The E-Myth Revisited - My Book Review

The E-Myth Revisited - Book Review by The Handmade Mastermind

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The E-Myth Revisited - My Book Review

Before I chose this book for my personal book club, I heard great things about it. I was told it was a must to read when you are a small business owner. When I went to go check out the reviews on Amazon, I was impressed to see how much people really enjoyed it so I decided to give it a go - and I wasn’t disappointed.

I Don’t Particularly Think This Book Is Good For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Start A Business,

Haven't started it yet, and need a guide to help them understand why they fail so they can avoid it like the plague.


I Believe It’s A Better Read For Those Who Have Already Started A Business, Experienced Some Ups And Downs And Just Need More Insight As To Why This Is Happening And Why It May Lead To Your Business's Failure.

Here is why: The author, Michael Gerber, talks about a character throughout the story and this certainly kept me involved in the book - I was able to relate to her in some way or another. There were also several points made in the book that a newer entrepreneur probably won’t relate to, therefore not understanding the importance of Gerber’s points and probably putting the book aside. When you can relate to Sarah and her struggle with the amount of hours she spends working in her All About Pie’s shop, you would have felt that Gerber actually wrote this book for you and then probably would have continued to listen to his advice from there.

Sarah the owner of 'All About Pies' started her pie shop because all of her friends thought that was a spectacular idea - sound familiar? Sure! You probably knit a few baby hats for friends or helped create your own wedding favors. Your friends thought they looked great so they encouraged you to start a business (probably on Etsy) and sell your crafts because they knew people would buy them. But when you started, you didn’t know how much work it would entail. Sometimes your family would be aggravated that you spent so much time working on your business instead of hanging out them, they thought that what being an entrepreneur was all about - making your own schedule. Yup, you probably thought the same thing too. But instead you are working longer hours, creating nonstop and you find that you don’t have much to show for it. Applying what you learned in this book can help you not be a victim of that. But let me be crystal clear. I am not saying that you MUST hire out in order to be successful. In fact, most handmade business owners assume that they need to be the only ones creating the product because they are the “artist”. While that school of thought is fine, it will only depend on how big you want your business to grow. Looking to only make 500 bucks a month? Sure, continue to work in your business and never hire out- you won't need to. But looking to make a full-time income and have a business that not only supports you and your family, but actually, makes a profit - then consider Gerber’s ideas. Sometimes it’s as simple as hiring a bookkeeper to do all the accounting or a virtual assistant to do all your social media. So you don’t have to actually hire someone to do the creative work for you (at least not yet) in order to apply Gerber’s methods to your business.


This Book Reminded Me That It Is Important To Work ON Your Business And Not IN It.

But hold on there! Don’t just start hiring out people to do your dirty work. This book focuses on the importance of mastering the skills it requires to run your business. Creating a system so that if you want to hire someone to help you, they can be as proficient as you are - for this idea alone, this book is a must read!

I currently follow Gerber’s advice. I have two assistants who work for me (one of them being my husband) and I NEVER thought anyone else can do my job - boy was I wrong. They were able to do my job and much better than I expected. It took some time to train them but before you know it, my former Oil & Gas trained husband was now printing stationery, adjusting fonts, and changing ink colors. I knew it was possible after the hard journey I had experienced with my first assistant. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great! But learning how to trust someone with my process was difficult and I know many will find that difficult too. 
After you work in your own business and set up your own systems to do the things that keep your business running, you are then able to teach it to others. After you teach it to others, you must manage that process and perfect it. I love that Gerber talks about it in the book because I am currently going through that right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


There Were Some Moments In The Book That Blew My Mind.

I didn’t think his talk about franchises would really apply to me. I am a small business owner - why the heck would I need to know about franchises, how they work, and how it can relate to my business? But it certainly helped me realize why a franchise can be so successful and how I can apply that knowledge to my own business.


There Were Some Moments In The Book That Were Distracting And Lost Me.

Could it be because I have ADD, or it could just be his style of writing? The last part of the book certainly lost me and when I tried to re-listen to it (I purchased the audible version) I still couldn’t relate to it. But that’s okay, I definitely got enough out of this book without fully comprehending the last part.


When Reading This Book It Certainly Gave Me Motivation And That Is One Of The Reasons Why I Would Recommend It To You.

Just be careful, don’t fall victim to the entrepreneur who gets all high and motivated and doesn’t take any action! Here is what I recommend: read this fantastic book, take some notes and then discuss what you learned in the book club and get the opinion of others on how to take action on the topics you found most useful.

Which topics in the book did you find most useful? 
How are you going to apply it to your business? 
Do you have a favorite saying or quote?


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