Selling On Amazon: Pros And Cons

Not sure if selling on Amazon is right for your business? Depending on where you are in your business goals, it might be time for you to think about selling on more than just Etsy. With that being said, in this video I will be going over several pros and cons to selling on Amazon compared to selling on Etsy or your own website.


Pros To Selling On Amazon:

1)  Amazon is a trustworthy site.
When people shop on Amazon, they know that they are getting good quality for a fair price. They also know that Amazon will usually always side with the buyer. They put customer service as their top priority. There are a large number of buyers.
There is a greater chance of your products being sold because there are more people searching and buying on Amazon than there is on Etsy.  

2)  Etsy compared to Amazon
Etsy is not as large as Amazon is, so when comparing it, there will be much more Cons than Pros. 
Dot com compared to Amazon: When comparing your own dot com to Amazon, it is a Con. Why is is a con? Because you have to drive your own traffic to your website. With Amazon, all you have to do is do your SEO correctly in order to get found in search. With Dot com, you have to send out e-mails and do marketing in order to get traffic to your website. 

3)  Amazon has a wide variety of products.
If you are selling on Amazon, and your products are unique, there is still a good chance that you will get found. There are many different types of buyers, and the odds are that the people who are shopping on Amazon will search and find your products. 

4)  Amazon lets you sell pretty much whatever you want.
Compared to other sites, like Etsy, Amazon has very few restrictions regarding what you can and cannot sell. Etsy however, has more restrictions when it comes to selling on that platform. If you have your own website, then obviously you can sell what you want, but you still have to drive your own traffic there to get found for those items.

5)  Amazon allows for multiple variations.                                                                                                                         When selling on handmade for Amazon, you have large section for any variations and customization options. In the listing options, Amazon lets you choose from either list of options or type your text . As well as adding the feature to up sale while there on that listing. Conversions will be higher because no one is worried about not having enough variety to meet the customers needs.  As for Etsy, they only allow you two variations, which doesn't give you a lot of room to gather all the information needed for them to complete the purchase, and you could be missing out on sales. 


Cons Of Selling On Amazon:


1)  Lost or delivered packages

We have all had complaints from customers about their package not arriving or say that it was delivered but they have not received it yet. On Amazon, they see it as being your fault, not the post office. My personal opinion is for the packages that are lost in the mail, I feel like it is my duty as the seller to make it right for the customer. And by that I mean reaching out to them and asking if they would like me to reship the order or refund them. It isn't their fault that their package got lost, and certainly not mine. You want to try and avoid getting cases against your Amazon shop. To many cases could mean that Amazon can shut your shop down. Make sure that you have set rules in place for situations like this. Not only to protect you, but your customer as well.

2)  Your money does not get deposited immediately

The money will only be available in your "funds section" once you ship your order. However, it only deposits every two weeks. That could be a big con for some people who needs the funds immediately. Or for those who need the money so that they can fulfill the order. 
On Etsy, your fund get deposited within a week, but I have heard that it can be done sooner than that if requested. As for your own website, you can get your funds immediately depending on what type of payment processes you have. 

3)  Strict rules regarding trademark and copyrights

For Etsy, this would be a huge con. People who sell on Etsy tend to abuse these things in order to get more sale. Using keywords that are copyrighted will get you in a lot of trouble. 

4)  Keeping track of your business

For me this would be a Pro and a Con for Amazon. What I mean by that is, Amazon monitors everything in your business. For example: how long it takes you to ship orders from the day they are made, How long it takes you to answer convos, If your shipping methods are correct. The way that I see it as being a Pro, is the fact that they are making sure that we are taking care of our customers, as well as maintaining a certain standard for Amazon sellers. 

For Etsy, I would consider it a pro. Only for the fact that they aren't as strict as Amazon when it comes to that. But with that being said, I rather have a stricter platform, such as Amazon that is making me a better seller, than one that really doesn't care like Etsy. 

5)  You cant control the look of your shop and where things go. 

The reality is that there is almost nothing you can do to control the look of you shop on Amazon. Its layed out in a generic way. There is no visible branding besides you name. And to be honest, it can be difficult for people to search within your Amazon shop. 

Its also a con for Etsy as well. All you basically get is a banner.
Granted, I think its more "shop-able" than Amazon, because things are layed out a little better 

For your own website, it would be a pro. By having your own website, you can pick different layouts that you can customize and arrange your shop the way you would like it to be. You are in control when it comes to how you want your shop to be layed out.

6)  They aren't your customers, they're Amazons

Amazon does not allow you to do any fancy things to your packages to get them to shop on your website. However, inside my packages I have a insert that I tell them how to leave a review on my Amazon shop. On that insert I have my e-mail address at the bottom that says" Some of my customers see that and search for my shop outside of Amazon. I have gotten a few customers that use to shop on my amazon shop, but ow have moved to my dot com. 

On Etsy it is technically a pro because you are allowed to get them on your e-mail list and market to them for which ever platform you would like. However, you can not lure the customer away from Etsy during a sale. And by that I mean, if they contacting you to see if you offer your products in a variety of colors, you cant say " yes, but only on my dot com.  As soon as you have made that sale, you are free to market to them and get them to go to another platform.



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