How To Win This Holiday Season Part 2


Ordering Shipping Supplies

When it comes to holiday season preparation, one of the first things that you should be doing is ordering supplies. You want to make sure that you are ordering your supplies by October, at the latest. That way it will give you plenty of time to receive it just in case if some of the supplies you ordered were on back order, out of stock or if your package gets lost in the mail.

Some of the shipping supplies that you should be ordering in time for the holiday's are:

  • What you need for your marketing inserts
  • Small and large boxes
  • flat mailers
  • Padded mailers
  • Standard shipping packages
  • Priority shipping packages and boxes

Make sure that you are ordering every type of mailers or boxes that you might be using during the holiday season. When you are ordering supplies, don't just order enough supplies you think you will use during the holiday season. You want to order more than what you normally would order just in case you sell more than you expected. If you find that you didn't need as much supplies as you thought you might need for the holiday season, that just means you have enough supplies to last you past the holiday season. 

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Ordering In Bulk

If you are thinking about ordering your supplies in bulk, then I would recommend that you call the companies you purchase from and see if they offer a price break. If they don't offer a price break on some of your supplies then find out what you would need to purchase to get a price break. You will find out that most suppliers offer a price break, you just have to call and ask them what it is. When you are ready to order your supplies make sure you are ordering everything you might need to make your products. Don't forget about ordering these basic supplies as well.

Here are a few supplies I buy in bulk for my business:


How To Capitalize On The Customers You Get During Holiday Season

You don't just want to entice the customers to make one purchase and then never buy from you again. You want to make sure that you leave a good impression so that even after the holidays they will want to purchase from you. There are a few ways that you can help convert the customers during holiday season into repeat buyers.

Such as:

  • Having great customer service
  • Getting them to join your e-mail list
  • Offering them a discount on their next purchase

It's very important that you have great customer service, not only during the holiday season but all year around. A few things that will help you have great customer service is by responding to convos quickly, making the customer feel like you are taking their questions or concerns seriously, and accommodating the customer if they have last minute changes.

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Make Sure Your Branding Is On Point

If you don't have your branding on point, then don't expect people to remember who you are. I would suggest that if possible, that you should do something similar to what I do when I brand my products. 

For example:

  • I have a sticker that I place on the outside of my packages with my shop name and the web address to my shop. 
  • I also put clear stickers on the sleeves that I insert the stationery in. That sticker also has my shop address as well as mention a few other things that I offer besides note cards. 
  • I also put that same clear sticker on the boxes I use to ship my invitations in.

That way even if they end up throwing out the package it came in, my branding is still where they can see it. You want to make your customers feel special but at the same time you want your branding to look professional. 

You could also put marketing inserts inside your packages as well. Depending on how many shops you have and what platform you sell on, you can create different inserts for each. I have 3 different types of inserts I use in my business. Depending on where they buy from me will determine which insert I put inside their package. 

For example:

  • I have a wedding insert that I place in all wedding orders, no matter what platform they come from.
  • I have one that I put in for my customers that order stationery. That insert I only give to the buyers who purchased on either Etsy or my website. 
  • My last insert I can only give to the people that purchase on my amazon shop.

I also include a hand written thank you note. Depending on how many times they have purchased from me before will determine which thank you note I insert within their packages. 

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