How To Win This Holiday Season Part 1

Some people will start buying for this holiday season as early as October. However, the majority of sales will be made in November and December. So I would suggest that you start to implement these strategies as soon as possible in order to have a successful holiday season.


Make Sure You Have A Good Product Line

 One key factor to having a successful holiday season is making sure that you have a good product line that is in demand. It's also a good idea to have multiple different products that still look like it was made by the same seller. 

For example:

  • Don't sell stationery, and then also have jewelry within your shop

Make sure that it is consistent  with you other products. Also, if you have products that are more geared towards the holiday season then it is important that you have those listed before October. If you are waiting to list those seasonal items until November, then you are screwing yourself out of more sales. You want to make sure that you are giving your target customer enough time to see those products. If you are one of the very few that aren't busy during the holiday season, then I would suggest that you start on creating new products for when you are busy. You could also create new products that would be good for gift giving during the holidays as well. 

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Work On Your SEO And Photos

You want to make sure that you optimize your listing for popular keyword phrases that people will be searching for this holiday season.

For example:

  • Christmas gifts for her
  • Christmas gifts for him
  • Personalized gifts for her
  • Personalized gifts for him
  • Holiday jewelry
  • Personalized Christmas pajamas
  • Personalized Christmas ornaments

Remember to do your research and look for keyword phrases that people are searching for that applies to your products. When you find keywords that work well with your products, make sure that you are putting those keywords in the correct places. You don't just want to add those keywords to your title. You have to add it in you tags and in your description as well. You don't want to just find a popular keyword phrase and use that just to get on the top of search.

For example: If you are selling stationery, don't use keywords like these:

  • Jewelry for women 
  • Art prints
  • Wedding decorations
  • Personalized wooden signs

If your products have nothing to do with the keyword phrases you are finding then do not put it in your listings. You don't want to be the winner of the losers. That simply means, just because you are getting found in search for those keyword phrases doesn't mean you will get any sales. When people search for jewelry, they don't want to see kids stationery. You want to make sure that the keyword phrases you are using are relevant to your product. 

Make sure your photos are enticing

When you are getting ready to update your photos for the holiday season, I would suggest that you use different props than what you currently have in your photos. Also, I would try using a different background as well, one that feels more like the holidays as opposed to a plain white background.

If you do decide that you are going to use props in your photos, then I would make sure that the props you are using don't over power the actual product. Make sure that it is clear to the buyer what you are selling. You also want to keep in mind the lighting of the photo. You don't want to make the photo so dark that people cant tell what it is at first glance. If you are fairly newer to taking product photos, then I would suggest that you get stock photos. You can get someone to take photos of your products with different angles and color options. You can also get general stock photos made that you can use over again that would work well with your other products. 

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Offering Gift Wrapping

Etsy just announced that you can now get a upgrade that will allow you to offer gift wrapping to your buyers. If you already offer some sort of gift wrapping type, make sure that you show a picture of what it will look like. If you currently don't offer any type of gift wrapping, then I would suggest that you look in to it and see what your options are. When you offer gift wrapping, it will help with your conversion rates. Most people who will be ordering this holiday season will be purchasing it as a gift. If you don't offer gift wrapping, you could be loosing out on sales. 

If you are offering gift wrapping, do you also have a option for a gift message? Usually when someone gets gift wrapping, they would like it to come with a message. I offer both gift wrapping and a option to add a gift message as well. I use this company when I purchase my ribbon for gift wrapping. I use a certain template to print the gift messages on. If you would like to find out more about what inserts i use for my gift messages as well as my marketing inserts, you can check those out here


Get Your Marketing Strategy Ready

You don't want to wait around for people to find your shop, you have to go out and engage with them. Doing this will increase the amount of sales you get if you go out and find them while at the same time letting your SEO do it's job as well. You have a engaged following such as through social media, then I would suggest that you start preparing your social media graphics. You want to show people photos, and videos if you can, of your products and how they could be used. You want to insure them that your products will make good gifts. If you only have a social media following and haven't started building a e-mail list yet, I would focus on trying to build your e-mail list. At the same time you are working on getting people to sign up for your e-mail list, you should still be paying attention to your social media followers. During holiday season you will be marketing to both of them, so make sure that you have a marketing strategy ready for both platforms.

