What You Should Know About Product Reviews


What To Look For In Product Reviews

When you are shopping for something that you haven't purchased before, what is one of the first things you look at besides the price? For me it would be the product reviews. When I look at the reviews, I tend to look for the ones that are more critical. You can't just rely on the reviews that people have given about the product. You will see reviews that say something like " it wasn't worth the money", "didn't work like I expected it to" or "it doesn't fit right". In most cases you will find that the people who wrote bad reviews was because of user error. They aren't following the correct instructions for that product, or they didn't read the product description before purchasing. When I look at peoples reviews, I want to see what people like and disliked about the product.

For example: If I were to search for stationery reviews

  • I would want to see a review that says something similar to this: " Loved the size and quality of the stationery. However, the ink wasn't as bright as i'd hoped. But other than that it was a great product!"

I would suggest that you look at the majority of what the reviews are. See if there are more people who like the product and what they have to say. Also look at the bad reviews and see why that product did not work for them. If you find that 9/10 reviews are positive, then it could be worth you purchasing. If you find that 9/10 reviews are negative, then I would suggest looking for another person who can make the same thing but with better reviews.


Replying To Bad Reviews

When you get a bad review on Etsy, you are only allowed to respond to the bad review if it is 3 stars or less. On Amazon, you are able to comment on the review, which I highly recommend that you do. You aren't just responding to that persons review, you are also showing potential buyers that you care about your customers.

When responding to a bad reviews, it is important that you stay professional and that you don't get offended personally by the review. Don't be one of those people that receive a bad review and think " they are just a crazy customer" or " I put that in the description, it's not my fault they don't read it", or make any excuse and not take it as a learning opportunity then you wont get many repeat customers. Don't think that it isn't your problem that they didn't read the description, because it is your problem. People decide whether or not to buy from you based on your reviews and how you respond to them.

When you do receive a bad review don't reply back to it right away. Give yourself some time to think about what you are going to say, and talk it over with a family member to get another persons oppinion. Once you have figured out what you are going to say, it's important that you still act professional and try your best to resolve any issues or concerns that they may have. You want to thank them for their feedback, let them know that you understand their concerns. And if at all possible, that you will take care of there order, whatever that may mean for the type of business you have. 

Still not sure on how you should reply to bad reviews? Click here to read my blog post about how to deal with customer complaints.

Reviews Don't Matter, Customers Experience Does

Reviews are important for getting sales. However, if the customer gives you a 1 star review because they did not have a pleasant experience with your business, then you have a problem. Ensuring that your customers have a good experience when shopping with you is very important. If they don't have a pleasant experience then they will most likely leave you a bad review. You have to think of ways that you can make the buying experience pleasant and easy for the customer. If you don't train yourself to have good customer service, then you will be loosing out on potential sales.



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