How To Win This Holiday Season Part 3


Should You Hire Help?

If you know that you will be extremely busy during the holiday season, then I would suggest that you hire someone to help you during that time. Even if you decide to hire someone just to do small tasks, that is time that you can be spending working on things to get ready for the holiday season.

You could hire someone that will simply be doing these thing:

  • Restocking your packaging supplies
  • Responding to customers convos.
  • Sending any proofs if necessary
  • Following up with customers 

Holiday season can become very stressful if you aren't properly prepared for it. With that being said, I would not advise that you put your shop on vacation mode just because you get over whelmed. If you already know that you will be busy during the holidays then i would suggest that you consider changing your processing times instead. That way you are still getting sales, and it allows you extra time to fulfill those orders. 


Prepare To Put Your Personal Life On Hold

During the holiday season we are so busy working around the clock with trying to respond to all convos, sending proofs, following up with customers that we hardly have time for ourselves. It's important that you get use to working a average of 6 days a week trying to keep up with orders. Granted not everyone is as busy as I am during holiday season so they won't need to work 6 days a week. But for those who are just as busy as I am, what have you done to prepare yourself for this holiday season? I would suggest doing something similar to what I do, which is pre-planning your days so that way your personal life doesn't fall apart over the holidays. 

For example:

  • Precooking your meals
  • Dedicating a certain day to clean your house
  • Pre-plan your activities with your family
  • Pre-plan your daily duties such as dropping off and picking up your kids
  • Someone to drop off and pick up the mail

If you can outsource any of these to your assistant or another family member, that would probably be best. Because I know during holiday season I get so busy that I forget about cooking or stop working so late that I just don't have the energy to. Whatever it is that might be taking a backseat during the holidays, make sure that you pre-plan out in advance. To help you stay organized throughout holiday season, I would recommend getting a calendar to write down your schedule.

If you are still unsure about what your priorities should be during the holiday season, click here for more helpful tips to help you determine what they should be.



The easiest way to do advertising during the holiday season is through Etsy promoted listings or through Amazon campaign ads. If you have been doing fairly well lately and want to make sure that your holiday season goes well, then I would suggest that you start working on getting your ads together. Don't wait until November to set up your ads or promoted listings. You want to make sure that people are aware of your products ahead of time, not just in November and December. 

After you have set up your ad campaigns or your promoted listings, you need to keep track of how well they are doing. Ideally you would want to keep track of the stats for at least 30 days before figuring out what you need to change. However, you don't have 30 days to wait to change things before the holidays. So in that case you would check the stats every other day to see how well they are performing. Make sure that you are using product that you know will make a good impact when promoting them. Such as items that are gift able, your most popular items, and seasonal items. 

I would suggest that you stick to Etsy promoted listings and Amazon ad campaigns. I would only suggest that you do Facebook or Google ads if you know what you are doing, because it can be tricky to figure out in such as short time. 

Amazon ads

The great thing about using Amazon campaign ads is that it allows you to add different groups within that ad. 

For example: My ad campaign would be stationery based

  • Under one group would be Notepads. And within that group I would show my top sellers from each notepad category such as: Men's notepads, Women's notepads, Kid's notepads, Monogram notepads...
  • Under the second group would be note cards. Within that group I would show my top sellers from each note card category such as: Family stationery, Couples stationery, Kids stationery, Professional stationery...
  • Under the third group would be Luggage tags. Within that group I would show my top sellers from each luggage tag category such as: Women's luggage tags, Men's luggage tags, Kids luggage tags, Sport luggage tags...

The reason why I split my campaign into multiple groups is because they are all different and don't have the same keyword phrases.

For example:

  • If someone was  to search for women's stationery. I want them to see my products that are relevant to those keywords and not show them my luggage tags. 

If you aren't necessarily busy during the holiday season, because you mainly sell products that are only geared towards a certain target market (like weddings), you can still implement all of these strategies. All you would have to do is change the time frame that fits best for your target market. 

For example:

  • Instead of getting all of your photos, graphics and ads together by October, you can change it to have it done by February in order to have a successful wedding season.

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