If you don't have a big social media following, then I would recommend that you work on building your e-mail list. Like before, don't ignore one just because you have a greater following with the other. The benefits of having a e-mail list, is that you can easily send out a e-mail and notify them of your upcoming sales and new products. Granted you can still do the same with a social media following, but when it comes to an e-mail list, they don't know how many people you are sending that e-mail to, which can work in your favor. 

Sales graphics

When you are getting your market strategy ready, it is the perfect time to get your sales graphics together as well. Figure out what products are your top sellers and use those in your sales graphics. Make sure that when you are creating your sales graphic that it is clear to read and doesn't leave the customer with any questions. Don't leave any details out.

For example:

  • Black Friday Deals

30% off entire store

No exclusions

Offer ends at Midnight CT (remember to include the time zone)

I would suggest that you create all your graphics in advance. That way by the time holiday season comes around, you will already have them ready to send out. Make sure that when you are creating the graphics that you use enticing photos. 

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E-mail List Graphics

Sending out a e-mail about the sales you will be having is similar to when you post your sales to social media. Unlike posting to your social media followers every day, you will only need to send out about 2-3 different emails instead. 

For example:

  • The first e-mail you would send out is letting your target customers aware that you will be having a sale. 
  • The second e-mail will be letting them know that your sale is going on now.
  • The third would be letting them know that there is still time to purchase and still be able to receive it in time for the holidays.

Make sure that when you are creating the graphic for your e-mail list, that you are making the percentage the focal point. You also want to make the the other important information big enough for them to see, Such as the time and date you will be having the sale. I would also recommend that you add a "shop now" button to the graphic that way the customer doesn't have to search for your shop. If you are offering a variety of products and categories, then I would suggest that you show the top sellers and then you could add " shop now" buttons that are linked to those products. 

For example in my graphic I have:

  • A picture of my top selling notepad with a "shop now" button underneath
  • A picture of my top selling kids stationery with a "shop now" button underneath
  • A picture of my top selling monogram stationery with a "shop now" button underneath

When you are getting ready to send out your e-mail regarding the sale you will be having, you can schedule it to send out on a certain day and time. That way you don't have to worry about sending them out the day before. It also helps because if you decide to do it the day of at 9:00am, then it will take longer to send to everyone. 

For example:

  • Sally could get the e-mail at 9:00am when you send it out.
  • But Jennifer could receive it a 6:00pm.  And depending on how long the sale lasts, Jennifer could not see it and miss out.

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Shop graphics

This is mainly geared towards people with Etsy shops. When you are setting up your graphics for the holidays, make sure that you are placing them where people will naturally be looking. 

Such as:
  • In your shop banner
  • Your listing photos
  • In your description


When To Schedule Out Your Graphics

First, you will need to get a blank calendar. You can find easy printable templates on google or you can simply create one yourself. You want to get a calendar that you can see all the months on one page. It's ideal that you get or make a calendar that has the weeks broken down within each month. 

You want to schedule it from October - January. Go over the list and see what you can cross off, either because you have already done it or it doesn't apply to you.

For example:

  • If you already have a good product line that is in demand, then there is no reason for you to work on that.
  • Your SEO is working very well, so you don't need to update that with any changes. 
  • Your photos are already holiday ready, so you don't have to change those.

Start breaking down the steps that you need to do in order to accomplish the things that you do need to work on before holiday season.

For example:

  • You can write in October that from the 10th - 13th, you will be working on creating the graphic for you black friday sale.
  • You can write in October that from the 20th - 24th you will be working on your e-mail list sale graphics.

Remember that the day you create the graphics are not the days that you should be posting them. You want to create the graphic and then have it automatically scheduled out for another day.

For example:

  • You don't want to start posting the sales graphic on November 1st. You don't want to come off as spam with all the sales content. So I would suggest that you break it up with some other graphics that you have created.
  • Such as posting gift ideas in the morning and in the afternoon, you would post a graphic that shows what your gift wrapping will look like.
  • And then  the next day you could post a graphic about signing up for your e-mail list to get 15% off their purchase.

You want to have everything planned out, that way you are not overwhelmed by trying to do to much during the holiday season.

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