it is the right decision for you.

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